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April 14, 2016

The Window of Knowledge & Opportunity

by Firepower

i see Good Things for megan n’ ME

As America slides inexorably into the pit, every successive generation will be dumber – more atavistic.  That means it will be harder to recover with each passing year. So, future decades are impossibly dark to imagine.

Those that actually saw a Golden Age of America will die-off, leaving cultural orphans who only ever knew Bill Clinton as the “good old days.”  Then they die and future folks think Obama The Great truly was great.

This is how declines happen. Nobody remains to explain the moments of National Stupidity for World War One or Prohibition. The same now for Our Historic Black President, the Bushite Dynasty and the resulting mess of today.

My comrade Ryu sees Good Things ahead and I appreciate his positivism vis-a-vis my pragmatism. Still, hope is not strategy. The trend towards growing stupidity, venality and degeneration must be addressed when imagining the hope of those future “Good Things” – lest it be just another pipe dream, like religious salvation.

September 25, 2015

Reader Mail: Jack Donovan – Literal Cocksucker

by Firepower

Today’s love letter comes from Ireland via a Miss McNmnælðnad Sclçrthðne – pronounced Gladys Smythe, for you idiots. Couldn’t you FIGURE THAT out?!?

when somebody mentions an Eradica post around Jack on the internet, there’s nothing but crickets.  Frankly, I think he avoids Eradica because it will challenge his position and right now things are good in Jack’s world.  I don’t interject my own thoughts in many conversations because I would be blocked from the group as was Paul Bingham for challenging the soldiers in Donovan’s camp.”

Jack D is a homo. That never bothered me. What bothers me are their universal…….. feminine, little-girl-like emotional responses to threat; in that way, they are like blacks who react with the same female tendencies.TX Miggers GOOD

JD used to write a blog about soldier worship with…tada…a soldier. I fired them my Jordie bomb theses and they hated it. They lionize soldiers like homos do; i.e. The Village ppl. Homos bring sex into every aspect of maleness and warriors are the ultimate male.


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July 26, 2015

Reader Mail: Firepower Elite

by Firepower

I get a lot of email from both sides. I choose the best. Reader Jaundiced Muffinth has a multifaceted question on integrity – you know, that thing – that thingamajig that died 30 years ago:

Ok FP, I know you rail on the elites, but do you think you would be any different if you had their money and power? Wouldn’t you be trying to….

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June 7, 2015

Active Deactivation

by Firepower

Today’s letter comes from Ignatius Rumplecock, who has a few Niggerspickike licks to get in before – he complains of scurrilous Niggerspickikery:

You really have no here in America, most people here are fake/stupid/zombies, even your fellow WNs, who just niggerspic and talk about Jews over and over again. They have no perspective on anything or real action.

Well IR, no positive forcible change happens as wn “activism” fails… because there’s no “active” in the activity.

The call has gone out. Too many times. On Rush, on FOX, over the internet, on blogs, on twitter – everywhere. The natives have long heard the narrative where missionaries preach of G-Ziss over and over; those who wanted to accept The Word O’ God, did. Those who wanted to keep on rooting through the bush for murderous pussy can and do. The Sleeple tuned out WN (and little wn) as they have a salesman-prophet knocking upon their door on a Saturday morning. Mighty Sea-Change Tweeeeeeter is 569,000,000 sleeple~sheepul™ clicking away at each other and I Goddamn guarantee you 99.6% of them are….

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November 26, 2014

CI Notes

by eurybates

I have a little confession to make:  occasionally I go over to and read the comments.  I don’t even read Incog’s articles anymore but I like reading the comments every once in a while and some of the links posted can be useful.

Long story short there is a guy over there who posts CI videos and links.  When I first heard about Christian Identity I thought, “they must be crazy,” or something like that.  I didn’t look into it for quite a while.  There was some drama involved and I guess CI has always been pretty controversial.  Since I have become racially aware AKA a…

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August 4, 2014

Reader Mail: Jews, Israel & US Wars

by Firepower

Reader Nigel X. Writes:

…the British handling of the race issue is as follows. The Race Relations Act has existed since 1976. It does not in all this time appear to have made Race Relations any better. Indeed in some parts of the country where there is a big infestation of Paki’s. The regular politicians are concerned about the (racist) British National Party winning through.

It’s worth noting that the liberal types who whine about white racists, tend to live in areas of low or no infestation.

As for the Jews – I can go on there – my most serious concern is a bit of a conspiracy theory.

Now the US has three Carriers round Iran – “coz they are developing Weapons of Mass Destruction”

We were told by lefties when Uncle Sam went into Iraq it was all about the American “Lust for Oil” – Well fuck me I’ve never paid more for petrol/gasoline.

Why does America (and its allies) have to keep on attacking Sand Nigger countries for Israel? The most expensive lynching being Saddam in 2006.

I’ll leave it at that – I’ve not taken my blood pressure pills yet.


Dear Nigel:

There is a long-standing suspicion of American Jews and their perceived relationship with Israel, war and oil.

My extensive personal experience with Jews and Israel had me observing many discrepancies – many which I’m sure are deliberately promoted. The presumption is American Jews blindly support anything Israel does because they are in cahoots with their loyal brothers. That’s untrue: American Jews are extremely liberal. Israelis are conservative – they like defense budgets and use them to kick hell out of their enemies while American Jews throw money at blacks, colored welfare, open borders, suicidal social policy, “Arab Springs” and Ground Zero Mosques. For example: Benjamin Netanyahu is universally…

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