Fire Drills: Quotes of Firepower

Fire Drills – Firepower Says:

FascistLN Police States ban what they fear most. ~ FP, January 15, 2016

OWS was 100% correct regarding the 1%. ~ Firepower, January 7, 2016

Exaggeration Is The Hallmark of the Police State ~ Firepower, Dec 30, 2015

Once, a Wise Man could write a hundred words and inspire a million Men.
Now, a billion bloggerz write a trillion words and inspire one Man. ~ Firepower, Dec 10, 2015

Today, in all Western Nations, the sight of a White mother with a black baby is the universal feelgood drug for The Elite.  July 16, 2015

You gain greater glory
For successfully attacking a Palace
Than defending an outhouse…Firepower November 22, 2013 

Man, Is Meant To Be A Butcher.  Firepower October 14, 2013

Game is acquisition of mere pussy, Politics is Game for acquiring Power. Firepower, July 7, 2013

Optimism for optimism’s sake is a fatal flaw in times of danger.  Firepower, June 25, 2013

We can learn much from disagreement – perhaps even that greatest human accomplishment, agreement. Firepower, March 05, 2013

Facts are impossible to refute, only lies counter the truth ~ Firepower, February 09, 2013

Optimism requires NO evidence Thursday, February 07, 2013

The only value Hollywood has, is giving you a clear picture of what your enemy looks like.
Firepower, June First, 2012

Fuck you if you can’t take a joke and fuck you if you can. Firepower, age four

Facebook & Twitter
Make Stupid –
Faster & EASIER

If what you did was truly effective, the government would make it illegal.

The dumber Americans get, the more Dumbness they Demand ~ May 7, 2012

It all depends on where you’re standing in the world as to how big an asshole you are.

Judge all people by the level of thought they admire. January 28, 2013

6 Comments to “Fire Drills: Quotes of Firepower”

  1. Ha. Is this like Roissy’s numbered maxims? I like “Game is acquisition of mere pussy, Politics is Game for acquiring Power.”

    • Not Roissy: Lists of maxims are more comparable to Machiavelli’s or Balthasar Gracian’s. Who, in turn, took the idea from The Bible or the Code of Hammurabi. Humans have an innate need to make lists.

  2. “If what you did was truly effective, the government would make it illegal.”

    Right. Being a communist won’t get you socially ostracized (USA – free speech makes it difficult for the ADL to do their job) or fired and/or arrested (Europe). Being a National Socialist will.

    • Yes.
      Religion also offers splendid cover for radicals in PC Murka.

      Hatred for America, anti-semitism and even genocide hide in plain sight within Islam and PC Liberals are oblivious to it. It’s like a virus tricking a body to not attack it by using a trick code.

      Communism and Islam are true weaknesses for leftists.

  3. Sing like no one’s listening,
    love like you’ve never been hurt,
    dance like nobody’s watching,
    and roll over like the conditioned poor usually do

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