July 9, 2017

NYC Jews Have Their Own Police Force

by Ryu


Don’t be. As we have written here, the American police state exists to protect minos, especially (((them)))). Did you really think they would rely on the same police which serve Goyim? Oy!

These are partially paid for by taxpayer dollars, which this article shows:

They are also heavily involved in bribes, which should not be shocking.

It’s not just NYC. This story comes out of Florida.

July 6, 2017

We Support Abortion…of Missions

by Ryu

That’s right. There are times when one has to walk away from an op.

– Maybe a witness saw you and paid too much attention.

– Maybe a cop saw you. You can bet he’ll remember and he’ll enter it on his notes for the day.

– Maybe “something doesn’t feel right.” A criminal MUST have this sixth sense.

There should be no hesitation when walking away. We aren’t cops or soldiers. No one protects you but you.

It’s like that boxing saying “protect yourself at all times.” Here, we will never look down on self-preservation and paranoia. They are necessary skills.

Not everybody can be a criminal – that is a System conceit, that any member of the public could be a successful criminal, if only they wished it.

Nope. The ability to take risks, make plans and execute them entire on your own is quite unique. It takes many years of practice to “climb the ladder”, but even then, one can never become too cocky.

Anyone can get caught. You always have to do “the work” of preparing, doing things right in the field, and getting away properly.

July 3, 2017

We Cannot Publish the Best Information…

by Ryu

…no one can.

There are certain areas that “must” be left undiscovered on a public forum.

I am sorry for that. There are some rules and laws that even we have to obey. They were made not by man, but by nature or God. Breaking these rules has definite and predictable consequences.

No one book or source contains all of the information WNs need.

The great problem becomes, how few WNs possess the innate curiosity to hunt down the answers, wherever they may lie.

You determine your own level of involvement, and how far you will ultimately go. If you are serious about being the best you can be, dedicate yourself to your talent.

June 30, 2017

Expect to Be Mentally Tired After a Mission

by Ryu

To operate without state authority is expensive. Both in terms of money and “emotional currency” ie attention and will.

One of the secret reasons why DAAs don’t try to “get away with it” is because it is very taxing to do so. After a big mission, one is exhausted.

In a way, prison might be considered a place to rest. Anders certainly could have gotten away with it if he wished. One immediately gets the feeling that he was tired and needed a break. The prior 10 years of his life had been directed towards one end.

Sleep is the way the body often handles times of high stress. Going on ops is certainly high stress.

Cops have a term “perp nap.”

In the interrogation room, the suspect will often fall asleep or nod off. Usually, this indicates guilty. You see, the stress of being a criminal has a cost and the body must pay by getting its rest.

The body only has so much reserve. Adrenaline will tax you. Remember this in the calculations.

Don’t plan on being “normal” or “relaxed” post-op. It will take a few days to fully recover; and the bigger the job, the more recovery needed.

June 28, 2017

History Reviewed Channel is Still Up…

by Ryu

…just not on jewtube. They have been censoring him hardcore.

You have to go to his site at:

HRC is probably the strongest WN in all of Africa, certainly in South Africa. We highly recommend his material.

June 27, 2017

What’s Your Police Identification Number?

by Ryu

…your licence plate number.

The reason for license plates is not that the state and the police are deeply concerned about your safety. It is a part of the war on privacy and anonymity.

In many ways, cops are quite anti-privacy and anonymity. The first thing they ask for when meeting a new person is an ID. Every car needs to have an ID on it, every boat, every airplane. True privacy and anonymity frightens the Murkan police.

…except, when it is there own privacy at stake.

American cops guard their own anonymity jealously. They don’t want other people to know they are cops, or where they live, or who their family is.

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