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June 7, 2018

Combat The Beast Fears

by Firepower

Fucked FOUR Generations of Bush – AND Clintons!

Vietnam proved long ago the USG is beatable. The same Perfumed Princes who dodged the draft in 1971 became colonels in 1991 under Bill “Cumshots” Clinton and generals in 2001 – or outright Republican Rulers like Georgie (Pantload) W. Bush. They are an Evil that serves wildly disparate rulers with equal duplicity. There is a proof Mr. Firepower freely gives you to always use as a test to determine Evil: If a demon survives both a Bush and Obama regime it is a True Evil.

Supposedly, Bushie was a “history major” in Harvard; he obviously got The Gentleman’s “C” while dodging class to bang debutantes in his drunken frathouse seccapades.  It’s what Elites do. They’ll keep on doing worse to your grandchildren and ancestors until they are eradicated – both Houses of Filth.  It truly astounds how a …

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April 18, 2016

Texas Faggots

by Firepower

map-mexican-origin-us-population-largeLegends are dangerous. Especially lies. Texans once were tough, but today they epitomize wytes. Beaten down and conquered by the LN MMM BIGov they talk tough to hide their shame of defeat – like the big guy whipped by the little guy who makes lame excuses.

Don’t Mess Wif Texas!

Horseshit. Shove a spick cock straight up Tex’s asshole – he likes it.

Tex has taken it up his big fat fake cowboy ass since….

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April 11, 2016

Colored ϟϟ

by Firepower

Blacc Wiking Diwision! ARISE!

Here are your future boogeymen. They have the guts even now to march with guns while whites do not. Whites have lost their courage; what’s worse, they’ve lost even the Will To Fight. So, they content themselves by venting online in ever-increasing, futilely complicated “letters to the editor!”

PeterPanzers still “think” coloreds are Saturday Night Special monkeys. They can’t picture them with ARs decked-0ut in $5000 worth of red-dots & SWAT gear. Coloreds march for coloreds while witey hides in bunkers for Mt.Zion type Bundy ranchers. That’s the same as waiting for….

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April 2, 2016

Muzz Escapes After Israeli Kill

by Firepower

Mr. Abbdabb Al-Ackhbarrr Mhbdulla!!!

Even in the world’s 2nd most protected Haven For Hebes, it is actually really totally completely possible to make a hit – and escape – while the jackbooted Government SWATZIs show up way too late and show off their $78,305 per-soldier gear.

Cameras? No diff. Witnesses? No matter, either. Will is the difference. And a pair of disposable glasses…

January 22, 2016

The Palace Guards

by Firepower

Too Bad The Actual Master Will Be “D’Vontae”

Caligula was assassinated by his Praetorian Guard. Lots of other scummy Roman Emperors were – even though they were considered Gods. Even more than Obongo or Xlintons. Our HeroSS!™ doesn’t even sack-up the decency to pop out a few juicy chapters (yuck. NO pun intended) in an exposé book about Bill’s Oval Office CumShotz.

History is well-known among the Elite’s lackey class: They know full-well Medieval English Aristocracy used bully boys from the pissant class – so long as they were big and/or killers.

As Murka falls, paramilitary “security forces” will burgeon. If a 3rd World ShitHole like Libibibibya can do it, expect a Manhattan “Penthouse GUARD” to keep you smelly little people far from Chelsea and future Queen President Malia Obama – and restricted from the farms and mines unless you’re reporting for your 2nd shift of the day.

January 4, 2016


by Firepower

The White is pacified. They have lost their title and are now wite.

The most dangerous Human to ever be has freely laid down its weapons to eat Pizza and postulate on Kardashians.

That’s what freedom’s purpose must be for, ultimately. It is the logical conclusion, because that is how the first Free People ended up: It is The Terminus.

The wite will never revolt – while Revolution is repeatedly practiced in all its bloody gory-glory by the colored, Migger and Muzz. By these lesser peoples, even.

They are not deterred, no matter the punishment.

It is they who shall inherit The Murka. Then, the Chinese will rule them as plantation masters rule slaves – as Asia reverts to its Natural State.

That is the natural state of all men it seems. The Grand Experiment of Once America will be but a dream as the Glory of Rome was to a Lombard shitting in a meadow on the rubbleized Palatine Hill.

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