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May 9, 2016


by Firepower

It takes more brains to write an article than read one.

So, witey writes – for those too old to rebel. For rare is the literate witey under 40.

It was told once, youth listened to elders’ admonishments, grudgingly accepting them as a warning how to improve their lot. Today, even slight differences compel youth to tell their elders to suck a cock – then screeching demands to kick their ass. They are ridiculously ignorant, silly and mindless. It’s why they suck.

But, most elders were potheads fucking hairy hippy whores at Woodstock or selling out to Reaganite corporations. Now, they repent by ….

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March 14, 2016

BIGovSkool MINO Mind-Control

by Firepower

This is why formerly White students are now wite, mewling, black-cocksucking OWSers for Hitlery.

Lots of clues! Provided fweeeeee from the LN MMM itself:

the Pacific Educational Group is a San Francisco-based LNprop FFOL apparatus education consulting company…

The FFOL/MMM is now totally run by the usual winning combo hand in PC Poker: Feminists, coloreds, Colored-Feminists, faggots and Miggers. Mix n’ match. Wite males are now the reverse of what was: just tokens used to get close, infiltrate and administer the poison to their White Victims.

Like Murka’s future State, feminists first displace simpering LN wite males, then come the coloreds then wtf ever combo of lesbian faggot and degenerate.  The farticle’s ConserVagina – Republican’t author just republicant figure out that…

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November 16, 2015

Paris Metal Faggot Deathclub

by Firepower

Metal is pretend violence. In fact, it’s worse than that: Metal is mistakenly portrayed as violence projected outward, but it is not: it is violence directed inward – toward the self. It is not sadistic, but masochistic.

Death metal is preposterous, a ridiculous caricature for whitekidz slumming on Saturday night in downtown urban “club” areas – so some ‘real man’ Black Buck NFL type doesn’t rape their turdcutter in their prison fantasies. Metal is a twisted religion for secular sub-cultures where the practicing of its religion is the same as going to Roman Pope Church and hoping Jebus gives you cash for going to work and paying your taxes.

Metal exists only to …..

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October 19, 2015

US Government Religion

by Firepower

Caring for “the other” is christianity-based; the “turn the other cheek” and charity thing. †

As catholic-sized and satellite organized xtianity falls, it brings down smaller sects in a Domino Effect. It displaces Big Religion until what remains is the False Religion of USG-ordered dogmas: Diversity Is Good. Amnesty is A Right!, etc.

This also happened in Communist regimes of RED China and Big Soviet when BIGov displaced – and replaced – The Big Church in the respective nations.

You see, the only way to justify the inexplicable is with mysticism. Religious mysticism…

It is close now – at least, far, far closer than it was even ten years ago – and accelerating. But people are so stupid they still…

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September 6, 2015

Millennial Maggots, Guccione Style

by Firepower

Even son of filth and publisher of shit Bob The Knob Gucccccione can get it right. Perhaps his proximity inside the steaming toilet pile of ass-squeezin’s is what gives him unique insight and perspective from below the brown stain line.

This is a good summation of what’s wrong – and as I see each day, why it will get worse until the aqueducts fail and colored b-b-barbarbarians use once glorious monuments as piss posts.

“Guccione is as outspoken as he was when he called out Live Aid in 1986 for funding Ethiopia’s military instead of tending to famine relief. But his issue today is …..

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July 4, 2015

Effective Revolution

by Firepower

Ah, the pan-universal movement…

I wrote about this a while ago. Can’t remember when. Search for it. LIUFY

Simply put, such a movement will face initial bloody reprisal from the LN and its MM; they will NOT relinquish the luxurious spoils of Murkan Power and its riches without a fight. Because it’s built on an unsustainable lie, the LN/MM would quickly fall and all would be 1776 again within a short time. The LN/FFOL is based upon the untenable model of breeding coloreds to eradicate Whites and their SO76…with white taxbux. The countering problem is: The enemy – the Right – and most its platform is an equally unsustainable lie.

1776’s Founding Fathers knew they were challenging the beast and the risk meant imprisonment, torture and …..

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