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September 20, 2018

“Best of the Best” Shot and Killed: Be a Coward

by Ryu

It isn’t so hard when you do it right.

The highest compliment a cop can give is to call a criminal a “coward.”

Cowards are hard to catch. Cops like a standup fight, where they can mass their forces, call for hundreds of backup, get the chopper in the air, and establish a perimeter.

It is obvious why the shooter killed himself afterwards.

The time to discovery for dead cops is about 3 minutes. To GAWI under such circumstances is extraordinarily hard. There would have been a large police response and he would have been either shot imprisoned for life.

No one can stay vigilant 24/7. Not even cops, SWATzis, SEALs or Marines. Don’t expect them to ever publicly admit this though. In fact, when they have to be as vunerable and as helpless as the public, they often self-kevorkian, a hidden cause behind cops and soldier suicides.

Also, don’t feel too much sympathy for the officer families. They will be getting a phat payout, about $300,000 with the funeral paid for, benefits given, and no doubt a Hero donation drive.

We take time to salute the Bardstown shooter, who is still free to this very day.

September 19, 2018

Tex Arcane: “Murkan Stupidity”

by Ryu

I am going to repost some of Tex’s old work, so he is not forgotten.

Most Murkans cannot admit Murka is already third world, it is already a surveillence / police state, and that demographics has already doomed it. Empires don’t come back from falling this far.

Geography Has No Intrinsic Character Of Its Own

Rather it is a function of the people who live there.,0,73522.story#axzz2j9Bii0a5

I’m a perfect example. I’m a terrible hoarder. There is scarcely any place I can live that does not rapidly seem crowded. My backyard was an eyesore formerly. The places I have lived were not inherently unkempt and covered with scrap metal and building materials. Those things were there because I put them there. It was not the land itself that was a mess.
Having said that, the front of my house was clean, regularly mowed, free of any junk or trash. I knew that the side that faced the street would be unacceptable to have it look like the backyard. Some would say even these standards were low. I suspect that if I dropped my standards on these things to 1% of what they are now, I still would not have surroundings similar to those found across the entire country of Mexico. The streets are impassable and so diseased that the water itself is never safe to drink despite Mexico having some of the deepest and cleanest aquifers in the world.

Places get their character from the people who live there. Nothing else. You can’t blame inanimate things for altering that living space to what seems normal to the people who live there.

You can chase nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but she will always return. Rest assured that long after you are dust, nature will reign with each creature created by God acting in accord with the nature they were given. Nothing is ever going to change that and of any possible candidates to induce change I would put “culture” dead last … since culture was never anything but gene expression running down a groove that was most convenient.

With that in mind, the Western nations could not possibly look the way they do in the modern era but for one reason : the people who live there have a death wish. This is not even subject to analysis, it is a given constant like gravity or the speed of light.

“Bipedal biomass challenged to locate itself in time and space, fails Turing test miserably.”

This is the educational debt they will be paying off well into their old age. This.

The problem with the future is … who are you going to get to staff it?

It is like a Zen Koan … if Amerikwa becomes a third world country and there is nobody left there smart enough to know the difference, does it matter?

I enrolled in Texas Tech but never showed up in the fall. I can see I didn’t miss anything from watching this. Hey college, I want five years of wasted life back.

At night I would sit alone in the dormitories working on my computer. These types you see above spent the evenings out getting drunk, driving recklessly and coming in late screeching and banging on the walls. Sometimes my address changed and I was doing all of this somewhere else. The Sapiens did not change. All a bunch of actors play-acting at life. It is like an animal trying to simulate a human, unsuccessfully for the most part. If they outnumber you, remember they are the normal ones and you are some sort of defective. Oh, I almost forgot… they always outnumber you.

The kids grow up to be these adults. Then they vote. Guess what sort of people they vote for.

September 18, 2018

Master Walks In, Tells Slave-Cops to Move Their Damn Police Cars

by Ryu

LOL these coppers think they have a choice about it 🙂

Pigs are slaves to the 1%. And they sell themselves pretty cheap; 50K is chicken-scratch today.

September 17, 2018

The Zodiac Was 1488

by Ryu

Believe it, baby. How many other secrets are hidden in plain sight? He was also a fan of Charles Manson, the famed 1960s WN.

These are excerpts from one of his letters to the San Fransisco Police Department:

Dear Channel Nine;

This is the Zodiac Speaking. You people in LA are in for a treat.In the next three weeks you are finally gona have something good to report. I have decided to begin Killing again-Please hold the applause! Nothing is going to happen until I do.You people just won’t let me have it any other way. I plan to kill five people in the next three weeks (1) Chief Piggy Darrel Gotes (2) Ex Chief piggy ed Davis (3) Pat Boone- his theocratic crap is an obscenity to the rest of the world! Also Eldrige Cleaver- the niggers gotta get their 20% quota- After all. And Susan Atkins- The Judas of the Manson Family. Shes gonna get hers now. Hey- – -you actors- This is your lucky break. Remember who ever plays me has their work cut out for him. See you in the news!

I salute Zodiac as one of the strongest white men who ever lived. So few will understand what he meant when he said:

“This is the ZOdiac, and I am in control of all things…”

September 11, 2018

Privacy and Anonymity are for the Elites, Not You

by Ryu

They won’t give that information to us. Neither will their protectors, the Murkan police.

Privacy is power. Watch actions, not words. If you see the elites watching their own info like hawks, while telling you to give it away, something is wrong.

September 7, 2018

“Cop of the Year” Self-Kevorkians….

by Ryu

Betcha he knew Murka was a police state – he had to; he enforced it.

You don’t commit suicide over what you’ve seen. You commit suicide over what you’ve DONE.

The most disillusioning day of a cop or soldier’s life comes when he learns that he isn’t defending rights and freedoms; he is taking them away. And the people love him for it.

Today, more cops and soldiers die via suicide than by enemy bullets. That’s a “sign” that something is going wrong with them.

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