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May 8, 2018

Firepower’s Vision, Eradica – and The Fall

by Firepower

Most of you know I’ve blogrolled Victor Davis Hanson in my Aces Category since Eradica’s inception. (see lower right margin)

Much of what he writes, even I find tough going; it’s just his style.  He is the very example of a wise man.  I recommend studying his works: His area is warfare, from antiquity to present.  Pay heed.  He is smarter than Pat Buchanan; he is more educated.  Ann Coulter reads every single word he writes –  you can tell:  She’d date the Hell out of him.  Limbaugh asks him questions then stfus – when he’s not lifting my Liberal Nazism vision.

So, I don’t know either to be pissed or pleased that he now sees what I’ve envisioned all along.  I’ll lean toward…

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May 11, 2015

Feudal Faggot Frisco

by Firepower

Homoville, USA

What better Fortress Paradise for the ensconced Cali Elite to frolic with your son in Roman Rock Hudson homo orgies?

These aren’t your regular faggots: They’re super-rich elites who can afford to lavishly indulge their perversions.

Told you: Manhattan is the Capital for jews, it has the most in Murka – in both number and percentage. LIUFY.

San Francisco – LN HQ West – has the most faggots.

For those of you too stupid to care, research Zombietime/Zomblog’s photos of their Faggot Follies on the street. [NSFW] Naked, adult males ejaculating from their second story windows onto the crowd below – like some queer jizz confetti in the degenerate parade that is Our Murka. You have to see it so you can testify to the filth; folks simply won’t believe you. Some of the finest investigative reporting ever; FUXNews could learn a lesson on how to smear the fuck out of somebody… with Truth.

Plenty of other stuff from the FFL, commie rallies, OWS nuts and Greenies. Great weapons.

May 10, 2015

The Durrbb Defines Conservaginas

by Firepower


All hail Da Duuurrbbb. His firing by conservagina faggotte and spineless spina bifida Rick “The Dick” Lowry shows clearly the demarcation between NeoConTards and…us.

Found this on VDARE – which was (and is) an early follower of Eradica so rest assured your comments make it there. They don’t accomplish jackshit with 40x the readership so don’t fret yet.

As is befitting DD’s genius, he describes briefly what takes others books to define:

“…the British manifestation of Conservatism, Inc.—globalist, multiculturalist, guilty-rich, and donorist.”

Pure Gold, in a long, dull article – another Derbyshire habit – kinda/sorta comparing how Sissi Brittis political life is a proxy for our fucked up MINO Machine.

They’re just Murka without the sheer number of welfare coloreds – and no Miggers.

See! That’s some shit even DD can’t write…

September 4, 2014

Understanding Cowardly Inaction

by Firepower

Intelligent reader emails to me often praise my intelligence and vision, yet beg off their obligation to share their own contributions of intellectual expertise with less-intelligent, uninformed readers. Almost 2,000 readers follow this site. They get every post emailed to them but are too scared to comment and share.  Some weeks I get a hundred-thousand “retweets” and others I get almost half a million; that averages a quarter-million a week.

This is betrayal of compatriots through sins of omission. If one is so intimidated by LN’s of the MMM+USG into self-censoring the basic element of our vaunted, ostensible Free Speech (via mere online opinion, no less) than that vile government tyranny so vociferously hated has indeed won – won without minimal effort of firing a shot or making an arrest. Not only have they bought you cheap, they’ve got you to buy your own prison.

Such timid souls best roll over and…

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June 3, 2014

Why All Liberals Must Be Eradicated: Blog Reviews

by Firepower

Hymie Myersteinberg, Ph.D

Pasty & effeminate: Check

Feminist: Check

Atheist: Check

Liberal Professor at a white liberal state college flunking conservative kids: Check

Jew: Check.

This site is a counterpoint to Nationalist VRWism, replete with its own version of “these people should killed” and hoo-ray for us.  The commenters aren’t coloreds or even the wider net of minos. Most are SWPL whites who hate other whites.  The name-calling is delicious. They want “The Government” to round up all NRA members to protect them.

They are Murka’s version of Tories in 1775. They are traitors.

Both camps gather to their respective sides and…

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July 31, 2013

Modern Manboobian Murkanism: Wild American Bitch

by Firepower

So Feminine, So Inflamed, So Infected…so Irritating

Manginaboob makes merry on All Things Firepowerian, waxing wistfully on

A douchebag’s lament: Pickup Artists have failed to tame the Wild American Bitch

Now, an inked-up skank with a 5th grader’s permanent black crayon puked all over her back becomes the Avatar of Class our Future Fuggirls are to emulate.

I deduce it’s a Harpy or Medusa growling about menstruating and cramping, thus forcing her to take 5 weeks off with Evil Men co-workers picking-up her slack.

Now honestly, what Modern Murkan|Man (aka Murman) could resist choosing such a wonderful display of feminine pulchritude?  Dear. Sweet. Kind. She is the exact reason why so many Murmen now rush to slap a ring on her inky finger.

Ever teh Feministzi, if you don’t trick out today’s Lil Ms. Tinkerbelle with fingerbling – watch how Modern Independent Girl screams and throws a tantrum.  She’ll scream so loud and make such a scene, the Dianne Feinstein Reading Room at the local Oprah Woman’s Publick Libarie will hear her roar!

Mr Manboob is not married despite such PC vocal luuuurrv of teh wimmins. Implanted with one Ovary and One Teste (to be diverse) he should be the supreme baby-making catch for SWPL papoose-baby lugging preggerz throughout Murka.

It’s really because it is ignorant like its Tatted Tramp Club Fer GRRLZ; internally too ignorant to see Bikerslut Couture attracts just the perfect biker mr. right.  More likely, it’s PC whiteknights like Teh Boob that make her pussy yawn, dry up and vanish.  What modern Perseus would not want to marry a Mizz Medusa of the Gorgon Cult?  Now, the Gorgon is the norm of beauty.  Look into her eyes (or full-on cobra skull backpatch) and be turned to stone.  If not, the IRS will do it for her. Hardcore!

1975: The UN Could NEVER Be Wrong, Right?

G’wangurlz – get tatted up like men.  Emulate men.  Be more like men.  PC Whiteknights became more like Women with their nurturing, huggz, compash – and whipping out the nipple to quiet noisy Babies; look how wonderful that’s turned out for Murkan Marriage!  Maybe…women will ultimately develop REASON… just like men used to have!  We iz saved.

• This is the method of operation of the Feminist Falange of the FFFOL as it conquers for LN. They’ve been dormant for a while, celebrating giant victories, but just wait until Hilary campaigns and is coronated as your next ruler.

The US either gets better, stays the same – or gets worse.  Follow the trend.

Modern Manboobian Murkanism is simply too brainwashed|stupid to grasp – that from what he got now – more tatted, arrogant, bigmouth skanks only mean more rejected women competing to join the ever expanding California PornGirl star pool : You’ve come a long way baby!

I am Woman, hear me whore!

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