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March 16, 2018

MRAs Are Lost Pareenes Declare Win

by Firepower

Photo (Photo credit: davidrdesign)

It’s better to view an accident diagram or lost battle schematic from afar.

mra = men’s rights activist (light on the ‘activist’ part, in fact – it doesn’t exist)

A Persian Proverb:

“He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool—shun him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child—teach him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep—wake him.
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise—follow him.”

This, of course, leads us to Casting Pearls Before the Swine that are Spearhead Posters

AfOR tries to talks sense into the troops, to rally them before Thermopylae.  But, alas Leonidas is speaking to the whiny, grown-up spawn of …

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February 26, 2016

Understanding Muzz Through Rooshi

by Firepower

Once Successfully Hooked on Ryu’s Patented “Manson” Opener!

Rooishi made the news. He made Drudge! Albeit for a failure to even rally a hundred national participants to a meetup. More eyeballs show up to see Kylie Kardashian walk in a plastic surgeon’s office to laser the latest venereal wart.

Still, I learned from him. But, I learned more from muh roisshi than teh rooishi. I read neither now. I learned even more from Tyler “Owen” McDurden. Don’t read him anymore, either.

I used to correspond frequently with rooshi pre-Return of Kings when he was plain old ROOSH V on his eponymous blog and his head was 10x smaller. His humor is as dry as an Iranian Cactus (cactii sandniggerus). He takes himself way too seriously – for even a worshiped God MPUAG. As if he’s the prophet of some True Religion. Like Milli Vanilli offing hisself for …..

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November 16, 2015

Paris Metal Faggot Deathclub

by Firepower

Metal is pretend violence. In fact, it’s worse than that: Metal is mistakenly portrayed as violence projected outward, but it is not: it is violence directed inward – toward the self. It is not sadistic, but masochistic.

Death metal is preposterous, a ridiculous caricature for whitekidz slumming on Saturday night in downtown urban “club” areas – so some ‘real man’ Black Buck NFL type doesn’t rape their turdcutter in their prison fantasies. Metal is a twisted religion for secular sub-cultures where the practicing of its religion is the same as going to Roman Pope Church and hoping Jebus gives you cash for going to work and paying your taxes.

Metal exists only to …..

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September 25, 2015

Reader Mail: Jack Donovan – Literal Cocksucker

by Firepower

Today’s love letter comes from Ireland via a Miss McNmnælðnad Sclçrthðne – pronounced Gladys Smythe, for you idiots. Couldn’t you FIGURE THAT out?!?

when somebody mentions an Eradica post around Jack on the internet, there’s nothing but crickets.  Frankly, I think he avoids Eradica because it will challenge his position and right now things are good in Jack’s world.  I don’t interject my own thoughts in many conversations because I would be blocked from the group as was Paul Bingham for challenging the soldiers in Donovan’s camp.”

Jack D is a homo. That never bothered me. What bothers me are their universal…….. feminine, little-girl-like emotional responses to threat; in that way, they are like blacks who react with the same female tendencies.TX Miggers GOOD

JD used to write a blog about soldier worship with…tada…a soldier. I fired them my Jordie bomb theses and they hated it. They lionize soldiers like homos do; i.e. The Village ppl. Homos bring sex into every aspect of maleness and warriors are the ultimate male.


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August 15, 2015

Eradicating Germans

by Firepower

Frau Lezbos!

Far from being the foot-in-the-door hope to fapping PeterPanzer Trailerpark Nazis everywhere, Germania is, in fact, a collapsed shell.

Today, more krauts prefer faggot marriage than not. This is a nation more debased than even Murka, for the Huns don’t have Niggers N’ Miggers in numbers fouling their cities, so the stupid krauts can pretend to be oblivious that Vibrants Is Funn!

Not only is krautland not the spark of Hitla 2.1 the trailerparknazis yearn for, it’s as liberal as Frisco. Fantasy is not reality no matter how stupidly a GED dropout in a trailer thinks it is – and “wishes” it so.


written Aug 15, 2015, long before the current EU diktat of sprinkling its head with catbox nuggets 0′ Muzz occured…

June 10, 2015

Supreme Race Consciousness

by Firepower

This is why I present an integrated approach to Liberal nazism, learned from observing the complete failure of the Men’s Rights “Movement”.

It’s not one enemy destroying us, but an integrated, diverse phalanx of United Liberal nazis seeking the destruction of one enemy: White Men.

Marx had it wrong – he missed the totality of it all by not being inclusive enough: Class Consciousness was/is needed to awaken the Proletariat, but it is not the sole activating revelationRace Consciousness is also needed. That is my Cause.

I’ve never heard that term used before so I …

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