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November 11, 2019

Censorship Processes

by Firepower

hmmm…Firepower’s Books Mysteriously Iz ALL Burnt!

We see it and know it is there – but how does it begin?

There is no better case than a current one to illustrate the totality of The Modern Police State control of media and public opinion.  It is important, for in Murka, opinion is all we have anymore. Revolution is obsolete when tweeeeeetz carry the day.

If Murkans are so lazy they can’t wait to cook even pre-fab soup on a stove because they prefer to microwave it, toughing it out at Valley Forge is as alien a concept as a Millennial who cuts his parents’ single mom’s lawn.

Although most won’t admit it for fear of the PC Police, they suspect all media is …….

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February 8, 2016

MediaPROP Online Control

by Firepower

MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp Not Only Worked For FUXNews, But Also The Lucky Ryu

We know who controls print media – and both NYC NewsPROP and Hollywood MoviePROP. Toss in Playstation junk. Make sure you categorize all media forms.

Online, just ten publishers control it ALL. They tell you what to …..

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November 30, 2015

Copying Successful Leftist Tactics: Organization

by Firepower

ObamaGirl: Even ryu would do did her!

There is a wealth of information within simple reporting if you posses Critical Thinking Skills – once aptly called “reading between the lines”.

If not, your children and all your ever-increasingly little brown ancestors will be slaves to a Fascist Elite. I do not care anymore; my kids won’t suffer but yours will, I guarantee it.

The right – and especially little wn wikingz – think organization is Niggerspickiking about The Daily OutRage!™ on AmRen and Sailer’s Lates Blog-0-Rama-Fest then tweeting about what they just posted on what they commented about what Rush said.

…While the left sends in their ACORN-type Alinskyites to successfully mobilize people in a path to power. It’s how they conquered Murka.

Here’s a glimpse at how the Master Machine does it:

Inside HQ of ‘Obama army’ opposing Netanyahu

Hey! You can do it too!! Gosh-a-rooty!!!

September 6, 2015

Millennial Maggots, Guccione Style

by Firepower

Even son of filth and publisher of shit Bob The Knob Gucccccione can get it right. Perhaps his proximity inside the steaming toilet pile of ass-squeezin’s is what gives him unique insight and perspective from below the brown stain line.

This is a good summation of what’s wrong – and as I see each day, why it will get worse until the aqueducts fail and colored b-b-barbarbarians use once glorious monuments as piss posts.

“Guccione is as outspoken as he was when he called out Live Aid in 1986 for funding Ethiopia’s military instead of tending to famine relief. But his issue today is …..

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June 24, 2015

Reader Mail: Non-Active “Activism”

by Firepower

Raaaaaaaabi Shelley Cohenbergsteingold asks: “Just how can the majority of the population be unaware of the ongoing “silent war” against us?!?”

MANHATTAN Quality Poon

Good question: A wise man once said “all analogies are false”… but analogies are helpful tools.

There’s little left to do if whites have not awakened and choose to sleep, going down without a fight.

First (in chronological order) are the stages of awakening from:

  1. newspaper accounts of local colored crime incursions,
  2. Rush L.
  3. FOX News growing tumescent from Xlinton’s Impeachment coverage
  4. Blogging (a waste)
  5. …and now SuperEXTREEM Twitter!

…All that stuff got us was two terms of Our Historic Black President…

If the end result of such effort is TOTE* victory, well, I got some bad news fer ya.

All War has spies, but action is still carried out by conventional forces to project force and harm upon the enemy.  The response to information gleaned from espionage is lessened because capabilities for counterattack are diminished by the damage inflicted. Japs spied on the USA. Germans had extensive spy networks in London and DC. The biggest Russian spy from WW2 to the Cold War was….

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May 31, 2015

Faggot GENBrandon!™

by Firepower

Millennial FAGGOTS

Told ya so.

When even a truly respected guy like Zimbardo (LIUFY) verifies MY conclusion – it’s pure truth, babe.

Porn and video game addiction are leading to ‘masculinity crisis’, says Stanford prison experiment psychologist

Zim was an original, brilliant guy – an innovator – and that’s something even I respect.

No wonder Men’s Rights non Activists can’t get Justin~Junior to stop longing to suck Kanye West’s Kock: Cuz even Doddy’s hugging it out in his sweat lodge

All you VRW/PeterPanzers: Is this the future you see smashing the LN/MMM and gooseshteppink in DC?

Fap on, dreeeemaz. Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet on….

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