What You Must Read

Muttering on the Internet is pointless.  You need to know the procedures others used to change their world for the better.

Certain information is obviously discouraged from wide reading.   Organizations that achieved success against overwhelming, oppressive forces have proud egos and wished victories preserved in posterity.  Be wise; learn from your enemies.


Thomas Jefferson:

Ignore all criticisms of him (“Sally Hemmings”) as easily as liberals ignore Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades or Obama’s Terrorist Friends. Criticism doesn’t matter – what Jefferson accomplished, does. Proof: There is more criticism of Jefferson from American sources than criticism of Stalin.


2 Comments to “Books”

  1. Jefferson was the best founding father too bad not many have the brains to read him or what he was about.

  2. Wow. Great post. Right on point. To be ‘good’ or do ‘good’ you must be aware and recognize bastards and act.

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