March 18, 2017

Successful Actions: Robbing Hollywood!

by Ryu

Don’t beg on your knees for a bailout…take your own!

The great thing is that the thieves are using the electronic police state to track the mark. These ego-queen celebrities can’t go without their social media hit.

There are crimes against people and there are crimes against property. Property crimes have a clearance rate of about 18%, on average.

Burglary has several weaknesses. One is often caught trying to covert the loot into cash. Working in groups is fine, until something goes bad; then people flip. ( And not only criminals flip, but cops and soldiers also narc under pressure. )

March 17, 2017

Swedish Cop Reveals Truth about Muzz-Rape, Then Accused of Hate Crime

by Ryu

Yes, even a cop will tell the truth…

…naturally, only as he approaches pension-time. In this story, two Swede pigs dare to speak the truth that Muzz rape white girls, only to be threatened with hate crime charges.

March 14, 2017

Do You Know What “Policeware” Is?

by Ryu

Policeware is malware written by and used by the police. In addition, the police often contact anti-virus vendors and tells them not to pick up their viruses.

It’s out there…be careful:

March 11, 2017

The Russian Brevik

by Ryu

This was a curious story out of Russia. It is about 5 years old.

Here is his manifesto, the culmination of his life’s work:

“One of the most important qualities of an intelligent person is the ability to look at things analytically, being objective and unbiased.
For my whole life I look at the world exactly this way. Maybe I never had a choice? Anyway, I was able to examine what you call «society» very well. And I’m sure that I have reasonable grounds to believe that humanity is a macro analogue of the cancerous tumor in a living organism, in this case the living organism is our planet. Damn … I already heard it somewhere.
Throughout its existence, humanity constantly defies the laws of nature, establishing their own, favoring its unlimited reproduction and pursuit of maximum enjoyment of life.
If you forget about ways of getting pleasure which are with every day more and more sophisticated, functioning of the human society is the exact replica of how the cancer cells is functioning: the uncontrolled reproduction due to the absorption of other, healthy cells, in order to bypass genetically embedded in the body programs.
In 2011 world population reached six billion people (despite the fact that Earth’s resources are already drained). Countries whose citizens individually consume relatively little resources negate it by having enormous population. Countries with relatively small population (comparing to the country’s size), such as mine homeland, are obsessed with increasing its population.
There are no large-scale wars, wars for territory anymore. War as embodiment of the competition of the natural forces always was one of the main regulators of the number of life forms and the main method of natural selection.
Many illnesses are defeated: humanity persists to seek immortality.
Natural selection, the main engine of progress, has almost ceased to function. Now survival is possible even for people with significant genetic defects and healthy individuals are proud and happy to help them. They refuse to see genetic degeneration of others and are not willing to take necessary actions to stop it (as people in all healthy civilizations did). People blinded by tolerance and the principle of “humanism”.
But the worst thing is that modern society is becoming more homogeneous. Everything is integrated and lacks individuality, all distinctions are erased. Now our whole life is based on compromises with ourselves, with other people, but, unfortunately, not with other forms of life. We cannot release our nature anymore; we cannot live according to the laws of nature and do what needs to be done. Now we have to live according principles that society created. And since nowadays society have only one goal (to save, increase and satisfy itself here and now) we do everything to fulfill this goal.
The only thing that important for society is to get as much pleasure as possible as fast as it can be. This is the only purpose of its existence.
The forms of getting pleasure are different and change over time, but the result is the same – a sense of moral and physical satisfaction. Lately the forms are started to become more and more disgusting.
Main principle of life now is the principle of humanism. It means that the more human beings satisfy others the more pleasure they get. As a result demand for means for getting pleasure now grows in the geometric progression.
Humans don’t care about other forms of life and do anything they want with them: eat, kill, use for experiments, modify, in other words do everything that you don’t do with other humans.
All these facts and everything I’ve seen throughout my life created in me hatred toward humanity.
I hate the human society and I hate to be a part of it! I hate the futility of human life! I hate this very life! I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost as possible. This is the only right thing one can do in life; this is the only way to do something good.
The way of survival and self-improvement of the human society is wrong, it leads to the dead end; it leads to destruction of everything that is really alive.
Evolve! Understand that you are not wanted here, you are the genetic garbage that is here on Earth because of an error in the evolution. You are trash that needs to be destroyed.”

March 9, 2017

Cop Shows You Exactly How to Follow Someone

by Ryu

This is a very good video. The retired cop in this video follows a mom for 15 minutes, and she didn’t even notice him.

Remember, “the eye” is the one following, and “the rabbit” is the person being surveilled.

The “3 day follow” as the eye following the rabbit his whole trip over 3 full days. One third one day, one third the next, and the last third finally.

March 6, 2017

“Anonymity Is Priceless” or “Privacy is Dead”: Who Do You Believe?

by Ryu

…some Murkan who doesn’t know the value of anonymity? Or, a member of the American elite?

“Anonymity is priceless,” one hedge-fund manager told me, declining an interview. This is from an article on the “prepping” (SURVIVALISM) of the ruling class.

The mindless Murkan public might accept that their privacy is gone, but the elites do not; they guard is jealously. They know what the average man does not: privacy and anonymity are power.

Firepower was absolutely right and he deserves credit for it.

When the shit hits the fan, be a raider. This is to be a glorious time for WNs. We can loot, steal, and kill all we like, with no police to stop us.

The natural state of the white race is hunting, conquering, and taking. These were high virtues to our ancestors. We must get that feeling back. Not of “earning a living”, but taking it. Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

The fear of our enemies, and the rich, should taste good.

There are two primary human emotions: fear and greed. Most WNs today know only fear. Greed, however, is more addictive. To control a man’s life, to have him in your power is the greatest feeling possible. It is better than sex.

That article is just one of many. These people are afraid of us. They think they can “buy” protection with their money.

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