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May 8, 2018

Firepower’s Vision, Eradica – and The Fall

by Firepower

Most of you know I’ve blogrolled Victor Davis Hanson in my Aces Category since Eradica’s inception. (see lower right margin)

Much of what he writes, even I find tough going; it’s just his style.  He is the very example of a wise man.  I recommend studying his works: His area is warfare, from antiquity to present.  Pay heed.  He is smarter than Pat Buchanan; he is more educated.  Ann Coulter reads every single word he writes –  you can tell:  She’d date the Hell out of him.  Limbaugh asks him questions then stfus – when he’s not lifting my Liberal Nazism vision.

So, I don’t know either to be pissed or pleased that he now sees what I’ve envisioned all along.  I’ll lean toward…

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April 7, 2018

Notes On An Abscence

by Firepower

What The Princes See

While away, I noticed many things.  Most of which, I will not detail here; perhaps I will keep them in the vast reserve of my memory for later publication.

Since that day, I have not read The Spearhead or Chateau Heartiste etc.  I do not know (nor care) what goes on at Half Siggy or Coppi Lil Piggi.

That said, I can predict with certainty:  They are writing about the Same Old Shit.  Manjaw=ugly.  SWPL=silly.

Piggi is busily repackaging what Tucker Carlson said about what Ann Coulter said about what Dinesh D’Souza said about what Rush said about what Krauthammer…

SOS.  Save our ship.  Save us…

I’m not just Pickin’ on Piggi.  Siggy and all the rest probably still do the same.  Meh.

Read The WSJ Article

I’m sure Spearhead Spewers take the time to groan³ about Welmer’s 137th latest blast on Child Support that I missed.  In their Revolution Fantasies, there is no room for the ugly reality that MEN have the lowest labor market participation since 1948.  Since EVER.  It’s never been as bad in modern recorded history.  But still, unrealistic Big Talk abounds how “all women should be deported and replaced by SexBots!!!” while both party’s conventions were tailored to feature and cater to women.   Duh.  That asskissing happens because women have the power – total power.

Firepower Predicts:  You’ll get no substantive action from males (note, I didn’t say “men”) without jobs – jobless men that whine about SexBots.  Incessantly.

Sandra Fluke in actuality wields more practical power than the entire MRM.  Not one MRA spoke – at either convention.  Not even a semi-quasi-teeny harmless lil’ mra.

Actual Democratic Value-Statement At Their Convention

But, if you’re well-off like a prince or a guy who tatoos a cock on his ass and drinks frog cum, you have no worry.  Nor if you’re a 40-ish Convicted Golddigger or Professional Companionette.

March 6, 2015

Patterns of MINO Rulers

by Firepower

As the MINO infests a city, state or nation, a pattern unfolds similarly from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The last liberal white ruler is either a dem like Jerry Brown or conservagina*/RINO like Bush and McRomney. Party affiliation doesn’t matter; such repubbies are detectable by their willingness to pander to the MINO for votes that propel them into greater political power.

Usually, this naturally progresses from liberal white repubbi to replacement by liberal white dem. California had liberal repubbi Arnold then swiftly swung back to Moonbeam 2.0, but you’ll never see a Governor Ronald Reagan again.  The demographics forbid it (and now always will) because – duhh – coloreds vote colored, even though the Ballwasher Media instructs “dassnotrayciss!”

Next in the pattern comes the white liberal nazi, like Rahm Emmanuel and New York’s Bloomboig automatically elected sight-unseen on their liberal credentials alone; the reputation precedes the ruler. When a colored usurper finally gets….

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November 6, 2014

Republicrack Election Hangover

by Firepower

I don’t listen to Rushie anymore but I’m sure he is in the chorus with Drudgi, Billo and The Shannity – whom I also have proudly ignored for years.

For a long while, I’ve skipped by most of them channel surfing to new destinations, but I hear snippets of their cackling. Just enough to make me remember…

Lots of Republitalk-talk now re-emerges regarding the “sea-change” in how “things” are gonna be diff.

Heard the same shit when that pantload Bush won – along with RepubliControl of both the House and Senate. O, the great expectations touted to…

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January 16, 2013

Ann Coulter: Gun Crime Is ‘Demographic Problem’

by Joe Rebel

Is it just me, or is Ann Coulter starting to sound more racially conscious?


November 14, 2012

How Blogging Will Fail: Part I

by Firepower

[ed note:  I must complete this article.  It’s been sitting in my draft file since the first month Eradica began.  Fellow bloggers are dropping like flies this week.  meh.  This week was the long-expected Lord’s Winnowing of the Chaff. Obama got reelected – folks got dejected.  Pure Obamanxiety…FemmyMen distraught by His re-ascension to His Throne on Earth – the same old raspy gripe as Why the Men’s Rights Movement WILL Fail and the Hierarchy of Blogging, linked below.]

I can think of no fitter (or amusing) punishment than to write a thousand posts – for free – then see nothing productive actually come out of them:  Fantastical Delusions of your “personal influence” most certainly do not count.  et tu, roissy?  rooshie?  Firepower.

Piggy – endlessly ‘grecycling, repackaging Tucker Carlson‘s words into his own to impress The Taki and get that great $14,000 a year gig blowing Rich Lowry.  Hey, just don’t say…

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