by Robert Bork

“Now, however, the educational system has become the weapon of choice for modern liberals in their project of dismantling American culture.”
Robert Bork

Because his greatest works were published long before the internet’s rise, his work is fair game for plagiarism.  No political “thought” – and certainly no bloggery – is original after you read his eerily accurate predictions on America.  So prescient is he, even Thomas Sowell lifts ideas.  Billions of Ameri-Bloggers filter his ideas like kiddie-sunscreen at a Summer Beach.

Slouching Towards Gomorrah is a must read. Take your time if you find it difficult – skip parts you don’t get – but read it.

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A true genius who inadvertently gave us the once-used eponymous phrase “borking.” GIFY

His absence, is our loss – and socialist liberals’ victory.  When men of moral filth like Joe Biden sit in judgement of truly great men.

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  1. A concise and quotation-filled summary

    Click to access gomorrah.pdf

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