November 3, 2017

Important Post: How Close Are You to Being Caught?

by Ryu

Again, there is a stepwise progression.

1) No suspicion that a crime has occured yet.

2) The police know a crime occured, but there is no evidence and no suspect.

3) A crime occurred, and evidence was left. No suspect yet.

4) A crime occurred, evidence available, and a possible suspect is on the list.

5) The suspect is arrested.

6) The suspect has gone through trial and has been charged / sentenced.

We increase TTD or Time To Discovery in order to put time and space between us and the crime. “Time destroys all things” (or at least some of them.) The higher the TTD, the more probable GAWI is, and vice verse.

No matter what, even if you are caught dead-to-rights, do not confess.

I know how persuasive the police can be, and how much pressure they can apply. They know it too. If the police suspect you of a crime, you can’t talk your way out of it anyway; cops are great actors.

It is easier to AVOID suspicion altogether than DIVERT it once it has occurred.

…that is to say, don’t brag. Don’t be flashy. Don’t show off how clever you are. Stay in the shadows, stay free and work alone.

Your preparations BEFORE keep you free and safe AFTER. The heavier the work, the more prep necessary.

October 31, 2017

Smartphones Make You Dumber

by Ryu

“The greatest technology on Earth…devoted to making people stupider.”

This is the modern use of tech in summary, from radios and TVs to computers and the internet. All are wonderful engineering discoveries, used for the lowest purposes.

The effect is so pronounced, that I, who do not own an iphone, have a lower attention span than I did 10 years ago. Ted Kaczynski was right.

October 29, 2017

“Disobeying Orders Is Not An Option for Cops”: Catalonia Edition

by Ryu

“Disobeying laws is never an option for the police,” said Valentin Anadon, head of the SAP-FEPOL union.

American cops, Nazi cops, Soviet cops, Spanish cops – all the same. They ALWAYS obey orders. That’s what they are paid to do.

Being a cop is all about the $$$$. What do you call a cop who disobeys? Fired.

Don’t ever lie to yourself about this. The only times cops and soldiers starting thinking is when the checks stop rolling in.

October 27, 2017

Control: An Important Topic for DAAs

by Ryu

One has to remain “in control” and to work within one’s limits in the field.

A major reason for people getting caught is their selecting missions which are too far beyond them.

There is a scale of effort based on one’s capacity. 100% would be working as hard as possible. Clearly, one could not maintain that for long. Anything below 50% would be relatively easy.

Optimizing that number is a priority. Too easy, and the agent won’t be interested or attentive. Too hard, and he will be overworked and stressed, a ticket to getting caught.

Somewhere between 60 and 80% is about right. It is usually better to err on the easy side than the hard side.

Never lie to yourself.

A sure tell that one is working beyond capacity is obsession before or even after the work. A good mission is one you can forget after it is done, because everything was done properly beforehand.

October 23, 2017

The More Active, The More Camoflauge and Protection Needed

by Ryu

It is no different than gambling or investing in the stock market.

You earn your average return. More than that, is luck. Less than that, could be bad luck or something going wrong with your method.

The key to surviving is capital preservation, controlling the downside. Have a great defense. It is always preferrable to terminate a mission than push through and get caught; one must look ahead.

The “long term” is a scary and dangerous thing.

Flip an “honest” coin; it has a 50% probability on average of returning tails.

HOWEVER, flip that honest coin long enough, and you will probably see 100 tails in a row, or 1000, or eventually 10000 times in a row. These dangers are called “black swans” and are sort of demons of probability.

The more you GAWI, in general, the more evidence you leave, the more chances there are to catch you. Remember this. Always work to improve your defense and to decrease the downside. Your precautions BEFORE keep you safe AFTER.

October 19, 2017

Movie Scenes That Could Not Be Made Today: Firestarter

by Ryu

There has been some sort of “agreement” by Hollywood and the police / military since the mid 1990s.

Here’s how it goes: no (or very few) dead cops, agents or soldiers are to appear on film. This helps reinforce to the public that the USG and its minions are invincible. It also allows cops and soldiers themselves to believe they are untouchable.

There is a whole different world out there though…

Most WNs only know fear of the USG. They cannot conceive of the opposite, the USG fearing them.

Most WNs haven’t seen pictures of dead cops and soldiers, brains leaking out of their heads, blood pooling underneath the body. When you see that, you will know that they are as human as the rest of us. Most of their power comes from reputation. Those pictures exist, but are censored and very hard to find.

In the scene below, you’ll see government agents being killed by fire, screaming for mercy. “Helppppppppp! Don’t do it!” It could not be made today, by anyone, for any price.

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