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August 17, 2017

“The Life and Work of Timothy McVeigh, and How You Can Too!”

by Ryu

Of course, what exactly is it Tim did? Thanks go to the man who inspired this post.

We must begin in the usual fashion.

There is nothing wrong with violence. Cops and soldiers use it each and every day. All laws in existence have a loophole built in: it’s legal when those with power and authority do it. That’s how God got away with his flood but tells his followers “thou shall not kill.”

The powerful always keep the good shit for themselves. The greatest power is the power over life and death.

It takes a particular sort of man to obtain this skill without state permission. Few will achieve it.

There is no book which will reveal all the secrets of getting away with it. Either a man takes the knowledge for himself, or he doesn’t learn it at all.

Like a giant puzzle, the pieces are scatters among hundreds of books, written by many authors. Only the elect, the truly determined, can hope to discover the truth. “Climbing the ladder” takes years.

Tim McVeigh was like most DAAs – brave, but undisciplined. He got caught his first time out. In many ways, most DAAs are failures, because the public knows their names. The really good ones, we only know their nicknames: the Zodiac, the Long Island Killer.

Tim McVeigh put fear into the system. Men like Kaczynski, McVeigh and Rudolph prevented future Wacos and Rudy Ridges. Even in the 1990s, Murka could not afford to secure all public places. Today, they surely can’t afford to harden the security everywhere.

August 15, 2017

Resolve…Here and Now…to Get Your Justice On Your Own

by Ryu

Taking the law into your hands…because that is where it belongs.

Don’t go to the police.

Don’t go to any other “authority figure.”

Don’t give your manhood to someone else just because every other Murkan does.

IT IS a harder path. I too used to be weak, pro-system, and a janissary. But the gods gave me a hunger for power. No jew, mino or system-pig would pay me the wage I demanded.

You MUST learn how to get away with it if you want to work without Big Daddy’s permission. Cops and soldiers are inferior because they do not have to deal with this aspect of things.

August 12, 2017

Krav Maga: How the Jews Conned the Martial Arts Community

by Ryu

Krav Maga! Thw world’s “DEADLIEST” martial art…oh joy!

That is what the headlines announce. This is a lie for many reasons.

To begin, the holy-cost was a great shame to the jews. Most went to their deaths with hardly a whimper of protest, as docile as cattle. Modern jews try to reassert their masculinity by showing how tough the IDF, Mossad, and Krav Maga are.

No martial art is deadly, because they all leave the opponent alive. “Deadly” means dead.

Assault ranks quite low on the spectrum of possible crimes. Of course, most today cannot even get away with assault, let alone something more serious. But fighting is a limited form of violence, which is why WNs must beware of it.

The American police have a concept: the use of force spectrum.

It proceeds from verbal orders, physical contact, compliance holds all the way up to using tasers, batons and “deadly force” ie killing.

Krav Maga, and most martial arts, occupies the middle part of the spectrum. The lower and higher levels are lacking. The supreme masterpiece of violence is not there yet.

August 9, 2017

“Getting Away With It” Allows One to Build Experience…

by Ryu

…and learn.

Doing one mission only, and getting caught, almost pointless. With no experience, one will not know how to handle the pressure and what comes after, living with yourself.

Every successful criminal and turrist “climbs the ladder.”

There is a need to build a base of experience, from easy, low-risk crimes to difficult, rare, high-risk crimes.

We emphasize GAWI because then one can pass on the knowledge. It does no good for our best agents, and their knowledge, to be locked away in a prison.

One of the reasons why there is so little advancement in DA is because WNs cannot GAWI. They actually take cop and soldier-advice seriously.

An aspect of action, which has not yet been mentioned is “the point of maximum vulnerability.” Every mission has one.

Before that point, one can abort without consequence. Afterward, one MUST go through with it. There should be no hesitation. Thinking should be done at home, not in the field.

So the “ideal” happens at home on a sheet of paper, full of calculation. Improvisation and instinct occurs in the field, in the real world, where things go wrong.

Work to identify this point, and be most on guard at that time.

August 9, 2017

James Mason’s New Website

by Ryu

Mason, for those who don’t know, was one of the very best WNs available up until about 2000. He was also the creator of the Univeral Order, which was a form of WN inspired by Manson.

“It is the strategy of the enemy system that the Whites of this country and world should not get the chance to fight. A slow, lingering death is their strategy.”

The great James Mason of “Siege!” fame, resurfaces with a website:

August 7, 2017

All Cops Have Slept While on Duty

by Ryu

Yeah, its a really hard job. Don’t believe that bull. It is a great job and they just want to keep everyone else out.

These guys just need to find a different hiding spot.

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