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August 25, 2015

God Is A Nigger

by Firepower

This Is My Beloved Thordaddy, In Whom I AM Well-Pleased

[ht: TD]

Here’s your spot td, to chop away at your keyboard and expound on all that…(ahem) interesting philosophy you espouse:

God created Mankind in His image.

As proven in the archaeological and Anthropological record, the first humans are black.

Therefore: God is a Nigger

God’s Son was sent down to earth – as a jew.

Thus, God loves niggers and jews the most.

Therefore, you hurt His feelings when you disobey His choice to raise both the nigger and jew above you lowly whites…

May 25, 2015

NeoCon Twitter

by Firepower

Twitter was supposed to be this great big, revolutionary communication tool that “gave the voice back to the people.”

I was supposed to be fucking Lindsay Lohan for those entire eleven months she wasn’t contagious, too.

Alas, twitter is for the sheeeeepul. It’s no different – and effective – than “calling ur congman”. You might as well write fuming letters of Indignant Outrage!™ to the editor at your local if it bleeds it leads TV blowdry crew. (btw, you dipshits “get” that the is a joke, right? No? You really are that hopelessly stupid…)

Conservaginas have their own streak of Blind PC intolerance and love of censorship the same way as Liberals they accuse of communist censorship.  Libtards suck Obama’s cock; conservaginas go for St. Reagan’s donger.

St. Ronnie originated wholesale Migger Amnesty in 1986 – LIUFY.  Conservaginas ignore that. I’ve interviewed old farts who …..

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July 14, 2014

LEOs on Twitter!

by Firepower

Did you know?

On Twitter, you can find and locate our helpful Law Enforcement Officers who did so much for Murka by baking Branch Davidians and shooting Mrs. Randy Weaver and her little boy to keep us safe to import MIGGERS!

They even keep us safe from Bundy Ranchers with Land Management SWAT teams outfitted exactly as Military soldiers.

Here’s one of my favorite FEDS!

He’s even a Schwartz!

January 27, 2014


by Firepower


I invented the word.

Illegal Immigrants = immigrants < Immigers < MIGGER

It packs a wallop – like “nigger”

It’s one of the finest propaganda terms ever – and did I tell you I invented it?

Yet, it has the bashing-tool joy that drives liberals nuts because they can’t reactionarilly demonize it as easily as Nigger.

Many have thanked and complimented me on its invention.  Follow me on DISQUS.

L00k for the RED Satan.

And Remember:

Eradicate ALL Liberals – NOW

October 2, 2013

Why the ALT-Right Will Fail: the altright is SWPL

by Firepower

Tweeting… Takes Itz Toll!

Actually, the ALT-Right (AR) has already failed.  The entire right has failed: Look at “Mitt Romney” and look at who’s in the White House.  Does that look like WINNING to you?  And why must I need point that out??

ARs are chicks.  They’re the chick who’s madly in love with you one second , then when you tell her “hey, babe: don’t wear your Slutty Nurse Costume to my grandma’s Halloween party”  they suddenly hate you and never call again.  It’s the MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter-sphere mentality of instant befriending & defriending.  I hate that you like Pokémon and The Beach Boys so therefore…I hate you and goodbye forever.

ARs are Feudin’ Rap Stars.  Arguing about who’s got the most bling and who called who’s momma a bitch.  Stupid shit.  Girl shit.

They just lost their caps:

Other ar “heroes” banned me instantly for disagreeing with them for longer than a day.  Piggy, Roosh (temporarily)  and Foney Ferdinand.

The modern ar has zero tolerance for disagreement.  It’s either True  Love Always! or Goodbye!! Forever!!!  Either response is full of Drama.  Even that was long ago already better described as histrionicsliufy

This is how chicks reason – how children think.  Dude Drama is ridiculous.  Far worse, this hypocrisy is just…

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September 16, 2013

Bug Farmers & Fly Factories

by Firepower

Maybe one day, you will really, truly comprehend and understand.  But it looks more and more like… maybe not…

Reducing yourself to subsistence farmers does Uncle Beast’s job for him:  Reducing whites into peasants…umm… That’s what BiGGov wants.  You’re simpletons chirping in his boxcars about the “Freedumb O’ Plantin’ Taters!” as you chug toward his Arbeit Camp.  You aid him in his job.

But whuddawedoooo Firepower yooooooo Goddam Meeeeeeeeeeeany!

A five-foot-faggot named Bradley Manning did more damage (with more of a sense of true honor) to Uncle Beast than a Billion-man WN “army” online repetitiously Niggerspickiking!™ on AmRen-TakiPiggi – or burying themselves in the cat turds at another 2,000 litterbox-comment Roisshy post.

Doomi’s Smokin’ Hot Sister, Tweety

Edward Snowden strikes FEAR into the very heart of the Liberal Nazi Murkan FFOL because you plainly see Obamao and all the minions of His Regime rush, stumble and rail as they to try to kill him.

But not at present, for FOXNews – dumb hound dog it is – is busy chasing The Syrian Stick Obamao tossed at Fido to distract him from Tryavon, Chris Lane, NSA blah blah blah…

Fuck Fly Factories.  Do something truly profitable for yourself and simultaneously useful to a cause.  If you’re a Hayseed|Jordie Wannabe – cuz ya’ll got the knack wif ya’lls Green Thumb – grow stuff people really want.  Booze & Tobacco.  Legalized Marijuana.  If you want to act like the Clampetts – get to it.

Still, even that is a sideline – a hobby. Leader Obamao’s Gun Grab made ammunition fer yer Shootin’ Iron scarce:  Make and sell the stuff – duh.  Durrrrrrr…Rent out yer Okie Farmin’ Homestead to l-o-o-o-ong range shooters who (for some reason) need range and distance to properly sight in their Barrett .50 and Steyr SSG.  Many are City Folk who plumb jess don’t got thet thar land and need a silent, discreet place with kindly farmin’ folk that’s on their side – and ask no questions.  If you’re gonna be a Rural Clodhoppin’ Jordi, why…ya’ll plum ain’t got to be no dadgum hayseed.

Do basic machine shop and learn the skills.  Create tiny little parts that are hard to get and improve firearm performance.  There are all sorts of internal pieces and bolt-on gadgets for ARs and SA-93’s.

Stop thinking like a Jordie.  A dumb-ass clodhopper hayseed never seeing beyond your 30 acres.  Exchange your Flag-Flyuun’ Mt. Zion 40-acre (future artillery target range) and hide in plain sight.

Learn computers.  Get thet thar book-lernt reeeeel good, Opie.  Gitcha job in that dadbum gummint – like Snowden’s NSA. WW2 German-Americans and Japanese-Americans spied for The Real America.  They fit right in – right inside those enemy countries.  Spoke the language without an accent. Lookie that thar gol’durn Major Hassan-Nidal Muhhammad-al-Jihaddi.  Even that thar All-American lookin’ boy got right in…

White Folks is plum good wiffin’ puters n’ sheet. Coloreds man the parole and DMV offices, while whitey (for some odd reason) fills the STEM ranks.  Uncle Beast needs him some whities:  Good Boy, Whitey!  Hey that varmint Mr. Manning-Snowden done did some real damage, pardner!  No pressure-cooker marathon surprises, al-queda flying lessons, Karaté, scary knifery, tiring Schwarzenegging, NRA membership or even loud target practice required.  Lil’ Eddie Snowden got paid hella big bux from Uncle Beast so he could “run game” on (and fuck) Hot Dance Bitches – all the while fucking Uncle B more than he even did his hot dancer GF.  But, all this is forgotten now because Syria-Syria! is in focus: Fetch!

Yee-haw! Speakin’ o’ them e-lec-treacle contraptions: Many folks made money setting up confidential email servers with encrypted keys that even that dag-blasted NSA couldn’t crack.  Folks wanting security and privacy from The Fascist LN Gov flocked to pay.  The NSA shut them down, but those wily rascals erased all them files – Oopsy-Daisy! – and started new servers!  Nothing says ya’ll right-smart Hill Folk can’t also just start a new one every single time them pesky Revva-noors come-a knockin’

Pussy whitebois (no caps) don’t matter; they are already willing slaves to the LNs. You exist in a Liberal Nazi Empire run by The FFFOL and it wants you fucking dead. Especially all you White Men who don’t work your science-majick for the Elite.  Primitive White people with 4th grade educations and muskets once instinctively knew what to do to TYRANTS. You are fighting for your lives and you need me to tell you wtf to do because you can’t figure out how to put out the burning building of your “country?”  Maybe, we are finished.

Working your way back to “Liberty” one blowfly and rooster at a time means you’ve opted to take a bullet train to becoming the lowest of slaves – Chinese Peasants. Effective resistance to Uncle Beast’s MRAPs, tanks, CCTV Network, Satellites and NSA – with worm farms and lemonade stands is Indians flinging arrows at Gatling Guns – futile and just a comfortable avoidance of that Scary Stuff you know needs be done.  If you can’t figure it out, you are finished.


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