July 3, 2018

Eradican Manifesto

by Firepower

What your enemy fears most … do.

America is finished; it is gone. We now live in Murka. A nation ruled by (LN) Liberal nazis, staffed and implemented by MINOs (all preferred classes of minorities) running the Minority Master Machine – the MMM.

Most jews are your enemy but so are WASPs.  Combined, these exclusive groups are The Ruling “elite” – those living in Fortress Manhattan, etc. and the local “rich cities” near you that you know.  Combined, they are the one true enemy: TOTE.

Most whites are your enemy – your greatest enemy. They are hopelessly brainwashed from successful decades of LN/MM BIGovSchool brainwashing propaganda programs. The administrators of BGS (BIGovSkools) are Harvard, Yale and Ivy League Elites living in DC and funded by Manhattanites. It is staffed by MINOs but …. Continue reading

June 29, 2018

Manwhores: Hooking Up Smart

by Firepower


Yeesh, what a feeble, SNL word…does anybody but wimmins, nurds, fags or dipsters really use that phraseology? It’s like doing a Mango impersonation for Halloween. I can see if it’s a joke, like calling your best snatch-grabbing alpha pal a “Sir Faggote.”

The below OP was about how swingin’ chix n’ groovy gals can stop “the boy” (barf) from (wah) nailing new ass:

Hooking Up Smart.

No groovy girls n’ guys, you can’t stop Dylan from seeking new ass and I’ll tell you why below.

Much of the commentary is erroneous, misguided, simply insane and plainly fucked-up. Most likely due to any 12-year-old having posting access. Or your standard ill-educated 22-year-old: Haventchyaheard? 22 is the new 12.


Bottom Line:

Males only stop chasing ass when they get fat, bald or old. Or, all three.

Either way, they stop when their T-levels fall. That’s it. No deep science. No 23,000 word exposition. No 431 posts of garbage to sift through.

That’s the same reason animals get docile when spayed and why gramps doesn’t stay out until 4 am. And, why eunuchs made such mahhhvelous courtiers. One reduction is instant (ouch) the other, gradual. It’s also the reason why 22-year olds are so annoying.  And always knocking-up bitches whose kids wind up on the Welfare Rolls gobbling up YOUR tax dollars.

Testosterone level falls, a guy gets fatter, slower and less interested in sex. Even Hugh Hefner had to rub Viagra on his weiner – and that lucky bastard was allegedly doing playmates three at a time. (yah…sure)

If young, a male humps practically anything, so it’s not your irresistible charms, ladies. Nor is it also your fault when pops hits 50 and doesn’t want the sameold sameold dish anymore.

Speaking of dishes: Young men are hesitant to give sexual exclusivity to a female who is today as likely to cheat as he is constantly accused of by the media. Pile on that rickety foundation the fact Modern Girls don’t cook, clean or even shop.  Today’s Brandon is also really a mess.  They’re uneducated, watch too much fantasy crap in the media (and believe it), quote “yoda” and can’t even change a spark plug.

But even worse: Females don’t do one goddamned thing anymore. Specifically, if your girl is only good for sex because she provides zero value for the other qualities – why not cheat when that single purpose becomes null.

The authoress of the post/site/blog whatever means well.  In fact, her reasoning and style is a sort of “Cosmo Deep” which makes me wonder why they haven’t offered her a writing gig. I conclude that even deliberately restrained, superficial wisdom is too much for Today’s Tarts.

Congrats: you learned something. Knowledge is not always struggle.  The intelligentsia want you to think so…so you keep paying their professor salaries.  Now that you’ve learned, on to the next item.

June 27, 2018

Soldier Sets Himself on Fire Before His Masters

by Ryu

…and not a fuck was given LOL.


Here’s a wonderful idea.

You were a trained killer for ZOG for YEARS. Why not take some System bureaucrats to hell with you? Because THAT is how deep ZOG’s mind control goes. These slave-soldiers cannot fight back, they can’t hit their masters.

Don’t ever base your “hope” on cops and soldiers waking up. For over 99.9%, they can’t.

Want to learn how to fight The Power? Learn from those who do it, like terrorists and criminals.

June 26, 2018

Lessons From Eric Rudolph: “Don’t Trust Anyone”

by Ryu

There is a myth, that Eric had help while he was on the run.

That is not true. He says as much in his book “Lines of Drift” which can be found
at the Army of God website. This book describes his experiences as a DAA.

The FBI had all of his family and friends under surveillance in
the beginning stages. They couldn’t have helped if they wanted to.
In fact, Eric’s gay brother cut off his hand because the feds were
surveilling him so close and pissing him off.

Later, Eric describes how he went to a Survivalist / Patriot friend
and wanted to buy from food from him. This SP turned him in after a few days,
not leading to Eric’s capture, but showing his alliance.

Normies may have “said” they supported Eric, or worn “Run Rudolph Run”
shirts, but against the threat of the USG’s police, no one would be able
to help him. The Beast has unlimited power to punish, including death by fire,
or simply letting you rot in a cage for 60 years.

Paranoia is the criminal’s friend…and WNs are criminals today.

Eric Rudolph had no help. He had no human contact and couldn’t trust anyone.
The criminal world is a lonely one. When you are on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List,
you don’t have any friends.

One of the major ways escapees are caught is by making contact with former

The authorities just sit on a list of all probable contacts and “most” criminals
will try to reunite with them. Eric GAWIed for so long because he was completely alone. He was only caught when
he left the woods to grab some food.


Interested WNs might examine the case of the Maine Hermit, who lived in the woods
for about 30 years alone. He too had no help, though he survived by burglarizing houses,
similar to how Eric had to dumpster-dive for food.

Remember…people mean trouble. That includes me too. When it really matters, work alone.

June 24, 2018

England Begins Knife Control #StopTheHatePeople

by Ryu

In attempts to keep their monopoly on violence, The System can ban every tool there is but not the most dangerous one: the human mind.

Won’t be long now. You’ll have to have a permit for that knife, sir. No high-capacity or military-style blades. No, you can’t have more than 2 knives in your house, that’s a cache.


June 23, 2018

WN Right Now is a Losing Movement

by Ryu

Quick question – how many WNs do you know TONIGHT who could kill a mino and GAWI or knock up a blonde Aryan girl?

That’s the whole problem.

The primary skill of WN has become propaganda, or creating other WNs. There is not enough vitality or will to power in those arguements to win the hearts of men.

WNs seem to continue this quest of “honor” and “duty” to “fight for one’s race…”

No no. That’s not how life works. You fight for yourself. Men (and men do all the real work) want money, power and sex. The purpose of WN isn’t to save the white race…it is to save YOU.

At Eradica, we have tried to show this. Improve your WN skills and you WILL steal money, you will get laid, you will get revenge on your enemies. These “primitive” reasons are more complelling than anything else.

The “why” of WN has been beaten to death. The “how” is where the rubber meets the road and is largely uncharted.

Do not be decieved by clever words or articles. If you aren’t killing minos or fucking blondes, you aren’t really WNing. (And that criticism goes for us too.)

The “living, breathing” WN is only practiced by a few today. WN is something you DO. Not something you just read about. Consider these things as you read of the latest Trumpy drama, mino atrocity, jew-swindle and so on.

Remember – dead minos, blonde poon or it ain’t 1488.

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