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December 25, 2017

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

by Firepower

{While Firepower is off, here’s a post he scheduled just in time for The Happy Holidays! ~Jenn}

MERRY Fuckin’ Titsmas

This is the wondrous time of year when we all get together and reminisce on the wondrous-wondery wonders we do!

Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was written by Bob Geldof in 1984 to raise money for relief of the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia.

This was a charity single organized by Geldof, who got the idea after….

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December 8, 2015

Burn Hollywood

by Firepower

Burn Hollywood burn, I smell a riot

The Rumpus Room is well-decorated at Ryu’s Mansion

Goin’ on first they’re guilty now they’re gone
Yeah I’ll check out a movie
But it’ll take a white one to move me

Get me the hell away from this T V
All this news and views are beneath me
‘Cause all I hear about is shots ringin’ out
So I rather kick some slang out

All right fellas let’s go hand out
Hollywood or would they not
Make us all look bad like I know they had
But some things I’ll never forget, yeah

So step and fetch this shit
For all the years we looked like clowns
The joke is over smell the smoke from all around
Burn Hollywood burn

Ice Cube is down with the comedy
Now every single white bitch wanna be he
Big Daddy is smooth word to mother
Let’s check out a flick that exploits the coloreds

Roamin’ thru Hollywood late at night
Red and blue lights what a common sight
Pulled to the curb gettin’ played like….

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November 18, 2015

Paris Pig Slaughter~fest!

by Firepower

Fallen For Thordaddy’s Rock Hard Philosophy…

Le Infame du Merde!!!

Your typical effete Britti fagpaper somberly announces: “Paris attacks put dagger through heart of liberal Europe!”

Firepower says: Good. And ha-fucking-haha.

I have long wanted to put a dagger through it. A rusty dagger of deserving death – but not as deserving as Murka. I don’t give a fuck for eurofags who mismanage a continent after Big Band Swingtime Morons from Dubuque died for them in ’44. Fuck ’em all.

Likely, there will be thousands of dumb white cannonfodder clodhoppers lining up to enlist for France from all that …..

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November 16, 2015

Paris Metal Faggot Deathclub

by Firepower

Metal is pretend violence. In fact, it’s worse than that: Metal is mistakenly portrayed as violence projected outward, but it is not: it is violence directed inward – toward the self. It is not sadistic, but masochistic.

Death metal is preposterous, a ridiculous caricature for whitekidz slumming on Saturday night in downtown urban “club” areas – so some ‘real man’ Black Buck NFL type doesn’t rape their turdcutter in their prison fantasies. Metal is a twisted religion for secular sub-cultures where the practicing of its religion is the same as going to Roman Pope Church and hoping Jebus gives you cash for going to work and paying your taxes.

Metal exists only to …..

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September 6, 2015

Millennial Maggots, Guccione Style

by Firepower

Even son of filth and publisher of shit Bob The Knob Gucccccione can get it right. Perhaps his proximity inside the steaming toilet pile of ass-squeezin’s is what gives him unique insight and perspective from below the brown stain line.

This is a good summation of what’s wrong – and as I see each day, why it will get worse until the aqueducts fail and colored b-b-barbarbarians use once glorious monuments as piss posts.

“Guccione is as outspoken as he was when he called out Live Aid in 1986 for funding Ethiopia’s military instead of tending to famine relief. But his issue today is …..

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June 15, 2015

Elite Debauches

by Firepower

The Med: ISIS Won’t Ever Strike Here…

There’s actually not much remaining for them to…bauch or un-bauch. What was done in Rome is again done today. They’re just afraid their sub-89 I.Q. audience discovers what they really do – and are.

Instead of going to church, the Cannes Film Festival is where Hollywood, Manhattan and their lesser foreign counterparts go to receive praise & worship – like God. It’s a religion conducted in a splendid, gilded temple. It is a sex-money cult.

This separate facet of vileness has little to do with “BIGov” evilness, and then only in the sense these Empire Elites are the FFOL and fully support the LN. Cannes is what they do after the latest ….

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