GLOSSARY of Firepowerisms

  • AntiLefs: anti-leftists; me. you. us. deriv. fr. ‘antifas’ created 2.13.16
  • amerexico: What mexes will call the once “America.” (Small ‘a’ used to show diminution)
  • ameriqua alt; “amerikwa”: What generally all coloreds will call it. (see above)
  • Baconfaces: wounded “war” vets with particular facial burns or scarring
  • BiGGov: Big government.  Federal government. Tyranny, Liberal Nazism
  • Brandons, Jareds & Jordans: Today’s shuffling, phony tough, ignorant young males
  • Britnees:  Their Grrl counterparts who embrace like, Feminism – then perform bukkake porn
  • The Cold Civil War: Interim period of frustration before the Final End
  • Conservagina™ (minted 2.5.15): those calling others “RINOs”, while wishing Obama’s miraculous Impeachment. lmao. Dreamers w/ no balls
  • CRUDD: C. Rudd. Chuck Rudd. Chuck Ross = glp = gucci little piggy, a repetitive slug
  • CRAPP: (see above) A Hack.  A copier of copies from yet still more copies. A mirror in a mirror
  • Coloreds: Un-PC term for non-whites to piss them off.  The Criminal Class destroying the USA.  See “minos”
  • The Daily Outrage!®: Daily repeated blogposts full of angry comments… doing nothing.
  • Derb Effect®: Return to normal apathy 2 weeks after A Brainguy writes A Stunning Revelation – on a concept everybody already knew, for 40 years, i.e. “Black Folks Iz Dangeeeerous!”
  • District 1/District One: var; ryuism:  Manhattan/DC-type Elite Murkan Capitol; see Hunger Games
  • Dumb-ass: you, for not searching Eradica & its Glossary
  • Feudal America®: Future USA that will resemble 900 AD Europe. You in a thatched hut, digging worms for supper while Elites eat your daughter.
  • Feudal Manhattan: The capital USA city that bleeds you white to feed its greed
  • ECOF: Echo Chamber of FAGGOTS:  Whine Cellars of TDO Blamegamery (see above)
  • FFFOL: orig; Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism. A United Front and coalition of liberal factions united in eradicating white males
  • FFOL & FFL: abbrev; Five Fingers of Liberalism. Phalanges of The Liberal Party; see FFFOL
  • Fosetism: orig., Foseti; a blog where two-word posts generate 403 comments from twittering parrots
  • Flyy Farmurz: dumb white hicks who flee colored cites, move to the stix and paint a target on their now isolated ass, saving Uncle Beast the effort
  • GIFY: google it for yourself
  • Gawd: God – that invisible guy who loves you so much, he gave Murka to Minos
  • Goddie: aka Godd, (see above)
  • goppers: aka GOP, Republicans aka Conservaginas. never capitalized
  • ‘grecycling: Bloggers reading Drudge/Limbaugh’s et al opinions who post their own “valuable opinions!” on that opinion.
  • G-Ziss®: Son of Goddie, that guy you fight for who prefers MOAR Miggers in Cali than you
  • HATSOFF: Heard All That Shit On FOXNews, Ferdinand
  • Hipstard:  Pretentious sophisticate, “hipster” retard
  • Hunger Games: the movie, stupid – it shows Future Feudal America. for idiots who can’t remember what the fuck Soylent Green was
  • Immigs:  aka Illegal Immigrants; Illegal Aliens.  Illegal Mexicans – ALL Mexicans. aka Miggers
  • JAN: Jews & News; see also “NAJ” below
  • Jordies:  Dumb yokels who Faiht Fur ‘Murka! then return stumpy. Military version of a Brandon..
  • LIUY: Look It Up Yourself
  • LN™: Liberal nazi(ism). A component of the FFFOL
  • McMutant: var, Doomdigitism – Meat on the table
  • MIGGERS®: abbrev; Illegal IMMIG – sounds like “niggers” thus, meant to disturb & provoke
  • Minos®: Un-PC term for all “minorites” to piss them all off. see “colored; pron “Mine, oh”
  • Mino Master Machine: power & government of the mino, by the mino – FOR the mino
  • MMM: Mino Master Machine
  • MOG: the Mountain Of Guns; see also: TOOB
  • Murka®: “America,” as pronounced by Lower Caste Whites.  “murky”
  • Murkans®: The slobbering masses of Murka
  • NAJ: var. ryuism; see also JAN; News & Jews aka TDO/TLO on Crime! & *gasp!* Spielberg is a LIBERAL!
  • McStumpy: Jordie,  after fahtinfur Murka
  • Miggers™:  Immigrants.  Illegals.  Illegal Mexicans taking over all the Southern USA
  • MOUT®: I’m out – as in gone, see ya
  • Neonaz: neo-nazis
  • Newsreel Nazis: aka NN; posting WW2 pics/vids of panzers hoping it reappears…it won’t
  • NN: acronym for “Newsreel Nazis”
  • NOSD: Narcississm of Small Differences (do an Eradica search)
  • Obamonkey: Firepower original = Obongo + Chimp = obamonkey
  • Peter Panzers: dimwits tho adhere to Das VRW Whermacht Whet Dreamz
  • Phalanges: individual “fingers” and allied groups on the FFOL
  • Post-Digital Age: the futile online rants – after Internets was “supposed2” save the world
  • Republican’ts™: Republicans who can’t do anything
  • Rooisshy:  Combining roosh & roissy aka “Roy-C:” roissy was heartiste’s original moniker.
  • should*: (asterisked) Fantasy talk. “wishful thinking” as in: I should* have a Unicorn Ranch shitting me gold nuggets!
  • Sleeple™: coined feb 2015: Sleeping Sheep People – got it?
  • SO76: Spirit Of ’76. Our once Revolutionary spirit of 1776 patriots & Founding Fathers
  • Soylent Green: movie portraying distopian future with Charlton Heston aka Hunger Games
  • SP: Survialist/Patriot; i.e. “sp’er;” var. ryusim
  • Spergzerker:  Detached white committing insane acts.  Once succinctly known as a “Creep” aka, Weird Creep.
  • SpyNET: deriv., “SkyNet” – spy network of government informers i.e. STASI
  • Stumpies: wounded JordiVets – see ‘Baconface’
  • SWPL – Stuff White Parasites Like
  • SYSGY : stuff you should google yourself
  • TDO®: The Daily Outrage!®
  • The Latest Outrage!®: aka TLO, sim. to TDO, just fresha...
  • The One True Enemy: see: TOTE & YOTE, ya scrote
  • TOTE®: The One True Enemy – the FFFOL & LN – see “YOTE”
  • TOOB: The Ocean Of Blood; see also: MOG
  • Trailerpark Nazis: low-class racist Peter~Panzer NNs preferring TDO & JAN
  • TSO76: The Spirit of ’76, Founding Father American Revolutionary Idealism of 1776
  • TUD: The Urban Dictionary
  • Uncle Beast: Uncle Sam – The Beast you need to Starve
  • Unfuckable Meatbag: Jordie, Post-Combat, rollin’ a wheelchair in a VA burn ward
  • USG: var. ryusim: US Government – AVOID the culty-sounding “ZOG”
  • Vibrant:  var. Ryuism – PC affirmative action handout recipient.  Beneficiary of Diversity.
  • VRW: Vikings Riding Wolves®, art PROVING whites’ll rilly win Win WIN! see also, “Frazetta”
  • Whermact Whet Dream: VRW’s fantasy that Hitler’s Reich will reappear here – by magic!
  • Whine Cellars:  Where wimpy men gripe of shit they don’t have the balls to fix. see “ECOF” above
  • YOTE®: Your One True Enemy – the entire liberal body politic.  SEE “TOTE”
  • Zogbox: var. ryuism; Liberal Mainstream Media Television

Fire Drills – Firepower Says:

“Ifs” do not work in social organization. February 21, 2015

Man, Is Meant To Be A Butcher.  Firepower October 14, 2013

Game is acquisition of mere pussy, Politics is Game for acquiring Power.

Firepower, July 7, 2013 Optimism for optimism’s sake is a fatal flaw in times of danger.  Firepower, June 25, 2013

We can learn much from disagreement – perhaps even that greatest human accomplishment, agreement. Firepower, March 05, 2013

Facts are impossible to refute, only lies counter the truth ~ Firepower, February 09, 2013

Optimism requires NO evidence Thursday, February 07, 2013

Fuck you if you can’t take a joke and fuck you if you can. Firepower, age four

Facebook & Twitter Make Stupid – Faster & EASIER

If what you did was truly effective, the government would make it illegal.

It all depends on where you’re standing in the world as to how big an asshole you are.

Judge all people by the level of thought they admire. January 28, 2013

VRW – For Kate, on her 46th Birthday!

14 Responses to “GLOSSARY of Firepowerisms”

  1. Excellent. This is tremendous help.

    I always thought ‘MOUT’ was ‘I’m going off in a huff because I’m not getting sufficient attention’, good to know that’s not the case.

  2. Nice. You’re adding more to your site. I’m glad to see you’re getting something out of this.

  3. Firepower! Unless you are storing your nuts for winter, this post is five and a half years early! Geez! I’ve aged before my time as it is 😉 Do you even know when my birthday is? “When [I] am old and full of sleep,” I will pull up these archives and remember you 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary, Firepower 🙂

    (this is the best I could come up with on a google image search for “happy anniversary with guns”) LOL

    [ed note: lol thank ya sweetie. did you bake me a cake – in your french maid’s outfit?]

  5. lol Here. Happy?

    [ed note: why, i could just eat up a girl who knows how to cook…]

    • This summer I am inflitrating the CIA: Culinary Institute of America! I will definitely do a post about the bootcamp I’m taking 🙂

      [ed note: even killers like kake]

  6. I got one: “dindu

    Or “dindu nuffin”, a pejorative term that originated on Reddit to mock and criticize black people during the numerous riots throughout 2014 and 2015. The phrase is derived from a bastardization of “didn’t do nothing”.

    Which makes Barry the dindu-in-chief!

  7. Hey I’m new here. What’s LN? It’s the most common thing I see here and it’s not in the glossary.

  8. Awwww…it appears I scare you Brave New World Liberal Nazis.

    Isn’t it your colored Obomao ruling Murka with his Fascist Fist? It is your ilk in power. YOUR ilk with IRS persecution powers over libertarians.

    Yet, you cower. How grand it will be to see you rounded-up, under the knife.

  9. You forgot to include Gooker in your dictionary. Are they part of the MINO term?

    To me, Gookers are just nondescript MINOs, who serve no political, economic or social objective in American society. They are neither destructive nor effective. Let’s call them NEMOs, basically weak MINOs, without any clout or power in the grander scheme of things, to the Murkan Elite. They are hated by other MINOs and also their liberal masters, because of their obedience and compliance to the White power structure, which enriches them, and gives them honorary status without any effectiveness, either in liberal profiteering or status quo changer.

    NEMOs = Non Effective Minority Outliers describing the status of Gookers (East Asians Minorities in America). A parody of NEMO as in the overcautious clownfish in the Disney Movie, who was weak and futile.

  10. sadly, i didn’t invent ‘Gooker’

    I first heard the slur in Full Metal Jacket from the 8-Ball character.

    The movie’s from Gustav Hasford’s neverending autobiographical novel, which I read; maybe I saw it in there.


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