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December 8, 2015

Burn Hollywood

by Firepower

Burn Hollywood burn, I smell a riot

The Rumpus Room is well-decorated at Ryu’s Mansion

Goin’ on first they’re guilty now they’re gone
Yeah I’ll check out a movie
But it’ll take a white one to move me

Get me the hell away from this T V
All this news and views are beneath me
‘Cause all I hear about is shots ringin’ out
So I rather kick some slang out

All right fellas let’s go hand out
Hollywood or would they not
Make us all look bad like I know they had
But some things I’ll never forget, yeah

So step and fetch this shit
For all the years we looked like clowns
The joke is over smell the smoke from all around
Burn Hollywood burn

Ice Cube is down with the comedy
Now every single white bitch wanna be he
Big Daddy is smooth word to mother
Let’s check out a flick that exploits the coloreds

Roamin’ thru Hollywood late at night
Red and blue lights what a common sight
Pulled to the curb gettin’ played like….

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August 22, 2015

HEROCop!™ Rapes Him Some Sweeeeet 15-year-old Pussy!

by Firepower

And! NOT just ANY HEROCop!™ – one with the sainted, godlike NYPD status!


The PTSD from saving all those WTC Hero stockbrokers and mortgage bankers finally got to him and he had to bury his cock in sweet teen cooze.  Hillary’s lawyers will fight for justice and get him off – provided they’re 14 and swallow.

Every BIGov employee Got Game – and now that most Murkans work for UncleBEAST – that means errbuddy Got Game.

Remember folks: Obey ALL SWATZI COMMANDS!

If FBI scamps can cook babies at WACO for Mr. Janet Reno, it looks now them SuperFEDS!© get to fuck 10-year-olds – including boys.

January 14, 2015

World’s Most Perfect Girl: Chanel West Coast

by Firepower

Amazing what being a couch decoration for an MTV-D wigga-nigga sandwich pays nowdays.


  • Not a virgin
  • silly
  • giggly
  • dsl
  • no dad (I bet)
  • dyed blond(ish) pubes
  • rich
  • nice tits


  • rapper
  • daddy issues
  • blond dye-job w/ roots
  • knows what black dick tastes like
  • lays for pay

* Le Sigh* All the good ones is taken…

July 10, 2013

Firepower’s Early Morning Musings

by Firepower

If I’d been

More cynical as a child

I’d have no need

To be so…

Cynical now

June 16, 2013

The World’s Most Perfect Girl: Bella Thorne

by Firepower

Yep. Her Parents KNOW

Oh, to be a Disney Girl, just one rung lower than The Disney Girl:  The girl next door growing up as wholesome as Xtina Aguilerra, Vanessa HudgensSelena Gomez, Miley Cyrus…Britney Spears.

Hey, if my ‘rents let me pose as a toddler bikini model, I’d have issues too – even though I was hellagroovy-perkier than Miss Bella.

Disney was once a place filled with the innocent joy of trying a peek up Tinkerbelle’s diaphanous cartoon miniskirt.  Today’s Disney Channel is as chaste as The Seraglio:  A cavalcade of divas-of-the-year club prancing around in slutwear.  On their off days, they strip down still more.  Their parents approve totally; they like the checks.  Like medieval peasant parents with fair damsels… who liked the Lord’s gift of that cart-full of pigs and quinces.  What’s NOT to like?  Disney and the parents approve – the girls approve.

I lay down The Great Firepower Game Challenge Contest #1 to Roosh: Lay off the Favela Girl whose economy leaves them impressed by your watch that would pay their rent for 4 years: Your Timex.  Quit with the Slavic warpigs with arms bigger than yours and even, swarthier mustaches.  Game this – and post pix.

Evidence of Perfection:

  • Redhead
  • Toyt – loik a Toiga
  • Big nose
  • Bubblebutt
  • Wears skanky outfits
  • Gawky
  • Attention Queen
  • Legal in my county

Fatal Flaws:

  • Totally knows she’s “hot”
  • Wears skanky outfits
  • Redhead
  • Disney Syndrome: wholesome now…
  • Carnival Cruise Wreck, later

You Got Legs Right Up To Your Neck… Yer Makin’ Me a...

tee hee

April 21, 2013

Megyn Kelly: World’s Most Perfect Girl

by Firepower

Poster For National Fuck a Lawyer-Bimbo Day

All those Christards & Dalcock-types – what a ridiculous lot.  All that Pre-Boston snake-handling, Hoxsey babbling you did to Jeebus n’ Noway to “bless Murka!” didn’t do jackshit for keeping anybody safe, now did it.  If it did, then Boston must be Yahweh’s response: He’s pissed at Murka, too.  But, you’ll keep “praying” and telling us in the interim to (between the next incident) keep on looking for them blessings.  All we gotta do is pray and it’ll be allllllriiiiight.

Them FBIHeroes®! were a pip.  So much so, Spielberg pumps out tons of movies about their “prowess” – (from 1930 civil rights cases).

I told my circle that all those spycams and informants kinda~somehow displace all that “great police work” we hear touted so much on FUXNews.  I don’t watch MSNBC, ABC or any other Main Stream Liberal Media Propaganda, so I can’t criticize them except to say without sarcastic exaggeration they are truly the RED Fascist Liberal Arm of the Ministry of Fear.  If you’re going to watch TV news, FOX is…

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