February 12, 2018

“Falling Down”: The Last White Cop WILL Shoot the Last White Citizen

by Ryu

…count on it.

Cops and soldiers on duty would rather die (or commit suicide), than admit the true nature of their profession. The greatest obstacle to WN now comes not from the normies or the minos, but from their white enforcers and the total Police State they have created.

“Falling Down” may be the most red-pilled WN movie there is. Of course, coming out of Hollywood, they had to make a bad ending. But, they have grasped an essential truth.

The highest believe of any System enforcer is in law and order – THE SYSTEM’s law and order. God comes second, family comes after, race far below.

Never fully trust a normie, or someone who isn’t 1488. The contradictions inherent to their philosophy will often lead them to betray you.

February 10, 2018

Murkan Police Protect Anti-White Professor…..

by Ryu

“The boys in blue, work for the jew.”


It was true when David Lane first wrote it and it remains true. If the police had to pull every cop off patrol and investigations to secure that classroom, they would do it.

The HIGHEST priority of the police is to protect minos and especially jews. The whole purpose of the Murkan police state is to keep WN ” in the bottle.”

Another thing – threats only work if you can develop a reputation.

This is impossible, as Murka is a total police state. Only those working for Unca Beast and the richest cartels can have a rep. White boys can’t.

Don’t make threats – carry them out. Threats just queer the mark. Don’t make the job harder than it has to be.

February 9, 2018

Modern “Heart of Darkness” by White Couple in the Congo

by Ryu

This is a “epic” post, which used to be quite well known. Almost 100 pages of describing what happened to a white Belgian couple in the African Congo.

I post it here for easy access and archiving purposes:

February 8, 2018

Working in Groups? Plan on Being Caught

by Ryu


Cops agree that the leading cause of getting caught is working in groups and talking. Most criminals catch themselves.

The half-life of a secret is short and declines as time goes on. The person most invested in keeping the secret, is the first man. Good thing to remember, when one thinks about “confessing.” If you want your confession kept secret, tell the plants or rocks, not a human being.

February 6, 2018

Cops and Cons Know the Same Things

by Ryu

The more you learn in one direction, the more you learn in both:

America is a totalitarian police state RIGHT NOW.

The average person is a sucker.

If you want to get away with it, no leaks, you work alone. Doesn’t matter the organization behind you – LAPD, Cartel, Mafia, WN, or NYPD CID.

The only people awake on the streets are cops and cons. Everyone else is asleep.

The exception to every law is when a man with power does it. “Thou shall not kill”….except for God and His flood. “Thou shall not covet”…but I am a jealous God.

In end, it’s yourself you have to live with. All those cops and soldiers committing suicide couldn’t do it.

The majority of WNs are not mature enough to accept victory. The more powerful a WN becomes, the more he resembles a system elite.

February 4, 2018

Former USA Stripped to the Bedrock; Population Remains Oblivious

by Ryu

Murka is so far gone, even this site is being optimistic!

At every level, the rot and stink of The Swamp has set in. It’s all swamp now. It – drains – you, you don’t drain it.

Here a capitalist buys military favors with gook whores, booze, drugs and $$$. Just another day in Kwanistan.

“The future looks brighter every day. Kwanistanis know how to make do. We can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. It’s an approaching train.”

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