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May 20, 2017

Our Promise to White Men: Never Kneel Again

by Ryu

…unless, it is to gain a better position, to spy, or to gain something specific. Sometimes feigning weakness is the right move.

Today, the white man is a slave to minos, women and jews. To any worthwhile Aryan, this is a hateful existence.

There is a pleasure in life of taking, rather than being “given.” It takes balls to take. No one is going to give the first whites anything, let alone permission.

Our goals at Eradica are very simple. We pursue them unapologetically:
– gas the jews
– subjugate white women into the kitchen and bedroom
– lynch the niggers
– throw the spics over the wall
– all while getting rich, stealing our enemies’ land, women and gold!

This is a difficult task. It has been done before, but there is nothing particularly new or magical about our time period. The American Surveillance State is awesome, yet holes are appearing. A slick nationalist can take advantage of these holes and take what he wants, if he is clever.

May 17, 2017

When Will Venezuelan Cops Disobey Orders and Join the Protesters?

by Ryu

Not yet.

Of course, they claim to be “dissatisfied” with the current regime. Harsh words indeed. The money keeps their mouths shut, as it does with our own domestic cops.

“We’re just trying to survive,” said Caracas police officer Viviane, a single mother who says she shows up for protest duty so she can feed her 1-year-old son. “I would love to quit but there are no other jobs.”

Being a cop and soldier was NEVER about protecting the public, doing the right thing, or any of that. It’s about the money and power. Your “protecters” will allow the government to starve you, but will arrest you if you resist. Naturally, they don’t arrest the politicians.

This understanding will come, but with no acknowledgement. Everyone already knows cops and soldiers work for the elite, and are as selfish as anyone. By the time this is known by all, they’ll be more worried about survival.

When this happens in Murka, only the people will suffer. Cops, soldiers, and their masters will eat. You will not.

If you want justice, take it for yourself. There is no other way to get it.

May 17, 2017

The Only Power You Own…is the Power You Seize

by Ryu

Cops and soldiers – as powerless as small children without state permissions.

Most of their suicides (33 soldiers per day / 400 cops per year) is due to this fact. They never had any power, not really. It was only on loan from BigFed.

What the common man imagines as power is mostly invested in titles and uniforms, not in men. When Obama’s term is over, he goes from “the most powerful man in the world” to just another celebrity.

God has given the white race a great opportunity.

Nothing is given to us. If we want salvation for our race, we shall have to take it all the way. No politician anywhere can do the job.

It is a great and terrifying thing. No wonder WNs have failed so often for so great a prize.

Even enlightened modern women want their men to become violent racists.

May 16, 2017

Roissy Sees…Eradica!

by Ryu

At last, Heartiste comes to the same conclusion we reached.

The white man must unapologetically crush his enemies, steal their gold, and plunder their women. Only then will white women return to white men.

The sole problem with violence…is that white men are not violent enough!

Women LOVE serial killers, cops, soldiers, MMA fighters, gangsters and criminals. They love violence because it forces other women and men to submit. There is nothing to apologize for. Women are awed by displays of power and cruelty.

White women don’t feel safe with white men right now. Who would? What type of man allows jews, niggers, spics and Muzz to trample his home? Madness. Any man worthy of the title knows what to do already. There should be groids hanging from every lamppost and Muzzheads on every pole.

Our only addition is that white men must first learn how to “get away with it”, until we hold power. Then, we may purge the enemy day and night. We don’t want to see any suicide missions unless the agent is truly unable to escape.
“Given the premise of this post, we may have a way forward to solving our shared single White woman problem and saving America from the open borders locust swarm. The issue, as I see it, is that White men have been playing defense for too long. Always appeasing, always conceding, always cucking.

The rise of the Maul-Right has shown there’s a better path. If the essence of maleness is Invasion, then our sexually primed single White women can be wooed by their men going on offense; in practice this would mean adopting rhetoric that is much more potent, passionate, and prodding than what White men have succumbed to the past few generations. It means reframing the third world invasion and open borders as a temporary battlefield defeat that will only spur America’s White men to rally the troops, gather arms, and storm the shitlands of their invaders.

This doesn’t have to signify literal invasion; what it should evoke in single White women (and their dirt world pets) is a virile, masculine purge of the invaders from the homelands of White men. We will purge the squatters, and we will purge the traitors, and we will purge the media accessories to the invasion. This is action. This is strength. And in the end, this is aroused White women brought back under the tutelage and direction of their White men.”

May 14, 2017

The MRA Who Picked Up a Gun….

by Ryu

…and started shooting feminists.

It was quite a novel solution. Trying to talk feminists out of feminism didn’t seem to work. A dead feminist cannot harm any more men or corrupt any more women.

There’s nothing new happening today. Historically, feminism manifests at the end of a civilization. Barbarian invasions and societal collapse put women back in the kitchen, and feminism dies yet again, only to return in the decadent times.

May 10, 2017

Cop Tries to Fake His Own Death. The Result?

by Ryu

…you already know.

Cops are not accustomed to or trained to “get away with it.” They are used to having state permission; when they try to go beyond that, they always fail.

The funny thing in this case, is that the officer’s mistress was the one who narced him out.

Let me be perfectly clear – 99% of all Americans are rats and will talk to the police. As a cop himself, he “should” have understood that. He’d certainly turned enough snitches himself.

Clumsy, poor-planned, bumbling work – that’s what you get when a cop or soldier tries acting without permission. Being a good cop doesn’t make you a good criminal.

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