May 10, 2017

Cop Tries to Fake His Own Death. The Result?

by Ryu

…you already know.

Cops are not accustomed to or trained to “get away with it.” They are used to having state permission; when they try to go beyond that, they always fail.

The funny thing in this case, is that the officer’s mistress was the one who narced him out.

Let me be perfectly clear – 99% of all Americans are rats and will talk to the police. As a cop himself, he “should” have understood that. He’d certainly turned enough snitches himself.

Clumsy, poor-planned, bumbling work – that’s what you get when a cop or soldier tries acting without permission. Being a good cop doesn’t make you a good criminal.

May 7, 2017

It Is Too Late to Rebel in Your 30s

by Ryu

Some skills must be learned young, or they are not learned at all.

Criminals look upon the period from birth to 18 year old as a sort of “magical period.” This is the time when one truly learns how to “get away with it.” Upon one’s 18 birthday, one’s juvenile criminal record is virtually forgotten.

In fact, in the old days, older criminals used to tell their junior associates to learn all they could at this time.

Commit every crime, learn how to do it right, and how to get away with it. When you are a minor, all of your crimes are free.

White Nationalists (WNs) and Survivalists/Patriots (SPs) have mined every bit of knowledge the US military has – and they still haven’t learned what they need.

Only criminals and terrorists need to learn how to get away with it.

All of the “good guys” are busy protecting the system. There seems to be a great deal of reluctance to learn from the “bad guys.” Learn the right skills from the right people.

May 3, 2017

How Would a Lawyer Perform Direct Action?

by Ryu

What an interesting question! Why hasn’t this been asked before?

…because THAT is how far WN is from where it needs to be.

If someone can’t be convicted of a crime, because the elements can’t be proven or other stuff is missing, then he gets away with it.

Asking soldiers how to do it is meaningless – soldiers act under state protection and are rarely charged for what they do. They’re untouchable.

Asking cops how to “get away with it” doesn’t work. All cops are pro-system and would not do anything to help “criminals.” They too are largely untouchable.

…and so, one starts asking real questions, from someone who knows how the system works and how to get away with it. For example:

“How would a lawyer commit arson?”

“Has there ever been a lawyer-arsonist? And if so, how did he do it?”

“Was he caught immediately, eventually, or never? And why?”

If you want insightful answers, you must ask the right research questions. WN’s current abilities are far below its ambitions. The search for power, at all costs, is the answer.

May 1, 2017

Another World Awaits…Where Minos and Jews Fear Us

by Ryu

There are two struggles in WN.

“The collective struggle” is well known. This is getting our own ethnostate, putting our women back in the home and kitchen, teaching white men to take risks again, and so on.

“The individual struggle” is virtually unknown.

It is a struggle against fear and doubt. The American Surveillence State was created to hold WNs and their MOG (Mountain of Guns) in check.

Most WNs believe the collective struggle must be won, in order to win the individual struggle. That is, once WNs hold power, white men will be able to do as they please.

We disagree. The individual struggle must be won FIRST. Thereafter, the collective struggle can be won. Enough individuals must win their own struggles to inspire the rest.

April 26, 2017

ISIS Steals Murka’s Drone Tricky for Battlefield Victory

by Ryu

…the future of warfare is robots and electronics.

ISIS knows this too.

April 21, 2017

MMA is a Joke, and is Useless for WN

by Ryu

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