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September 25, 2018

Secret Sex Service

by Firepower

Silly Roosh – He Had To Pay His Own Expenses

Law enforcement types with privileges to carry guns, VAST powers of intimidation (harshly used on Ted Nugent) and arrest over American citizens are hypocritical disgraces when breaking laws punishable in America.

Whores are legal in Colombia – great.

Would Armed SS be excused if they want to have sex with 13-year-old Colombian whores? Do cocaine with said whores on Colombian soil? In Obama-Xlinton World, you bet. The interwebz is full of now grown-up kids, raised on Clintonian Scandal, parroting empty-headed drivel that shrugs at decadence.

The Big Problem these shallow thinkers fail to grasp: These Praetorian Guard, Armed SS are the VERY jackbooted government fascists who’d be the FIRST to ….

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May 27, 2013

Anti-White Media: ‘Red Light District TV’

by Luther Burgsvik

BabestationSelf-control and mental-activity are virtues that would serve any person or group of people well. In modern times self-control is shirked in favour of revelry, and mental activity is shirked in favour of ‘feelings’. ‘Red Light District TV‘ allows the paying customer to pursue both of these experiences in the comfort and safety of their own home. Live fights, Blue movies, phone sex, interactive TV gambling, adverts for ‘easy money’, all from the comfort of home: this is what Red Light District TV is.


In this article we’ll deal with the following:
What is ‘Red Light District TV’?
What programmes make up ‘Red Light District TV’?
Why is ‘Red Light District TV’ such a bad thing?
What’s the anti-dote for ‘Red Light District TV’?

What is ‘Red Light District TV’?’
Red Light District TV’ are TV programs shown late at night that cause men to produce hormones and ‘feel’ overwhelmingly strong…

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