Posting Notice

ALL Comments are eventually published after perfunctory spamchecking.  This site is now very popular and gets bombarded with spam.

If you expect your comments seen instantaneously, you’ll just have to wait.  I’m busy weekends, but one day staff will awaken to see they can clear comments on their own threads.

All comments are published – especially the stupid – because I instinctively, naturally make only arguments I win.  The dumber you are, the wiser it naturally makes me look.  I post via enhanced writing Judo.  If you want to look smart repeatedly faceplanting your bloody kisser into a brick wall after shaking your Clown Hat at an enraged Elephant, have fun – I sure as hell will.

If your brilliant, 21st Century Government School Argument 101 consists of “fuckity-fuck-fuckk youse Firepowerz!!” and derails a thread, it is chucked and reserved for later mockery provided I have the time, for I am Firepower The Lenient & Busy, not the fool.  Horseshit Kiddiebabble does get flushed.

However, provided you make good points (even in disagreement) you are welcome; you give me public opportunity to recalibrate my views.  Still, expect to lose on the merits of even this, your argument.

If you go away sulking, I will call you a Patsy.

6 Comments to “Posting Notice”

  1. “All comments get published – especially the stupid – because I instinctively, naturally make only arguments I win. The dumber you are, the wiser it naturally makes me look.”

    you’re a god damn philospher forepower

    a god damn philsophger

  2. Firepower, I’ve tried to post a reply to doomfinger under his article to a comment that doomfinger directed at me. It’d be nice if you’d let it through. Unless, of course, you don’t think my disagreement with him is “stupid”, but rather so cuttingly true and full of insight that doomfinger could not handle it? 😉

    [ed note: whatev: YOU pissed off jen the10. not me.]

    • You have the tenacity
      of a kanga.

      I want DoomFinger around.
      You’ve so mincingly annoying, even droving away your Fello-Futrellian – Mr. David H. Fucktrelle Extraordiniare.
      How much to have you start posting on Jay-Z’s blog? 🙂

      • Kangaroos aren’t known for their tenacity so I’m not really sure how to take that comment: thanks, I guess?

        Who’s Jay-zed? Doomfinger seems to be doing just fine arguing with me about the merits of racial prejudice and his evolutionary-based rationale. They wrote a lengthy-enough response to me anyway, so they seem to want this conversation. I think it’d be a bit paternalistic of you to step-in on that – it’d kind of imply that they can’t handle it themselves – so thanks for not doing that.

  3. Very nice… Thanks for posting this info here… (y)

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