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July 18, 2018

Cop Commits Suicide, Rather Than Live “On The Run”

by Ryu

Working alone is ***HARD***.–abc-news-topstories.html

Most people can’t work alone. They need a group behind them, they need a uniform, they need that support.

Don’t be fooled. Take away the group, most cops and soldiers can’t do the same work.

July 12, 2018

Rooshie Finds Out Just How Far ZOG Can Reach….

by Ryu

…but will he wake up? Don’t hold your breath.

(They) are called the international jew, because their reach is international. There are no “American” jews, or “German” jews…just jews.

July 9, 2018

New MM Vidya is Up: RaceJam

by Ryu

Damn, Murdoch Murdoch is muh nigga. He comes from the exact same time period I do.

On paper, I don’t know much more about him than anyone else does. But he must have watched this scene as many times as I have – which is in the hundreds.

July 4, 2018

PU Girls…Without Even Talking

by Ryu

Youngsters these days. They don’t know how badass PU can be.

I have just written that WN is either killing minos or PUing blondes. We will now proceed to PU, old school style, which was much more powerful that the modern stuff.

June 27, 2018

Soldier Sets Himself on Fire Before His Masters

by Ryu

…and not a fuck was given LOL.–law/breaking-emergency-scene-outside-state-capitol/t1EJeInRLqB2fegT9JtLtI/

Here’s a wonderful idea.

You were a trained killer for ZOG for YEARS. Why not take some System bureaucrats to hell with you? Because THAT is how deep ZOG’s mind control goes. These slave-soldiers cannot fight back, they can’t hit their masters.

Don’t ever base your “hope” on cops and soldiers waking up. For over 99.9%, they can’t.

Want to learn how to fight The Power? Learn from those who do it, like terrorists and criminals.

June 26, 2018

Lessons From Eric Rudolph: “Don’t Trust Anyone”

by Ryu

There is a myth, that Eric had help while he was on the run.

That is not true. He says as much in his book “Lines of Drift” which can be found
at the Army of God website. This book describes his experiences as a DAA.

The FBI had all of his family and friends under surveillance in
the beginning stages. They couldn’t have helped if they wanted to.
In fact, Eric’s gay brother cut off his hand because the feds were
surveilling him so close and pissing him off.

Later, Eric describes how he went to a Survivalist / Patriot friend
and wanted to buy from food from him. This SP turned him in after a few days,
not leading to Eric’s capture, but showing his alliance.

Normies may have “said” they supported Eric, or worn “Run Rudolph Run”
shirts, but against the threat of the USG’s police, no one would be able
to help him. The Beast has unlimited power to punish, including death by fire,
or simply letting you rot in a cage for 60 years.

Paranoia is the criminal’s friend…and WNs are criminals today.

Eric Rudolph had no help. He had no human contact and couldn’t trust anyone.
The criminal world is a lonely one. When you are on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List,
you don’t have any friends.

One of the major ways escapees are caught is by making contact with former

The authorities just sit on a list of all probable contacts and “most” criminals
will try to reunite with them. Eric GAWIed for so long because he was completely alone. He was only caught when
he left the woods to grab some food.


Interested WNs might examine the case of the Maine Hermit, who lived in the woods
for about 30 years alone. He too had no help, though he survived by burglarizing houses,
similar to how Eric had to dumpster-dive for food.

Remember…people mean trouble. That includes me too. When it really matters, work alone.

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