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July 14, 2018

Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging 2

by Firepower

SPOILER ALERT: Beware! Myths will be shattered.  The Ugly Truth – revealed. You may learn something… you don’t wanna…

The first article described and (I’m such a nice guy) conveniently listed for you The Big Thinkers who get the ball rolling by supplying grist for the mill of millionz of teeny little Blograts – (‘gratz) – who Steal The Cheese.  Spreading the crumbs like good little town criers – just town criers who act to their readership ’twas they discovered The Big Secret.

To recap: Those Who’ve Done It Before – Better:

  1. Charles Murray; William Bennett; Robert Bork; Victor Davis Hanson – These chaps awe and inspire…
  2. Thomas Sowell,  Chas. Krauthammer, who in turn make big bucks for
  3. Pat Buchanan – whose bulldog wrinkled puss inspires TV fashion-talkshow pussy↓
  4. Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin – who give quippy-quip conversational TV Soundbites to talkers
  5. Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity and then,
  6. Brent Bozell & R.I.P Andrew Breitbart who (chiefly by critiquing) give them media coaching/refinement tips.

Don’t be an ass.  This list is a generalization. If you want thorough, scholarly completeness, pay me a million to write a book.

Murray covers science; Bennett, culture, politics & law; Bork does mainly law (and is the acknowledged expert) and Hanson does current events, politics and military.  HBD’ers still prattle on about stuff Murray wrote 20 years ago and they prattle wrong; read the original – make up your own mind. The Bell Curve is still the hub where hibbies work themselves into genetic lathers.  It predates the internets and is widely unknown, so it’s ripe for copycat thought-stealers.  Imagine how a barbarian squatting in the Coliseum was mystified by a…

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February 25, 2014

Dissident Dumbass

by eradican

Unlike elsewhere we here at Eradica welcome dissent and free speech. Within limits of course but overall we uphold this cherished value. At another blog recently I was reminded again why we’re so unique. This blogger and several of his commentators do not support climate change science. Regardless of what you think of the matter let’s be real; internet know it all bro science isn’t real science. 911 truther morons aren’t experts despite their techno babble and pseudo intellectual nonsense. While my comments were of a derogatory nature this wasn’t the first time I was censored needlessly. This particular blogger lets his personal favorites get away with provocative stuff all the time. He’s been blogging for over a decade now going under a variety of names. He’s one those wannabe alt-right journalist types that would cream his pants if the NY beta times mentioned him. He was once quite radical but he purposely created a new blog just so his name could be safely mentioned at Manhattan cocktail parties. A rather sad fellow craving a smart badge as RSS puts it.

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