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December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Devolution

by Firepower

Duck Dynasty!” Didja hear? Didja didja?
Duck Dynasty Daily Outrage™!

Even Terrific Ted Cruz interjected a comment of the controversy being “deeply dismaying to people who believe in freedom.”

Wow. You can sure tell he’s running for Prez. With all the decades of filth and degradation hurled against America… this is the best we come up with. Duck Dynasty as symbol of freedom.  He’ll make a Great Next Leader, soliciting the Little Guy… Soliciting him all the way to house-to-house street fighting Peace Action in the streets of Tehran.  Never mind. You’ll still have your Free Speech and can Twitter allll about it!

  1. We haven’t resolved ObamaCare yet – but, that Duck Dynasty!
  2. We haven’t resolved the NSA yet – but hey wow that Duck Dynasty!
  3. We haven’t resolved the IRS yet – but oh man- that …
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September 6, 2013

Angry Letters To…The Editor

by Firepower

Sputtering Activism runs from Scandal-To-Scandal.  It is:


Murmer, Libertarian, wn …or Lunch at McDonald’s?

The Propaganda Media, the regular FOX News and even Mighty Twitta all follow the new Red Herring (LIUFY) of Syria and put on the back burner (in order of blissful ignorance) Chris Lane, NSA, IRS, Benghazi and Operation Fast & Furious.  It’s the fifth time in as many months that they drop the ball and get you to play their New Game.

No wonder Maobama, The Elite, Future Queen Hilary and spinmasters all wipe their asses with Your Murka.

They learned during Bill Clinton’s dick-sucking sessions that We The Peepul are Yoo The Stupid.  They learned they can really, truly get away with “it.”

Twits flit around from scandal-to-scandal playing Whack-A-Mole and Pop Goes The Weasel, jabbering about putting out the latest fire – The Latest Outrage!™  Thus, you play Roulette with your descendants’ fates.  Me? I don’t care. I wasn’t stupid and made any.

Have Teh Murmers in the Men’s Rights “Movement” accomplished a goddamned thing since I ripped them in May 2012: No.  Guess who else accomplishes nothing.  They will still be sitting with their thumbs up their asses in August… 2015.

Mao said. “All Government Power Flows From The Barrel Of A Gun.”  We Westerners have our own axioms stating certain entities only understand force and violence.  Today (at this very TwittaSecond!), we call them Iranians or “Syrians.”  Thus, all people only understand one constant: Force.  Violence.  It is the truest maxim there is.

Writing Angry Letters 2 The Editor! (ALTTE!) works no longer.  Tinkering with Social Security was once called “the third rail in American politics!” because Seniors wielded fearsome voting power and punished offenders.  Obama discovered they are now impotent, so he now uses their Medicare to pay for Minos’ hospital bills.  To the victor go the spoils.

Hate O?  He’s just a transient, interchangeable eight year ruler for the FFOL meaning nothing more to them than the next eight-year ruler.  He is interchangeable with any  future Hilary or Obama 3.0 or even The Future Hillar-Obama 4.0

Seen-ya’s don’t scare anybody anymore.  White people neither scare anybody anymore and that is why you feel frustration and anger at never-ending assaults to your values.  Liberals have discovered you are only bluster.  Letters to the Editor.  Paper Tigers.  Thus, they fuck you up the ass with impunity.  Get used to it; your kids will.

Glenn Beck Rally?…Idiot!

“Our” Side faps to wetdreams of “changing the system” and “restoring The Gummint!” when “our side” can’t even check the IRS and slow it down for one millisecond when it has mountains of evidence against it.  “Our” side can’t even control the fucking POST OFFICE. 

Kill the messenger. Bitch on VDare or AmRen all you want – does a whole lotta good, right?  BiGGov laughs at you – it even laughs harder that you haven’t figured that out yet.  Once you all knew how to slap that grin from their faces.  Now, you “tweet.”

You’ll hate the living fuck out of me that I’m right.  Brilliant…

June 29, 2013

Fugitive EDITION: Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

…Loudly demand Ed Snowden’s IMMEDIATE extradition

into Liberal hands…


Just can’t seem to summon them darn Benghazi Rascals!

May 23, 2013

Attacking to Motivate, Not to Destroy

by Ryu

It’s important to begin by recognizing that the internet is largely a system tool right now. It’s not safe in any form, not email, not cell phones, not line phones, nothing. As always, watch what you say.

I saw some anger regarding yesterday’s Muzz Nigel attack. It is understandable. Some even called for retaliation. That’s what this post is about.

The problem with attacks against the system is that so few really succeed. No attack, no matter how severe, is decisive. The real goal is to demonstrate that the thing is possible and to empower other revolutionaries. I’m talking about the golden tuna, getting away with it in the long haul. Many pull off the action but show their lack of preparation by making mistakes and getting caught. We don’t need more martyrs as we have hundreds already.

I’ve written before how the action itself is only the fun, small,and easy part; action:capture:evasion preparation ratios should be around 1:3:6. Killing a man is easy in comparison to getting away with it. The reason cops and soldiers can rack up these huge number of kills is because they don’t have to evade capture; they have a badge or flag to hide behind.

It’s very discouraging to watch attack after attack succeed, only for the perps to be dragged in a few days later. That Tammie guy from Boston is probably being tortured as we speak. The FFOL knows this, which is why it publicizes its successes so much. They do not cover their defeats.

When people talk about retaliation, they’re talking about someone setting an example and creating a system that others can copy, that others can copy, and so on down the line until we win. But who has gotten away with it recently, in the long term, other than Kaczinsky? Brevik comes to mind, but he allowed himself to be caught, which may have been because he was unwilling to take another year planning a clean and lasting escape. Similar with Carlos the Jackal, who was active for too long.

The type of man who can actually serve as that example is rare, he is one in a million. He doesn’t post or comment on racist blogs, he’s patient, intelligent, disciplined, drug-free, alcohol-free, woman-free, obsessive, detail-oriented, and studious.

The public mood just isn’t there for general revolt. There is indeed alot of anger toward the system right now, you can see it in any comment section. But that anger could change to patriotism or fear if the media wanted to engineer it. One can see how right now a tornado in Oklahoma is used to cover up the IRS scandal, Benghazi and the AP infiltrations.

Think a bit about how things play out; cause and effect. If there were attacks against the system that were successful, would they be publicized? Would the public cooperate with police? Could the MSM whip up a furor against the perps?

Sniff the wind a bit; determine if victory is even possible. I myself don’t smell it right now. The public is only marginally anti-system. They don’t know WHY they are upset, and so their anger is only a fleeting sensation, whereas for most experienced WNs, the anger is gone, a level surpassed.


I want to instill a level of professionalism in WNs. To really…pay for our victories at the proper cost. Not getting lucky, not relying upon chance, but calculating the odds, learning the rules, and placing a bet with the proper probability of success. To anticipate, to read the tea leaves, to deal with uncertainty and risk properly.

Victory does not happen by mistake. It is the result of endless training, thinking, and preparation. This is true in sport, the workplace, the family, it is true for those seeking a white homeland.

Most WNs are not ready for this level of work. Some will engage in actions impulsively and will get caught. This is a certainty.

I challenge each of you to THINK, not feel. REALITY, not fantasy. The progression to victory, step by step, what’s going to happen next. Clean. Workmanlike. Professional. These ensure than our victories are replicable and not due to chance. Every battle is decided before its fought. There are no second chances in this game. Dead sure…or dead.


January 23, 2013

Benghazi! – Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Moralize deep n’ deeply about

Tragedy o’ Trayvon!


Defend Hillary… on the Benghazi Four!

November 2, 2012

Real Explanations: Benghazi Consulate Blame

by Firepower

The Left says it was a teeny leeel mistake.  The Right says it was evil, Evil, EVIL!

Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science an...

VOTE Capone 2016!

Whom to believe?  Neither, if you’re a Thinking Ma – or want to become one.  Romney isn’t even as “rightist” as Bushie – so imagine what Romney’s Rulership will be like.  Obama – imagine his four more years.

Simplified, Firepower Style: Adults over-complicate issues to Look Smart and appeal to other fallible adults also equally prone to over-complicating issues.  It is all about fooling persuading.  It is Occam’s Razor explained in reverse.


There was a useful book a long time ago ostensibly Guaranteed To Revolutionize The World & FIX It All!!!® called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. It’s worth a read.

You Lie Down With Dogs, You Get Fleas

Ready?  You’d better be.

Touching as it is, the Hero SeAL!™ Dad’s argument boils down to:

Loook whut dat sumbitch Obammer dun to muh boi-ee!  Shakin’ hanz wif dat rascal – like shakin’ hanz wif a daid feesh! *sniff*”

Tough shit.  Your “child” was over 40.  Both SEALs were mercenaries.  They were EX-military working for the CIA, those ever-trustworthy scions who brought us 9/11 and a decade-plus protracted turd-hunt for an Osama plainly hiding in an “ally nation’s” cinderblock shithole.  Ex-military thrill seekers too old to hack active duty then choosing to rent their triggerfinger skills to shadowy governments are called mercenaries.  GIFY in Merriam-Webster.  They are expendable.  That means, nobody really gives a squirt of shit when they decorate a bridge.  If Obammer loses, nobody will give even that squirt after 3 months.  HeroSEALs, will still be dead.  CNN will be talking about the rigged election – FOX will be talking about Ann Romney’s tasteful inaugural dresses.

Oops! Forgot About That Guy!

Great idea working for these turds.  You leave the US Navy then willingly sign on the dotted line for the CIA.   Who the fuck do you think you’re working for, saints?  To willingly risk your life for the likes of Bilary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama, then RLY be surprised when they sacrifice you – and lie about it – is absolute foolishness.   Then, having the gall to expect me to provide auto-sympathy is like asking I feel sorry for Kooki the Knife Target Clown who wanted to work for the Finagling Bros Barnum & Baily Fucked-Up Death Circus.

Even Conserva-Bushie never really cared about dead uniforms – like the pictured extra-crispy blackened Blackwater critters.  I don’t feel sympathy for jackoffs who willingly stick their cocks in beartraps.

Remember, Cryin’ Pops:  Your precious Jordie Jr. did truly die for Obammer …and his Imperial Right to deign shake your hand like a wet corpse.  Rah-rah Jr. died for folks he’d always harbored suspicions about; folks who’d naturally ignore his three emergency calls for air support.  If Junior wasn’t wary after 22 years dealing with them, he was too trusting and far too stupid to be a REAL|SEAL anyway.  Maybe he was one of those FaKE SeALs I see at the bar bragging to Hot Girls about the Panama “war.”

Al Capone would’ve felt more loss (and thrown a helluva better wake) but still feel the same about dead triggermen getting paid to work for an underworld entity.  Nobody made a slave out of that gladiator, pops.  Others? Yes.  But Sonny Boy got his Rudis. Feel more sympathy for Canary Birds really forced to work in coal mines.  Or better yet, Magic Mike Vick’s doggies…

Embassies and Consulates are for diplomacy – not Safe Houses for spy cells

CIA in an embassy consulate means: They were spies.  Spies are enemies of a country.  Having them in a “diplomatic” setting is like having a Saddam anti-aircraft missile battery on a Baghdad school rooftop; fair game in the Collateral Damage Shoot we Americans love to whine about so often.  American TV pundits on MSNBC (and FOX) mewl about American “diplomacy” and all The Goody-Goodgood we do.  Horseshit:  Tell that to Libyan RPG sappers who KNOW Uncle Sam has a CIA barracks on Barrack’s innocent widdle “consulate.”

Patriotic Americans logically demand killing illegal Border Hoppers and Mr. Achmadd-Dinna-Jabs when he sets foot in NYC for a UN meeting.  Enemies are for killing.  To quote Doc Holiday: “You’re a daisy, if ya do!”

Pissed-off Muzz in Libya (used to butchering human beings) tend to take a dim view of the CIA and kinda-sorta look at those rascals as worse than illegal mexicans – especially when equipped with machine guns and USAF bombers.  Some Diplomats.  Real Mission of Peace type BS.  All that crap in a Third World where Arabs kill each other with happy abandon.  It makes you, the prudent, Thinking Man wary with whom you lie down.

Lyin’ Obamas, Sappy Daddies & dead mercs deserve each other.  They’re the truly expendable ones.  I’m not yet rich enough to grant easy sympathy for fools.

That paves the way for more of their kind.


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