Firepower’s Greatest HITS

Even old starfuckers love big balls

OK, I get it. I won’t feign coyness and act like I don’t know.  I do understand why I scare the Hell out of folks.  Good. Why be any different online than IRL. That’s being phony.

Yuck:  Now, some Ironman XXI movie comes out..with a character named “Firepower” staling my thunder and corrupting google searches for ME.

Heavy…is the head…that…wears the crown…

Greatest “roissy” hits:

As a side note, LYSAO at all the Manginers blubbering about the demise-demise of roissy nee citizen renegade nee heartiste! Barf.

Then, the odd, interim change to Citizen Renegade, thanks to Lady Raine…and still I hung on. I preferred that name to heartiste. Guess why.

Greatest TOPS (teehee!) On David Futrelle’s “Manboobz:”

Honest to jebus – I’ve never posted on Teh Booby, so I feel flattered I pissed on their Corn Flakes enough so I am perceived as The Prince of Darkness: Perhaps, I should post there…I love attention.

BigTime JUICY Modern hits on the renamed: Chateau heartiste

Odd, smelly Chartbusters™ on The Spearhead…These are FUCKING priceless moldy-oldies.

4 Responses to “Firepower’s Greatest HITS”

  1. Darn, sorry FP, somehow I posted on wrong thread!


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