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July 3, 2020

You Are a Valuable Commodity…

by Ryu

If you are:



Not a drug-user, boozer, gambler or womanizer

Suspicious of people, tight-lipped, and untrusting

Interested in police work, the military, survivalism and WN (without being paid or prodded)

Willing to study forensics and modern investigations

Experienced in WN and the red pill community

… then you are an extremely rare, valuable individual.

Good help was once hard to find.  Today, it is impossible to find.  ALL ORGANIZATIONS are now having the same issue.  Human quality is dropping across the board.  Every group that wants to survive is competing for talented men.

I want to warn those with ears – that many WNs will help the enemy.   The great danger in WN is in NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH.  You can trust criminals, terrorists, and radicals.  You can trust selfishness and greed.   It’s the good people you really need to look out for.  The path to hell is paved with … you know the rest.



June 26, 2020

Total Efficiency: If You Want Things Done Right….

by Ryu

…do it yourself!

Nothing has changed, nothing will change in this.  Substituting quantity for quality is a poor choice, especially regarding direct action.

Some recent work in Mexico – a cartel wanted to hit a cop.  This was a bigwig, so he had his own security detail.  The cartels decided to send many men and do an ambush early in the morning as he was leaving for work.  This attempt failed and 12 cartel employees were taken into custody..

Taken in by the electronic police state and witnesses, that is.  Newspaper articles do not detail how they were caught, but it is obvious to those who have studied.  Most countries in the world now make extensive use of CCTV, cell phones, license plate readers, etc in their investigative work.  Rich areas in third world countries have as much security as their counterparts in “the West.”

Sloppy work.  The degradation in human quality has fallen so far that everyone is dealing with it now – militaries, intelligence organizations, criminals groups, and revolutionary groups like WN.

You can see the same thing occurring to the Kidon, which is Israel’s secret government enforcers.  Same sloppy work, same substitution of quantity for quality, same mistakes.  They used 30 men, though that figure doesn’t appear in this particular article.

Know the rules – YOUR rules.  Theirs do not matter.

Work alone.  Tell no one.  Eliminate every trace.   Master forensics and investigations.   Begin with the end in mind.  Don’t trust anyone completely, not even me.


June 9, 2020

Only The Lone White Revolutionary Can Defeat the MMM

by Ryu

Work alone.  Never lie to yourself.  Begin with the end in mind.  These are the rules of a WN who can successfully GAWI.

We do not write for the masses.  Everyone ALREADY knows what they need to do.  It was already known over 200 years ago “…the tree of liberty ***MUST*** be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants…”  The difficulty is in the doing, inside of a full police state.

The Beast is fortunate that there are no actual terrorist groups in the USA.  If so, they’d be attacking the electrical grid and water treatment plants.  They would be “rioting” and “looting” banks – to get money – to fund their organization and further activities.  In the past, real revolutionary groups like The Order did this.

All the normies and 99% of the SP/WN communities are waiting for someone else to take the lead, take the risks, and tell them what to do.

Wrong.  You should act as if you are the only one in the movement who can do anything.  The most heroic white men left all acted alone –  Teddy Kaz, Tim McVeigh, Joe Paul Franklin, Thomas Ball, Dylan Roof, etc.

The rules are only broken here for instructional purposes:

The more fully committed you are, the safer you will be.  Work alone.  Do not trust anyone, not even me.  Cover your tracks.  First Get Away With It, then do it.  Master forensics, investigations and the electronic surveillance grid.  And finally, the higher you climb and more advanced you become, the fewer people you can trust and the more alone you will be.


June 5, 2020

Nothing – Has – Changed

by Ryu

The game is the same.

I see many WNs rejoicing – so many more normies are waking up!  But, how long does it take to create a “full suite” WN?

5 – 7 years of hard work to learn most of PUA, MRM, WN, libertarianism and HBD.  That figure has not, will not change.

There’s nothing revolutionary about noticing that the sky is blue, grass is green, the mainstream media is liberal, or that Murka is a full police state now.  The number of WNs who last a very long time is quite small.  Incidently, the leader of Murdoch Murdoch is a very experienced WN, and it shows in his work; we salute him.

The Beast and FFOL (Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism) are just flexing their muscles.  They know most whities are dead inside.  They see it, they feel it, WNs are feeling this too.  When you see cops, corporation and politicians all ‘kneeling’ before protestors, they are just recognizing their true masters.  EXPECT the FFOL to become more bold and push harder.

There is no group, to my knowledge, inside Police State Murka, that can resist The Beast’s full power at present.  We do not have state protections.  A few very gifted, isolated individuals can fight back.  But forensics and the electronic surveillence grid make this impossible for all but that 1 in 10 million individual.

We stand by the original premise of this blog and retract nothing.  Do not be distracted by system games like “covid”, “riots”, “war with china”, or the newest TDO (the daily outrage).

“What you see today is the beginning of the……eradication endgame of White Males, as conducted by the MINO FFOL.* The only way to salvation is immersion in The Ocean of Blood.   Whites will fall because whites are just as stupid as coloreds.”  – Year 2014






May 20, 2020

Fortress Hawaii Pulls Up the Drawbridge….

by Ryu

It’s official: Hawaii is locked down. No one comes in until they quaranatine for 14 days. Feudal Murka has been official for some time now.

As Firepower used to write about, Hawaii is an elite enclave, like Manhattan.

There are two classes in Hawaii, as in the rest of Murka: the ruling class, and everyone else. The quarantine just applies to the little people. For the truly wealthy, it does not matter a whit if there is a lockdown in place; they don’t need to work. Essentially if you still have to work in the former US, you are a member of the slave caste.

It’s also why Elon Musk can beg the authorities to arrest him, while the police in Texas jail hairdressers. Musk is a king in Feudal Murka, complete with his worker-serfs. Most of Murka’s rulers are household names: Cuomo, Bloomberg, Gates, Bezos, etc. They all have loyal subjects, castles, and their armies to protect them.

The Beast does not CARE about losing money; old school WNs got that wrong – this is not about money. They can print as much as they want to. Slaves who work in tourism or hospitality can pound sand.

ZOG’s game is clear: either die of covid or die of the starvation. Given a choice between dying on the street and rebellion/becoming criminals, count on most Murkans dying in the streets.

A word about the ‘protests’. Real protesters don’t carry signs that read “tyrannts get the rope.” Those who actually ARE mad, will actively hunt down the tyrannts and enact their own ‘bail-in’ by robbing the elites. And inside of a full police state, very few people can actually do this.

Eradica does not exist to offer false hope. Everyone ALREADY knows what to do, and who to do it to. “The tree of liberty ***MUST*** be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants” or else, you already know…

May 13, 2020

An Update on Eradica

by Ryu

Hello, comrades.  No serious WN ever retires; expect the older crowd to pop up their heads now and then.

The reason this site has remained dormant is simple – there is little more to add.

Murka and most countries in the world are ALREADY police states.  Not “becoming”…almost there….wait for it….just about…just a few more steps…..No, we are a full police state here and now.  People only evade this knowledge to escape responsibility.

The reason most don’t know or don’t care, is because they have never known freedom or liberty and they have no idea how either is actually used; like a bird that never learned how to fly and indeed, doesn’t even know it has wings.  Slavery is the norm for humanity –  and I am merely a well-informed slave myself.

All legal means of revolution are closed.  Anyone who wants to perform a jailbreak must become a criminal and study their world.  This is a path to the top, because there are the ‘low’ criminals, who fill the prisons, and the ‘high’ criminals, who run the prisons, make the laws, and give the police their orders.

WN, PUA, and the MRM are all dead.  They were purged and their leadership was scattered.  Something new will have to come about, with the realization that blogging is not revolution, and that ACTION is king.

I want to add a special note of caution.

The most dangerous people to trust are the “good” people.  The path to hell is paved with good intentions.  One can see that the solution to Covid-19, the forced economic suicide of the world economy, is worse that just letting the virus run free.

You may trust selfishness and greed; there are limits to these.  The man who thinks and truly believes he is doing “good” and “what is in your best interest” won’t stop.  I am a WN out of selfish reasons, and I intend to realize a profit from the venture.  I have found the do-gooders and Joe Citizens are far more likely to damage you than “terrorists” and “criminals.”

Hail victory and long live death.






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