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December 28, 2015

God Betrayed America

by Firepower

Rene ’78: Same Topics As Today – and Always

“…what role will emulation of Jesuschrist play into the lives of genuine white supremacists? Why are whites entitled for supremacy as opposed to other races?

Christ is defined as the perfect man…only by christians. More than that, he is defined as God. He has help being perfect in an imperfect world where Whites must regain their supremacy and dominate among all the other races who strive for it.

Emulating the meek Jesus destroyed the race, by destroying its fight.  The spirit is gone; is that what God n’ Jesus really wanted? JC may be considered the perfect man, but he’s also the perfect victim, ready to sacrifice for his lessers and creating the doctrine of dying for unworthy scum. That’s what brought Whites low.

Christ taught white men to be cheerful sacrificial victims to coloreds, who – instead of showing respectful repentance – still howl mockingly in the darkness. Is God to be loved when …..

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October 19, 2015

US Government Religion

by Firepower

Caring for “the other” is christianity-based; the “turn the other cheek” and charity thing. †

As catholic-sized and satellite organized xtianity falls, it brings down smaller sects in a Domino Effect. It displaces Big Religion until what remains is the False Religion of USG-ordered dogmas: Diversity Is Good. Amnesty is A Right!, etc.

This also happened in Communist regimes of RED China and Big Soviet when BIGov displaced – and replaced – The Big Church in the respective nations.

You see, the only way to justify the inexplicable is with mysticism. Religious mysticism…

It is close now – at least, far, far closer than it was even ten years ago – and accelerating. But people are so stupid they still…

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August 25, 2015

God Is A Nigger

by Firepower

This Is My Beloved Thordaddy, In Whom I AM Well-Pleased

[ht: TD]

Here’s your spot td, to chop away at your keyboard and expound on all that…(ahem) interesting philosophy you espouse:

God created Mankind in His image.

As proven in the archaeological and Anthropological record, the first humans are black.

Therefore: God is a Nigger

God’s Son was sent down to earth – as a jew.

Thus, God loves niggers and jews the most.

Therefore, you hurt His feelings when you disobey His choice to raise both the nigger and jew above you lowly whites…

February 18, 2015

Learning Strategy From ISIS

by Firepower

There’s so little worth in Yahoo!’s routine, disgusting LN propaganda, it’s a minor miracle (praise Allah) when you can learn even a tidbit; it’s phenomenal when you get a big dose of chewy goodness.

Note ISIS is way, waaaaaaaaaay more successful and much younger than wn and mrm, who’ve been sputtering for decades. That should tell you something. Whatever it is, you figure it out.

In Murka, Today’s Brandon!™ and 30% of his cohort still live with mommy at age 34 while ISIS youth conquer territory despite opposition from Murka, the USSR and even Red China.  They’re like America’s kids who were Mustang aces in 1944.

It’s nearly impossible when…

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January 31, 2015

Murka IS the Super Bowl: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

It is a true rarity when an analogy occurs naturally out of the silly void of life. It is so wonderful – so perfect – that xtians believe it is The Hand of God – if gawd had a sense of humor, or even a dick. Either way it explains a hell of a lot more than gawd does in 5000 years, or in his 2000 page Bibble.

The helicopters and X-ray machines are from Tucson and Nogales, some of the busiest spots in the nation for the smuggling of drugs and immigrants.”

While reading this, ask yourself what consequences happen to a nation that does this – what such behavior deserves. Here goes: Murka is a nation that strips its sacrosanct post-9/11 border of protective equipment to bolster Super Bowl security.

Defenses at the busiest Migger ports of entry, plus the hotspots for drug smuggling and Migger Hopping.  Oh well: it’s not like those Blackhawks keep any of them out, anyway…

It sums it all up.

Enjoy The Games

November 6, 2014

Republicrack Election Hangover

by Firepower

I don’t listen to Rushie anymore but I’m sure he is in the chorus with Drudgi, Billo and The Shannity – whom I also have proudly ignored for years.

For a long while, I’ve skipped by most of them channel surfing to new destinations, but I hear snippets of their cackling. Just enough to make me remember…

Lots of Republitalk-talk now re-emerges regarding the “sea-change” in how “things” are gonna be diff.

Heard the same shit when that pantload Bush won – along with RepubliControl of both the House and Senate. O, the great expectations touted to…

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