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June 27, 2017

What’s Your Police Identification Number?

by Ryu

…your licence plate number.

The reason for license plates is not that the state and the police are deeply concerned about your safety. It is a part of the war on privacy and anonymity.

In many ways, cops are quite anti-privacy and anonymity. The first thing they ask for when meeting a new person is an ID. Every car needs to have an ID on it, every boat, every airplane. True privacy and anonymity frightens the Murkan police.

…except, when it is there own privacy at stake.

American cops guard their own anonymity jealously. They don’t want other people to know they are cops, or where they live, or who their family is.

June 24, 2017

WN Tips: Buy a Mask

by Ryu


Don’t dismiss this tip as mere child’s play.

Everyone does it. The old Samurai wore masks to inspire fear in their enemies. So did knights, who hid their faces behind the helmet. So too do modern SWATZIs, who keep their anonymity and act more fearlessly behind the mask.

Many cops use a partial mask – sunglasses.

They hide your eyes, so others cannot read you. They also put up a literal “wall” between you and other people. The effect is to dehumanize everyone else. Poker pros use them for similiar effect.

There was a group last Halloween who terrorized the nation – they dressed up as evil clowns. Negros in particular are a superstitious people. The fervor rose to such peaks that many retailers stopped carrying the uniforms.

The use of the mask at sex parties decreases inhibition. Some find the “gimp mask” allows them to express what is inside.

There are many aspects of the world. It will take new methods to obtain new results. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

June 21, 2017

Super-SEAL Becomes….a Pornstar!

by Ryu

What to do when you stop pulling triggers for Uncle Beast?

The guy and his wife are supposedly one of those husband/wife teams. His nickname is “Jay Vroom” and she is “Jewels Jade”.

I did some “hard” research on this dude. Here are some NSFW links below:

She’s got tons of vids out:

June 18, 2017

Do the Parks in Your Area Have CCTV?

by Ryu

More and more city parks in the “Land of the Free” have CCTVs in them.

Popular places are near the entrance/exit points, near the bathrooms, on the telephone pole, or near the picnic tables.

CCTV is becoming the most dangerous portion of the Murkan police state. A video camera isn’t just an electronic device….it is a witness with perfect memory. Many of the videos are time-stamped, and their recordings can be digitally cleaned up, to make the picture even more clear.

It is hard to find privacy and anonymity. You’re never really alone in Murka today. Beware.

June 15, 2017

Most of the Sleeping Whites Are Already Dead

by Ryu

In other words, trying to “wake people up” has a low success rate.

We are reaching the point where it “should” be clear what is going on. Immigrants increase whoever is in office. Marriage is just becoming a worse deal. More CCTV cameras appear every day.

The pimping of white girls in England doesn’t work. Almost continual Muzz attacks in London doesn’t work. There are a large portion of whites who simply cannot be educated and because they will not work for us, cannot be saved.

The number of advanced WNs and their resources is limited. For the time being, we must engage in triage. This is an allocation of resource depending upon probability of success.

We are promoting the logical extension of the NAJ (New And Jews) and TDO (The Daily Outrage) rejection. There is no longer anything to be shocked about when negros polarbear-hunt or when Muzz drive into civilians. Such incidents awaken the fence-sitters, but do nothing for the invested liberal.

We advocate a PUA-type view that “you are the prize.” Let them recruit you. See how far they have gone. A WN with 5+ years experience is hard to find in real life. What you see online is deceptive, because they tend to coagualate because of shared interest.

June 12, 2017

Why Didn’t Your Firearms Instructor Tell You About Firearm Evidence?

by Ryu

3 options:

1) He doesn’t know himself.

2) He knows, but doesn’t want to help “criminals.”

3. He knows, and withholds information to make it easier for you to get caught.

“The gun” is the very last thing a WN puts his hands on. Anything you do with a gun – buying it, cleaning it, buying ammunition for it, etc – leaves evidence.

The purpose of this article is not to go through all the evidence that a gun can produce. No one article or book can do that. Guns produce evidence and it is important for those who use guns (without state permission) to know what that is.

Bear in mind, the lands and grooves, when combined with the right or left hand twist found on a fired bullet, can reveal the set of all guns that can fire such a bullet. This is how the police can say what type of gun fired a particular bullet. It is not magic – gun manufacturers help the police.

No one gets away with it today without mastering forensics. Only someone with the equivalent ability of a detective or crime scene technician, or one who works for the state, can remain free now.

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