September 3, 2017

Daily Stormer’s New Address

by Ryu

Toldja! Serious nationalists don’t quit. Just keep moving around. The System can spend BigBucks playing wack-a-mole with every WN site on the web.

The Daily Stormer’s new URL is

August 31, 2017

The Greatest Danger to WNs Who Can GAWI is Themselves

by Ryu

(This is a post most are not even close enough to be needing, but must be written.)

Their successes can lead to their capture.

Pattern recognition. It is one thing the Murkan police are good at. And today, in “serious crimes”, twice forms the pattern or as the public knows it, modus operendi (MO).

It is not enough to discover just one way to GAWI.

Do that, and you’ll set a pattern, which will be discovered, and you may be trapped. You become predictable.

One needs “diversity” – but real diversity. A diversity of methods, times and places.

Even if you can get away with it, if you go to the well too often, you draw heat and attention. A good criminal knows he constantly has to cook up new ways of doing things and he has to become just as proficient in the new ways as the old.

Consider Mossad’s Kidon, their direct action team.

A typical “job” might use 24 agents. That’s 24 people, maybe using credit cards, getting on CCTV, walking aroung, being witnessed, 24 people talking afterwards. 24 people shedding hair and DNA, leaving their prints on things.

Far too much. They’ll learn that eventually. Today, with the surveillance available, you work alone or don’t even try.

You will be able to tell when you need to change your method. Despite your preparations, the authorities will be getting closer. Ideally, one wants never to be suspected at all. If the police hone in on you, time to change.

Remember the rules:

Work alone.

Stay off the radar.

Don’t talk.

No forensic evidence, no motive, no witnesses; a ghost.

We only break some rules to help other WNs. Once they get confident, they can learn on their own what works and what doesn’t.

August 27, 2017

How NOT To Do Arson

by Ryu

Arson is a beautiful crime; it causes alot of expensive damage and the starting materials cost little. The clearance rate by arrest is only 2%.

However, one still needs to exercise some planning and discipline on arson runs. We thank this nationalist for his sentiment and courage, while damning his poor foresight skills:

August 24, 2017

WN Needs Killers, Not Fighters

by Ryu

Fighters today are entertainers. They make money for their masters – that’s their job.

You can tell, because those few fighters who try to use their skills outside
the ring are arrested and sent to prison for assault. The true crime? Fighting without
permission. Never fight without an audience and without charging an admission

The real winner in any televised fight is the promoter and arena-owner. Not only do
they have cash, they have an army of fighters who obey their rules and orders, and
an army of fans who will pay money to watch them fight over a bag of money.

The public has a certain fascination with the gladiators of Rome. In their
time, they too entertained the masses for money.

When those gladiators wised up and tried to kill their masters, they were
put down hard. The skills they had as entertainers were fairly useless against
the government’s killers.

The art that fighters practice is but a hint of the whole world of violence possible.
Fighting is a little crime.

We are telling WNs….that you can get more money and power on the street, on your
own, than you can working for someone else.

The rules are simple, but not easy to follow.

1) Work alone

2) Don’t talk

3) 1% action, 99% planning and escape

August 22, 2017

Ruby Ridge, 25 Years Later

by Ryu


Randy Weaver is still alive today.

The reason you don’t hear about him is that he is done fighting. A man only has so much fight inside of him. He is now an old man, preparing for death.

It “should” be no shock Ruby Ridge isn’t studied anymore today.  The failure at Ruby Ridge was not Randy’s failure. The Murkan people failed.

The Americans view themselves as the beacon of freedom on the hill, the heros, the liberators.  This, despite the fact that Murka is a police state now, as it was in 1992 already.  They would rather fight tyranny in Libya, Vietnam, the Stan, Iraq than at home.

Liberty is dead. America was a police state BEFORE Ruby Ridge even happened. In the year 2017, only the insane would insist Murka is the “land of the free.”

There is no one left to fight for liberty.

Of all causes, it is the most lost.  We at this site are part of the very small number who
insist that Murka is a police state here and now, worse than Nazi Germany or the USSR.

Further, if the Murkans wouldn’t fight back in 1992, why would they today?

The Surveillence State has advanced many times over from what it was.   Computers didn’t liberate us, they enslaved us.  Ted Kaczynski was right.

Forget the average man, the bill-paying Murkan, the father, the patriot – none of them will fight back.  Cops and soldiers obey the USG, they don’t fight it.

There are only two groups that successfully fight the USG: criminals and turrists.  You can trust them MORE than you can anyone else.



August 20, 2017

Surviving the Purges: The Goyim Know! Shut It Down, Convene the Council!

by Ryu

This “purge” which is now happening is nothing new. Standard jew/liberal technique.

This site, Eradica, is the 6th website I have worked on. Some were erased voluntarily, others had to be shut down due to enemy action.

In that case, we had discovered an enemy mole who had Mossad connections. The survivalist patriot community is the most heavily infiltrated movement in the US; has to be, as it features white men with guns. Naturally, he put out a request for his people to find out our real names and addresses, so he could get us fired from our jobs and so on.

We made the easy decision to pull and move. That was it and here I am. They never found out. Maybe one day this site will have to be erased; in any case, we have made preparations.

You keep fighting. The nature of guerilla warfare is to hit, run, and hide. WN will survive its current problems. No serious WN ever really quits.

Action is like this too. Sometimes you have to abort to survive another day. That’s OK; there’s always another mission and another shot. It is better to pull out and live, than to be stubborn and lose big. There should be no ego about that.

For the future, there is something important.

Alot of people are talking of a “civil war” right now. It’s good; violence was the only real solution for us anyways. The only way WNs will be able to work is without permission.

The cops are against us. As are the military, the media, the liberals and many of the normies. No one is going to give you BigFed protection as they have.

If you want to get away with it, start climbing the ladder now. It takes YEARS to get good at it. Start small and work up. If you get uncomfortable and things get too hot, back off – then try another angle.

People get caught because they go for too much, too soon. You don’t bench 600 your first time in. You don’t hit an BigLib enemy your first time out. Be patient, build a skillset, put something together, get something going.

It’s a skill and WNs must learn it. You cannot learn it from any cop or soldier. If you want to learn how to fight the USG, learn from those who fight it, not those who serve it. Criminals and turrists are the way.

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