All-Time BIGGEST Posts

The Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism

Why US Cities Fell & New York Thrives

The MINO Machine

Firepower Gets Derbed

Foseti-ism: The Ten Word Post – FAT WoManAtees™

The Ocean of Blood

Dealing With Flaky Girls

Call Them Colored – They Hate It

Why The Men’s Rights Movement Will Fail

What Brown Will Do To You

Timetable For America’s Demise

Fight Club Faggots

How Blogging Will Fail

Your Future Uniform

greascycled: Blogging, Recycled

heartiste, roissy & SLUTS

Feudal America: Soylent Green Card

Dalrock: Deceptive Hypocrite, Bore & Apostate

Why PUA Will Fail




4 Comments to “All-Time BIGGEST Posts”

  1. Ha. That looks like a groovy movie

    [ed note: i look exactly like Coburn, but much younger, taller, black hair and a tad uglier]

    • great suggestions, maybe I’ll add them. I don’t list these by my pet favorite, but by actual hits.

      this page is a great place to link to for friends & acquaintances needing a quick kick in the ass.
      Don’t let them hate you for the truth – Murkans are that dumb. Blame me, say “I saw this interesting article I thought you should read” and let them hate ME. I’ll make the argument.

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