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March 28, 2017

Cracks Appear in the Murkan Police State….

by Ryu

Homicide is the most thoroughly investigated crime there is. When one sees people getting away with murder, one knows the system is losing some of its powers.

Below is a big case, a media case, a double homicide involving 2 teen girls who went on a walk. The investigation is at its very start, so the police have released virtually no details.

Police seek man photographed in area teens were found murdered in Indiana

The police have made a mistake here.

There are two types of homicide: the whodunit and the dunker. Dunkers are easy because the suspect knows the victim; the suspect pool is small and the police today almost always catch the killer who knows his victim.

The double homicide above is a whodunit. There was probably alot of evidence left at the scene: footprints, DNA, fingerprints, hairs, fibers. The girls probably died of knife wounds or strangulation. Sexual assault probably took place. If they had smartphones, the phone would trace their location at various times. Time to discovery, a day or so.

The police “should have” asked for the public’s help right away, before memories erode. Too often they are secretive and wait too long, which hampers the investigation. Technology is good today, but the human element has fallen badly. People aren’t as aware of their environment as they used to be. They have a false sense of safety, which the police have conned them into believing.

They will be lucky to solve this case. The police have evidence, but no suspect to match it against. The method or pattern is unique, and is a commonly used one.
Anchorage trail homicides leave residents on edge

March 25, 2017

If You Are Not Already Commenting Here (Or Anywhere Else), Don’t Start

by Ryu

Privacy and anonymity are priceless.

The more you have, the safer you are. The less, the more danger. The enemy grows fat on the evidence you leave behind.

Every comment, every post gives the enemy more information. Having a long WN career means a long exposure time. The more I write here, the more I limit myself, and the more careful I must become.

One sees this in sport alot. Someone new comes on the scene and is great…for awhile. Until everyone learns his game. Thereafter, he can’t win. This is especially true in poker, where old pros burn out the game by playing too long and becoming predictable.

“For advanced WNs, the stakes are always going up.”

The meaning of this quote is as follows. There are host of tradeoffs occurring as one improves in WN. More time, more abilities, but one leaves more information and one becomes more predictable. One sets patterns.

It is no different than a long-time stock investor who goes through large market corrections. Rare events WILL occur if you wait long enough. Flip a coin long enough, and the impossible occurs.

March 23, 2017

We Salute the “White Sword Killer”!

by Ryu

He wanted to “send a message.” Are you prepared to accept it?

(In the article’s picture, you’ll see him in a white jumpsuit. That’s because police typically take a suspect’s clothes during interrogation for all manner of forensic testing.)

This man acted only yesterday. He drove to NYC, found a suitable black man, then stuck his sword in him.

In the short term, he got away with it. He left the crime scene and walked away.

…however, after seeing his picture all over the place, he turned himself in to the police. He made virtually no effort to get away. Later examination by the police had him on many CCTVs across the city.

Swords and knives have the same issue: blood. The average human body contains about 1.5 gallons of blood. When the body is punctured in the right place, those gallons come spilling out.

The blood gets everywhere; on the target, the ground, sometimes on the suspect’s hands and shoes. Once on, the blood is nearly impossible to remove. One can remove the visible blood, but the microscopic blood can almost always be detected, by luminol for instance.

Weapon disposal can also be an issue. The White Sword Killer threw it in a garbage can, which the police found after he told them where it was.

There can be no trophy-keeping of any manner. Even the plans must be eliminated. Only those who act with state permission, like cops and soldiers, can keep trophies, because they don’t have to worry about getting away with it.

It is important to note, that the White Sword Killer was a military veteran. You’ll observe his training for BigGov didn’t help him in the slightest. Cops and soldiers have almost nothing to contribute to the study of action.

Our most sincere appreciation comes in the form of the eternal question…… did it feel? (and how much better would it have felt to do it, and get away with it?)

Arbeit Macht Frei – work will free you. Laziness will imprison you. Nowhere is this more true that action.

March 22, 2017


by Ryu

by Guillermo Coletti


I started writing this piece with the idea of explaining a phenomenon that I think is going to be an important part of the future of America. I believe that a new institution will rise, at a time not too distant from now. That institution will be violent, racist, and for profit. In order to better depict its nature, I have called it the Aryan Mafia.

I believe the Aryan Mafia will take form, as much as I believe that Mexicans will keep coming to the United States, people on welfare will continue having illegitimate babies, Jews will make new movies and California will have more earthquakes, after-shocks, and flooding. I know that many traditional thinking, CONservative types and orthodox right-wingers may find this idea abhorrent, and I can not argue with that. This concept of the Aryan Mafia may indeed be abhorrent because it will present us with attitudes and patterns of conduct that we have been programmed to reject. Nevertheless, the status quo may be just as abhorrent. Additionally, I believe that the Aryan Mafia will get started by a natural process of its own. I think that nothing can be done to precipitate its formation, as I believe nothing can be done to prevent it from happening. The Aryan Mafia is, in my observation, a certain thing, just as ethnic strife in the Balkans was a certain thing for syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan in the late 1980s, when he wrote that now Yugoslavia was heading toward an ethnic civil war. In the old days, there were men who forecasted the growth of the Sicilian Mafia in America and its impact on an already established way of life. The Aryan Mafia will be the natural rejection of a dying racial body as it starts showing strong vital signs. It will be rough and it will be criminal. There will be winners and losers as well as innocent victims.

Above all, the Aryan Mafia will be a sign of its times. Like an irregular army, it will have warlords and soldiers, performing tasks in a time of chaos and having disregard for authority or any form of government representation. its members will favor ridiculously over-priced H&Ks, will drive expensive American cars (Vipers, Corvettes, top-of-the-line Jeeps, etc:) and will embrace White Power Rock n’ Roll with as much enthusiasm as some minorities have already embraced Gangsta Rappers. In other words, they will spend a great deal of their resources on self-indulgence like the ancient Aryan warriors once did, and their female companions will most probably be the most gorgeous women our race has to offer. They will be young, strong, arrogant and they will have an unstoppable desire to take the world by storm and make it theirs – the old-fashioned way, with force. My opinion for this crescendo of Aryan crime can be substantiated by current statistics which reflect that White crime is the fastest rising crime in America. This growth will develop according to the nature of the Aryan: at one point it will become orderly.

Putting this forecast in writing has proven to be a greater and more time consuming effort than I had initially thought. Therefore, I have decided to release partial chapters, as I approach a conclusion to this socio-racial forecast.

America’s Castes
America has been a caste society for quite a long time. There is, however, no official document pronouncing America as a caste society just as there is no document pronouncing America a democracy. On paper, America is a Republic and everybody is equal under the law, and we are all one big happy family. In reality, we are not all equal under the law as we are not all equal in the political arena. Then again, there is no official document pronouncing Ted Turner more influential than a man who earns minimum wage. The lack of a document of that sort may predispose some people to believe that the concept of inequality is false, because it has never been stated that way, but the institution of civil equality, however, is documented. To those people I say: keep believing.

American society is formed, or divided, by layers of different degrees of power and influence. The more powerful layers are less crowded than the under classes. These economic layers hardly ever interact, at least not as much as races do. The sight of a White woman marrying a Negro is more frequent than that of a rich woman marrying a guy from skid row; it just doesn’t happen. I’m not in the business of advocating that it should happen, either. I’m simply stating something I believe is true, that there is no economic interaction in America, and that as society progresses on its current Jewish path, the differences among the wealthy and those regarded as “human resources” will only magnify.

This, along with the increasing de-Aryanization, is turning America into a Third World country. Unavoidably, as much as the System looks more and more like those in place in Mexico and Thailand, and many other places, something will make America different: America still has and will have a large Aryan population.

Very soon we will see that millions of working Whites won’t be able to cover their basic needs. Yes, there will always be those who will pursue well-paying careers, people who will have the vocation, the inclination and the ability to be nuclear physicists, surgeons, etc; but the masses of White people will suffer the most grotesque of disappointments (many already do) when they find themselves jobless or working for a Third World wage.

We can see today that jobs which a decade or two ago allowed a White man to earn enough money to raise a family; today are not even sufficient to afford a single man a comfortable living for himself. The increases in wealth of the upper class is in part due to the cheapening of the upper class’ ability to influence policy making, at all levels of government, to their own convenience. It is becoming more a matter of everyday life that a worker can not accomplish a good living. It does not mean that a worker does not aspire to a good life, or to a moderately good life. It means he doesn’t get it, in spite of working a hard forty hour work week. It must be remembered that the average young White American thinks that he will not enjoy the so-called American Dream as much as his parents did. Does it mean that the younger American is not as capable of producing? No. It means that he may have been born at the wrong time! But, this may also mean that many will refuse to accept that concept and that they will challenge it by taking a different, less orthodox route. (Are we starting to understand each other?) The ghetto Negroes, who want to enjoy material things, resort to a life of crime, and perhaps, although delinquent and questionable to many, their expectations may be realistic. How else could they buy the $100.00 tennis shoes (sneakers) they like so much, or 5 compact discs a week, or cocaine, or expensive cars, or shopping sprees for their girlfriends.

The young Aryan is being pushed into a corner at a pace faster than any other race. Soon he will find himself with no more opportunities than the uneducated, low-IQ Negro. And, this really should not come as a surprise to thinking fellows. Since the 1950s, White America has been told, very openly, that the government had a plan to equalize them with the Negroes. How can this be done? Either by bringing the Negro up or by bringing the Aryan down. And which of the two is probable? If you thought that the right answer was by bringing the Negro up, please do not waste your time any further. Put this article down right now and go watch Dan Rather or Ted Koppel. Thank you.

Birth of the Aryan Mafia

This concept of the Aryan Mafia, the next mighty wave of organized crime, can be grasped better if visualized. Let me give you a few cinematographic hints: “Natural Born Killers” meets “Point Break” meets “Heat” meets “The Boxer”. The Aryan Gangster will wear tattoos like the Jap “Yakuzas” already do and the drawings will be ethnically oriented. The Aryan Mafia will be more brutal than anything ever seen. It will have to be brutal from the beginning because that will be the only way the other competing mafias (the Negroes, the Asians, the Mestizos, etc;) could possibly be removed from certain areas of business, the stuff they refer to as “turf”. Initially, the aspiring Aryan Mafiosos will be tough guys with not a whole lot of vision, who will engage in systematic (violent but petty) and not too profitable crimes. From those who will get busted, the first lesson will be learned: next time go for the big loot. There’s also another reason why the Aryan Mafia will be the most brutal: it is latent in the blood of the Aryan. When push comes to shove, nobody can surpass Aryan man’s ability to inflict long and painful deaths. Europe has tons of museums that display instruments of torture dating back as far as the dawn of civilization. Brutality and violence are manifestations of unrestrained Aryan Manhood. Every time the System makes a new move towards Matriarchy, what it actually tries to do is to protect itself from a force that, once unleashed, can bring the System to its knees. We have witnessed how much the Mestizos can accomplish when they go against the System, we have seen the Negroes revolting, but the only force that has what is needed to destroy the Iron Heel is to be found in the blood of the Aryan.

Aryan Looting

Will the Aryan Mafia be racist, political or what? It will be non-political and it will have to be racist because that will be the way to survival. its racism will not be due to idealism. The Aryan Mafia will be racist because embracing a racist way of life will be a simple necessity. A little history on race and crime may help in backing up my point.

The Jew American gangsters of the 1940s, almost all of them, had some sort of participation with the creation of the state of Israel, the only surviving racist state. And that’s understandable. When the Hebrews needed to smuggle guns out of New York City, they were certainly smart enough to know not to go to a “by-the-book” custom broker of Irish descent. They went to see a successful Hebrew gangster. With the creation of the state of Israel came a big reward to all Jewish criminals – safety, a place where they could find refuge when running from other national authorities.

Yugoslavs, who escaped their country during the days of the Iron Curtain, formed a very brutal Mafia in Western Europe that made headline news in the 1970s, but whose formation may date back as far as a decade prior to that. They did not succeed in their attempt to take over Marseille and Sicily, they didn’t have a chance in hell to do that, but they did quite well in London, Paris, and Rome. Through violent crime, the Yugo Mafia obtained money and, consequently, influence. They had enough money to bribe border officials in their own country to get their relatives out. Their relatives now owed them a favor, so they became new recruits. There are plenty of Asian Mafiosos: the Chinese Triad, and the Japanese Yakuza. In Orange County and Los Angeles County there are a number of lesser Asiatic mafias, such as the Cambodians, the Filipinos, etc. Mafia affiliation, in order to succeed, has to have an ethnic/racial overtone. I predict that the coming Aryan Mafia will be White without a particular national theme. It will be a society of Whites whose backgrounds will be traceable all over Europe. This society, as any other similar society, will punish treason with death and will hold silence as one of the greatest virtues.

The Aryan Mafia will be the most feared and the most targeted for persecution. Let’s face it, the Iron Heel doesn’t fear Afros brandishing guns in South Central or Compton. They couldn’t care less about Negro crime, because, after all, the Negroes are not bright enough to become a force to be reckoned with. However, imagine a similar situation, a similar attitude of disregard for compliance with the laws others have passed for us to obey, and trade Negro faces for Aryan faces. Imagine extensive areas of your city that at night become the playground of ruthless Aryan criminals. That is what the Iron Heel will fear most: armed and action-oriented Aryans. (Are you getting the picture?)

Although basically non-idealistic, the Aryan Mafia will perform, indirectly, idealistic tasks. They will need to be supported by a number of regular people, just like all mafias have always done. You know, a sympathetic grandmother can be more useful than a dressed-down gangster, the type of guys who draw all kinds of attention to themselves. This support will come from doing a few simple kind of things which, done at the right time, mean a lot. A working father who doesn’t have the money he needs to take care of a problem at home may find a friendly hand in the Aryan Mafiasos. Why not? They will be happy to have someone owing them something and money will be easy anyhow. And the other guy will be grateful. A win-win situation.

I believe that the coming Aryan Mafia will be initially made up of biker types, unemployed blue-collar workers, wanderers, and even Skinheads. However, I also believe that many college graduates will be resentful after a year or two of unsuccessful search for work related to their career field. Many of those college-educated young Aryans will hold sufficient disregard and resentment against the System and its moral self-righteousness, that they will look for alternative ways of making money, while sticking it back to the System. I don’t want to sound elitist, but those newcomers may be the touch of sophistication that the Aryan Mafiosos will need to bring themselves to a higher level of criminality, a higher level of efficiency and accomplishment.

The first part of this series of articles on the rise of the Aryan Mafia has generated a number of questions and comments worth addressing. I have, therefore, added this chapter before continuing with the rest of the program, since most of these issues are valid and deserving of attention.

Several people have told me that they do not understand how a mafia can emerge from some of the simplest forms of criminality, such as described in the previous article. They say that although it is true that Aryan crime is on the rise, this alone will not lead to the formation of a mafia. This is, at least to me, a simple issue. I think that the average criminal is motivated first by survival, second by habit, and ultimately by greed.

There are, of course, a number of genetic criminals, but they must not be our concern for they are irrelevant to the matters discussed here. I believe that after Aryan Gangsters have developed expertise at bypassing the rules of the Iron Heel, survival and habit will be things already accomplished and greed will follow. Greed will bring a desire to grow, to expand, to diversify into new areas to make more money and consequently to be more powerful, as well as more respectful and respected. This greed will make Aryan gangs merge the same way large banking institutions merge: when it is profitable to do so. This will happen because it will be convenient for the parties involved; there can be no other reason. Once a network of gangs is in place, the formation of the Aryan Mafia will only be one step away. The Sicilian Mafia, after all, is formed by “families”, which are basically gangs, however, they are part of a larger network or entity, the Sicilian Mafia aka Cosa Nostra.

Other people have suggested that my depiction of the lifestyle of the future Aryan Gangster was too attractive and that I should have made a moral condemnation of future Aryan criminality. First of all, I did not and I do not feel like making a moral condemnation of Aryans breaking the law and I do not feel that I have that kind of obligation to the State. After all, this series of articles was never meant for publication in the Spotlight.

The Iron Heel and its publicists (the Media) look the other way when the Jewish Mafia perpetrates some of the most hideous crimes of today. The media does not condemn Jewish or Negro crime. Why should I take a different attitude towards people of my own blood line? By the way, the Jewish Mafia is what is vulgarly called the “Russian Mafia”. If I were to criticize a working-class, disenchanted, young Aryan for aspiring to use force to improve his way of life, then I would be under the same moral obligation to criticize England for taking India and China by force, as well as I should criticize Spain for taking America from the Natives by force, and the French for colonizing large parts of Africa and Indochina by force, and so on, and so on. After all, I do not believe that past Aryans colonized mud lands because they were altruistic. I’m also inclined to believe that it is extremely naive to expect people with power to obey the laws. People with power use their influence to push the enactment of laws that weaker people will have to obey – not them. A brief observation of history would prove that.

My second point is that, if the depiction of the lifestyle of the Aryan Gangster was too attractive, it is simply because his lifestyle will be so. I predict that the next Aryan Gangster will be young, healthy, and fit to enjoy all pleasurable things. I foresee him as inclined to practice sports (probably surfing and bodybuilding will be among his favorites), he will have the most awesome-looking Aryan Uberbabes that you can find, will drive the fastest cars and the most over-priced Harleys, will own the most exclusive weaponry (legal or illegal), will have a lot of free time on his hands and he will discriminate. I mean that the Aryan Gangster will find Negroes, Mestizos and Jews despicable. His arrogance will be well justified because he will be a better gangster; a more successful one.

As I anticipated, some people thought I sounded elitist when I suggested that the Aryan Mafia will receive a significant boost after it starts attracting college grads and professional types. I have said: “I don’t want to sound elitist, but those newcomers may be the touch of sophistication that the Aryan Mafiosos will need to bring themselves to a higher level of criminality, of efficiency, and accomplishment”. I think that this comment should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Every time a criminal succeeds at making a lot of money he has to find a way to launder that money, to bring it safely into action. For that he will need people with knowledge of economics and the law, such as attorneys, accountants, financial advisers, etc. There are plenty of people in those areas who are pure Aryans. Nobody is born knowing how to introduce illegally acquired money to a foreign country, for example.

A few people asked what areas of crime will be the first to show signs of Aryan Mafia activity. I would guess that it will probably be in the areas where there is easy money, such as night life, booze and gambling. Also, other areas may include: firearms, steroids, robberies, traffic of stolen merchandise, collection of “fees” for forced security protection, hit-men for hire, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if those ships of the U.S. Navy, which are now under control of Mestizo and Negro gangs, will become, in the near future, disputed territories of an underground war with Aryan gangs.

Other readers have predicted that the Aryan Mafia will be short lived, that it will fail simultaneously with the fall of its initial members who, they anticipate, will all end up in jail. To put it briefly, I’m of the opinion that the greatest segregation we see in America is social separation based on personal income. Most low income people never socialize with higher income people and consequently they do not see, on a day to day basis, what lots of money can afford. But they will start seeing these differences when the next door neighbor joins the Aryan Mafia. Some people will look at this modern Aryan Warrior and will want to live like him, risks and adrenaline included.

I believe the best form of recruitment the Mafia will have will be by the constant action of being themselves; a lot of young people will want to be like them. It will be, for many, a temptation quite hard to resist. Of course, many Aryan Gangsters will be a force who will displace the Negroes and the Mestizos, perhaps with the auspices of other Aryan fraternities within the prison system. I foresee much networking between these fraternities and the Mafia. The Aryan Maffia will rise because there will be a need for a large number of people and ten thousand snitches, informants, and infiltrators can do nothing to stop it.

Actually, I believe that the best thing that cowards and snitches can do is to stay the hell away from the Aryan Mafiosos. As I stated before, I also believe that nothing can be done to precipitate its formation. It is a historical moment which will come no matter what.

Finally, I stated and I maintain that the Aryan Mafia will be non-political, but it will be racial. After obtaining a recognizable power, and only after that, Mafia activity for political power may take place, but only as a consequence of a need for expansion. I believe that it is possible that most Aryans will not find the existence of this Mafia to be a detriment to their own lives. A big political body almost always starts developing its power as a mafia of some sort. The early Bolsheviks benefitted from Josef Stalin’s many train and bank robberies. The Zionists benefitted from the Jewish Mafia established in America, as well as the Stern and Irgun gangs from where the political leadership of the Hebrew State emerged. In America, Democracy also benefitted from the mafias, the so-called “robber barons” who hired armed guards to smash any organized labor. Democracy today is a bit more sophisticated in its relationship with mafias: mafias are called political parties and thus they maintain an aura of respectability and responsibility.

Just as other ethnic mafias have proven to be beneficial for their own peoples, the Aryan Mafia will become an asset for Aryans.

Source: AGITATE #3 (30 April 1999) and #4 (12 May 1999) by Doom Goddess and CNYWP (Central NY White Pride) known since 2000 as the Aryan Syndicate. Back issues of AGITATE are available – write to

March 20, 2017

An American Police Chief Sees….The Murkan Police State

by Ryu

There’s only one thing that makes most pigs see it: when it happens to them.

Up until that point, they don’t care. Not only that, but they enforce it. The danger comes from the fact that all cops will eventually retire, and lose that protection that the USG is handing them. They never owned the power; it was only on loan.

In this story, the ex-cop tried to impress his detainers…”but, but, I was a cop for 20 years!!!” Who gives a shit? You’re not one now. We’ve got the guns here, Bubba. Just shut up and do what you’re told.

Every cop tries to impress people with his profession. It usually works, until he retires. Then he’s just another Dick or Joe. That’s a secret reason why cops off themselves to the tune of 400-500 per year.

There is no revelation in this story, no redemption. The ex-police chief won’t become a revolutionary, as he was a USG servant for several decades. But for one brief moment, he had to put up with what the people do their entire lives.

“Hassan Aden
March 18 at 2:27pm ·

Details of my CBP Detention at JFK Int. Airport:

After spending a lovely weekend in Paris celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday, I happily boarded my flight to return to the United States-something I have done countless times for 42 years after becoming a U.S. citizen. I had an enjoyable flight to New York’s JFK International Airport. On all of my prior trips, I was greeted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers with a warm smile and the usual, “Welcome home sir”. Not this time. I approached CBP Officer Chow who didn’t say anything when I handed him my passport and looked at me with a gruff expression and simply stated, “are you traveling alone?”, I knew this was a sign of trouble, I answered “yes”, he then said, “Let’s take a walk”.

I was taken to a back office which looked to be a re-purposed storage facility with three desks and signs stating, “Remain seated at all times” and “Use of telephones strictly prohibited” – my first sign that this was not a voluntary situation and, in fact, a detention. By this point I had informed CBP Officer Chow, the one that initially detained me, that I was a retired police chief and a career police officer AND a US citizen-he stated that he had no control over the circumstance and that it didn’t matter what my occupation was. He handed my passport off to another CBP officer who was working at one of the desks. The second CBP officer was indeed kind and appreciated the fact that I was a career police officer and tried to be helpful. He explained that my name was used as an alias by someone on some watch list. He stated that he sent my information to another agency to de-conflict and clear me, so that I could gain passage into the United States….my own country!!!

As I sat in the CBP detention center, numerous, at least 25, foreign nationals were also brought in and quickly released, their detentions were reasonable and appropriate, maybe 5 or so minutes while their passports were checked. I pointed out the irony of this fact to the CBP officer that was attempting to “clear me for entry”. I told him, as he avoided eye contact, how wrong this scenario was that the only US citizen, career US police officer and chief of police, out of the group of detainees, was the one with the longest unreasonable detention- I was held for an hour and a half. I asked several times, “how long of a detention do you consider to be reasonable?”, the answer I was given by CBP Officer Chow was that I was not being detained-he said that with a straight face. I then replied, “But I’m not free to leave-how is that not a detention?” I was in a room with no access to my mobile phone to communicate with my wife and family about what was happening, my movements were restricted to a chair and they had my passport………and he had the audacity to tell me I was not being detained. His ignorance of the law and the Fourth Amendment should disqualify him from being able to wear a CBP badge – but maybe fear and detention is the new mission of the CBP and the Constitution is a mere suggestion. I certainly was not free to leave. As former law enforcement, believe me, I agree that if certain criteria is met, a reasonable investigative detention is not inappropriate-the key here being “reasonable”.

As I continued to sit in the CBP makeshift Detention Center, watching numerous foreign nationals enter my country while I couldn’t, I began thinking about my numerous trips abroad -including five in the past year (all prior to inauguration) – with no problems upon my return and complete with the warm greeting of “Welcome home”.

Fortunately, a CBP officer that had just started her shift took interest in my situation and began to inquire with the “other agency” that was reviewing my information-she aggressively asked them for status updates and eventually called me over to tell me that I was cleared to enter the United States of America. I promptly thanked her and filled her in on how impactful this situation was-she apologized and I was on my way after an hour and a half detention.

I spent nearly 30 years serving the public in law enforcement. Since I retired as the Chief of Police in Greenville, NC, I founded a successful consulting firm that is involved in virtually every aspect of police and criminal justice reform. I interface with high level U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Court officials almost daily. Prior to this administration, I frequently attended meetings at the White House and advised on national police policy reforms-all that to say that If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone with attributes that can be “profiled”. No one is safe from this type of unlawful government intrusion.

As I left the CBP makeshift detention center, I had to go back through security to catch my next flight back to DC, ironically, due to my weekly air travel, I have TSA Pre-check and was whisked through security without a hitch and made my flight by minutes.

This experience has left me feeling vulnerable and unsure of the future of a country that was once great and that I proudly called my own. This experience makes me question if this is indeed home. My freedoms were restricted, and I cannot be sure it won’t happen again, and that it won’t happen to my family, my children, the next time we travel abroad. This country now feels cold, unwelcoming, and in the beginning stages of a country that is isolating itself from the rest of the world – and its own people – in an unprecedented fashion. High levels of hate and injustice have been felt in vulnerable communities for decades-it is now hitting the rest of America.

I have contacted my US senators, and my contacts at the NYT and other media sources to continue to tell the story of what is happening in the United States of America.”

March 19, 2017

Being a Cop Will Screw You Up…

by Ryu

Here, we have an honest cop. This is only possible because he is retired from the force now.

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