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November 11, 2018

Red Pilled to the Max: Arthur Jones

by Ryu

November 10, 2018

Empires Fall Two Ways

by Ryu

Falling empires go one of two ways: “Gulags” or “Bread and Circuses” (BnC).

The Soviet Empire ended with the gulag. The problem with gulags is that one can’t make much money in them. Everyone is depressed and only does a minimum of work.

There is no illusion in a gulag system – you are a slave, and the government is oppressing you. Capitalists prefer that the serfs believe in some sort of “American dream” where they will be rewarded for their efforts; thus they get more work out of them.

After awhile, even the police get bored in gulags. There is less and less crime to solve, and fewer dissidents to jail. No one fights back anymore. There’s no “juice” if there’s no danger.

The American empire tried a foray into hard genocide in the early 1990s but they backed off. They learned from Tim, Ted and Eric how resistance could cut into their profits.

Thus, Murka opted for the BnC and soft genocide. The danger is how long Circuses take to degrade the people. It is much slower than gulags. There is always a danger that the people might awaken, rare though it is.

Circuses are no less tyrannical and controlling that Gulags. However, they do allow the mark to lie to himself. Very few Americans will admit the USA is a police state here and now. They know “privacy is dead” but they won’t admit that freedom is dead also.

In time, even the elite class is degraded. There’s no honor in being a master to a race of slaves. One wants to govern free men, not grovelling servants.

November 8, 2018

Direct Action: How Rare is the “Right” Preparation?

by Ryu

Exceptionally rare; it almost never happens. One might almost say that it is beyond human ability.

As an example, we turn to the military axiom that “defenders always have the advantage.” If this is so, why hasn’t SWAT recorded more losses?

SWAT’s job is to breach, the defenders job is to hold fast. To a large degree, nothing has changed in hundreds of years. Breachers may use starvation, fire, poison or direct assault to get in.

It is hard to find groups that have properly resisted SWAT. Most seem “surprised” by the usual technique. To my knowledge, the only two groups
who have shown up well against SWAT are the Branch Davidians and the John Africa group.

There have indeed been WNs who haved acted and who have gotten away with it. They managed the heat so well ahead of time that they were afforded their freedom.

One can detect their excellence by the fact that only a few specialists even knew that something happened.

Other writers have called for a direct action ban.

October 28, 2018

DNA on Bullets

by Ryu

Not the victim’s DNA, the suspect’s.

This is one of those forensic advances that is coming. It is important to know TODAY, because evidence in homicides is typically kept for many years. Evidence collected in 2000 might be subject to tests created in 2013.

Cartridges are composed of bullets, powder and the shell casing. The bullet is what actually flies out and hits the target.

Fingerprints on the bullet and shell casing are already an established technique. In some cases, firing the bullet “cooks” the print onto the bullet’s surface. The test is not common, but it does occur.

The only way to control DNA evidence is to use the same tricks DNA analysts use. They wear the full Tyvek suit in the lab, double gloves, booties, googles, and face mask. They also cannot talk in the lab, as talking causes skin cells in the mouth to fly out.

Guns leave a ton of evidence. They can be more dangerous to the shooter than the victim, if he is unaware of the forensics.

October 23, 2018

Full Impications of Living in a Police State

by Ryu

Admitting the former USA is just the first step.

It implies that:
– Voting no longer matters.
– Awakening the masses no longer matters.
– The police and military will not back the people
– Everything you do electronically is tracked.
– Freedumb and liberty are dead.

October 23, 2018

Disappointment! When You Learn the USG is Weak….

by Ryu

It is a surprising thing.

By its reputation, one would think the USG is staffed by dedicated ideologues, protected by invincible warriors.

Nope; none of the above.

America is dead and for the most part, it is led by weaklings, pedophiles, faggots, and other filth.

THAT…is what we feared for so long.

The only reason they appeared so strong was because it was “illegal” to fight back against their regime. They made themselves and their servants (agents, cops, and soldiers) a protected class.

We “respect” the awesome power of the Surveillence State for now. Pretty soon, the only thinking people left will be ZOG’s technicians and the Alt Right.

There is a time, in some childrens’ lives, when they learn their parents are mortal. It is a great disappointment. The lesson is that power is fleeting.

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