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October 19, 2017

Movie Scenes That Could Not Be Made Today: Firestarter

by Ryu

There has been some sort of “agreement” by Hollywood and the police / military since the mid 1990s.

Here’s how it goes: no (or very few) dead cops, agents or soldiers are to appear on film. This helps reinforce to the public that the USG and its minions are invincible. It also allows cops and soldiers themselves to believe they are untouchable.

There is a whole different world out there though…

Most WNs only know fear of the USG. They cannot conceive of the opposite, the USG fearing them.

Most WNs haven’t seen pictures of dead cops and soldiers, brains leaking out of their heads, blood pooling underneath the body. When you see that, you will know that they are as human as the rest of us. Most of their power comes from reputation. Those pictures exist, but are censored and very hard to find.

In the scene below, you’ll see government agents being killed by fire, screaming for mercy. “Helppppppppp! Don’t do it!” It could not be made today, by anyone, for any price.

October 14, 2017

Suddenly, the US Embassy Believes in the Mind Control Conspiracy….

by Ryu

(I thank an “anonymous” commenter for his excellent work on this subject. I too noted it in the news and have been waiting to write on it.)

For many, many years, people who believe in “psychic” warfare were laughed at as kooks. In the usual form, the “government” would beam thoughts, voices, noises, etc directly into their head. There was this old yarn about having a “transmitter in my tooth.” This was “popular” say in the 1980s to the 1990s.

Until…it started happening to government employees of recent. Now, it is no longer a crazy, conspiracy theory. They want a real investigation (which they will not get).

That is not all though. There used alot of talk about “subliminal advertising” in TV and movies.

…and further, using music to control the mind. There was an old TV show which had a good episode on this.

“After a rock concert erupts into violence, Cade and Eddie find a Nostradamus quatrain that seems to suggest that music might somehow be affecting young people to become aggressive and …”

Here is that episode:

One of the interesting premises of First Wave was that there was 117 psychological types. Only 1 of them could fight back. The rest, would give up immediately.

A strange thing happened in the past, which my generation lived though. We learned about alot of these things through “X-Files” and there was great skepticism of the USG. Then, on 9-11, that skepticism seemed to charge virtually overnight.

The Murkan Police State began in earnest on 9-11; it is a very clear crossing over. Just some things I too have noticed.

October 11, 2017

WNs Need to Grow an Attitude Problem

by Ryu

…because you can’t fight authority, if you are too busy obeying it.

WNs “should” learn this lesson from cops and soldiers. Their job is to obey the USG, not resist it. The only time cops and soldiers disobey is when the checks stop rolling in.

There is no way to defeat The System from the inside. You don’t drain the swamp, the swamp drains you. Trump is learning this.

People are wasting precious energy and attention playing games with voting, politics, News And Jews, and The Daily Outrage.

There is literally nothing left to save. And most whites aren’t getting much for their service to The System.

Be selfish! If you aren’t getting paid, don’t bitch, don’t moan, take what you want. No one cares about your interests but you.

You can get away with alot if you work alone, “climb the ladder”, gain some experience.

Keep your new attitude problem to yourself. Play the cuckwhite serf in public. Don’t tip the mark. Then, when you decide, hit them back and disappear.

October 7, 2017

Tex Arcane: Solutions Not Welcome at the End of Empire

by Ryu

Tex Arcane is a lesser known WN, though he is quite good. He is probably the strongest WN in Oz.

“Declining civilisations are a lot like a Monty Python skit where people are screaming a bridge is about to collapse and they are inquiring of a crowd if any of them are engineers. Several real engineers hold their hands up but nobody calls on them. Instead, they ask a baker, a hairdresser and a florist what they think should be done about the dangerously unstable bridge. The engineers finally get discouraged and they trudge off downcast. As soon as they are out of frame, the bridge collapses. That’s the basic story of the end of the previous 40 or so civilisations we know about.

A friend of mine a couple of years back told me about the Roman Emperor given a tour of the watermills at the edge of the empire where two guys had figured out how to do the work of a thousand slaves grinding bread flour simply by using water power. I went off and read a little bit more of the background on the watermill in the last days of Rome. Sure enough, the late Roman Empire had a half a dozen inventions that could have transformed their lives overnight and reversed their fortunes. Nobody had the brains to try to deploy any of them as solutions. Instead, civil servants were coming up with oxen powered warships (decks covered with manure waist deep in a day) and mice trained to catch grain beetles to control spoilage (Mice poo and fleas as opposed to tighter barrels, which worked in the Byzantine Empire). The exact sort of solutions you would expect to get from a guy with an IQ around average and way too much authority. Stuff that just made things worse.

I continue to be amazed in the present era where you compare the confidence and self-assurance of the self-appointed ruling class on television with the results they are getting. You’d think that with their societies crumbling around them on a daily basis, they might be humbled and start to wonder if the direction they are urging us all in is actually working. It is their special gift to be nearly impervious to feedback. No matter what happens they continue to blame the problem squarely on the existing limitations on government power (which are increasingly non-existent) and believe with religious style zeal that the earthly paradise is always just one more emergency legislation session away. Only a temporary extension of State power, you see … until the “crisis” passes. Except every week there seems to be a new “crisis.”

“Wonder why there is all this endless concern about “bullying” in the school and workplace? Do you get tired of hearing it? Ever consider there must be some larger concern in the background driving all this noise about it?

It is because all the research going back more than 80 years, almost coinciding with the introduction of wide scale IQ testing, shows that the brightest and most gifted people are also the worst bullied and ostracised from cradle to grave.

The government wishes it could just ignore all the facts because they are really disturbing. On the other hand, they have all these goofy questions from the peanut gallery inquiring why all the “go-juice” seems to have vanished from the economy over the last two decades. They are trying hard to figure it out and every time they pay for research, the facts come back and they are unacceptable. People are crying because they don’t have no more taco fixings and consumer junk. The crops are dying and we got all these dust bowls. Somebody ought to do something, the sheeple screech. They really ought to.

The innovators, problem solvers and the brightest part of the population seem to be opting out. The cleverest ones form little online businesses that rarely employ more than a few people and cannot make a dent in the unemployment rate. The dumb ones cluster in the big corporations and participate in huge useless meetings all day long for years and years, trying to discuss why none of them ever seems to accomplish much of anything. Including figuring out why that is at all these meetings they hold.

My knowledge of history, which is more extensive than that of most college graduates you know (everything is relative) tells me there is nothing strange about our era.

In all declining civilizations, the good men retire to tend to their private gardens. They stop taking part in the larger social fabric and it is rapidly revealed that this little 5% of the population was doing nearly everything of consequence.

Permanent staff are great at putting on birthday brunches for their fellow employees when the date approaches. Everything else, not so much. What is much, much worse … which these governments discover again and again when they study the problem … is that they drove off all the good ones a long time ago through a variety of techniques which invariably alienate even the most determined quality people. Everybody makes a big deal out of the fact that Steven Jobs came back to Apple and fixed it after being run out of his own company on a rail. They never stop to consider that for every story like Steven Jobs that has a good ending, there are ten million stories you never heard about that did not end like this at all.

Even as a good tree produces good fruit, so a bad tree can only produce bad fruit. You know them by their fruits. Most of them are fruits. Just not the good kind.

“Women who had been bullied by a member of their own sex said they felt they may have been targeted because their senior colleague felt threatened by their abilities.”

Implicit assumption is that men can handle the same kind of victimisation on their own. They are absolutely right. Men do handle these situations better than women. They become a kind of person described as a transient for the last forty years (1970’s) in the hard scientific research. They work as contractors, temps, day workers and they get paid up front without having to go to performance reviews, sit inside round robin conferences while their fellow office members tear into them and single them out or listen to people who are threatened by their competency discuss when the earliest available opportunity is going to arise for them to leave. In other words, they arrange their affairs with a maximum of benefit to them and to minimize the pain and harm that can be done to them by others. It is just another example of why they are the brightest and most creative problem solvers.

Every once in a while on the road to bankruptcy, managers stop laughing for a couple minutes and they look around. What ever happened to old so-and-so, they think to themselves? That guy that was here last year. Right after we hired him, all sorts of stuff seemed to fix itself. Then there was that girl who used to work over in that corner. A lot of new business seemed to flow in when she was sitting over there. They try to focus for an instant but it is gone.

Another dude is guffawing about a foul in last night’s game and he loses his train of thought, which was never very persistent to begin with. “It was righteous, man, he totally fumbled! I’ll send you the link to the You-Tube video, it was awesome!” Yet even after he steps back into the shadow of his office door (Fifty years of research says cubicles don’t work, software people (not managers) need privacy to be productive) he has a faint sense of disquiet.

A corporate review board is coming up next month. They are going to be asking again why they never seem to make any progress on that revision system that has been so carefully set up to track issues. He knows the guy who is chairing it, he will have a couple drinks with him after work and set the guy up with some tickets to the game, he is sure he can rig it for another couple years and then he retires. Life is good. … but just to be safe, he knows he should call that recruiter. Better get one of those contractor guys in for a couple of months so that when the board review comes up, he can show them some kind of progress on something. They’ll use the contractor to keep treading water and keep upper management baffled on what is really happening down on the floor.

Those contractor guys are always good to buy a little more time. Besides, when the scrutiny ends, they can just cut the guy like they always do. Makes no sense to waste money you don’t need to spend. Those contractor guys charge a lot more an hour and they are weirdos, besides. Most of them don’t even like football. They are either fags or maybe crazy, all of them. You don’t want people like that around any longer than they are needed to bridge a crisis.”

October 6, 2017

Cops Arrested, Then Flip on Their Partners

by Ryu

There’s no honor among thieves…or anyone else.

It is widely held by the public that while “criminals” might snitch, cops and soldiers would NEVER turn on their brothers…would they?

The story below is missing some details, but we will fill them in. Prosecuters cut a deal with some of the cops in return for cooperation and a lighter sentence. A really good snitch might get full immunity.

The best security against snitching is to always work alone.

The second best security is to make sure things don’t go bad. When bad things happen, people start panicking and looking for the exit. They want out now.

If you decide to work in groups, cover the downside. You want to make sure “the worst that can happen” is a small thing.

Someone not trained in interviews and interrogations, or someone who doesn’t hate authority figures, WILL talk. Count on it. The police have a thousand devices to catch the unwary and overtrusting.

If you are a WN leader who runs a crew, there are a few things you can do.

First off, make sure things never go bad in the first place. No one snitches when they’re getting paid, laid, and getting what they want.

If a member goes to jail, pay his full legal costs. Hire the best attorney. Make sure his commissary is always full, and that he is visited everyday. Make sure his wife is being taken care of, and that she’s on board. That way, they don’t forget they are part of the group and start feeling resentful.

American cops have stated that they can get 99 of 100 suspects to cooperate. We could get a similar proportion of cops and soldiers (even SEALs) to cooperate. No torture, no rough stuff, just the same trickery the Murkan police use on a daily basis.

“You’re going to work for me as a SUSPECT or a WITNESS. You might survive the charges, but you won’t survive the ride. I will tie this up in the courts for years. You’ll sell your house, lose your kids, your wife will divorce you, you’ll be bankrupt….or, you can work for me. What’s it gonna be???”

October 3, 2017

New DAA Caught by the Surveillence State

by Ryu

It was his car that got him caught.

The article doesn’t mention it, but I’ll reveal how he was caught.

Someone saw his vehicle driving away. They saw the make, model, color and perhaps the license plate.

Plate leads to owner, leads to an address, and the suspect. A simple search in the local area of Baton Rouge using all similar makes and models could lead to the same results. The police got a SW for his house and arrested him on the drug charge just to hold him.

There’s a reason – why we include “car” on the 5Cs.

Credit cards, computers, cell phones, CCTV and cars. Most modern investigations (2005+) heavily involve these. Most of the time, it is the Police State, not “forensics” doing the tracking.

Your car leads to you. Your license plate is there to make IDing you easier.

30 years ago, he probably would have gotten away with it. Not now. It is alot harder than it used to be.

We’ll always salute the courage it takes. At least he worked alone and completed the mission. He was caught afterward during the investigative phase.

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