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April 4, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Shain Gandee

by snark1250

I have some bad news for going Buckwild. The star of the MTV reality series Buckwild died in a Chevrolet 4×4 mudslide at age 21. This young farmer had been the proponent of Buckwild in the post-Jersey Shore era, as parent company Viacom was saddened by Gandee’s death. In accordance with the Gandee family, Buckwild’s Gandee was killed in a mudslide caused by carbon monoxide fumes lingering inside the 1984 Chevy vehicle. Can mudslides be saved from the deadly effects of carborn monoxide poisoning?

Eradica predicted Gandee’s tragic poisoning of monoxide as a deadly assault, ending Shain’s life on the farm uncertain. Tragically, the American Medical Association moved closer to a “killer fume” having affected Gandee’s mudslides in the past.

The State of West Virginia plans a Buckwild Invitational Mudslide Chapionship Tournament schedule for this summer.

I have more on the situation later on this blog.


April 3, 2013

Chuck Ross – Faggot

by snark1250

Boy! There’s soup in my fly!

No, this ain’t no April Fools joke!

I am snark and I lark in the Park –after Dark.  I am a spy with the goods in my toolbox and am willing and able to use them.  I am glad to be at eradica with some decent writers for a change instead of listening to the phony bragging of some fake idiot.

I’ve known Chuck since a kid here in Wichita.  He is not a lineman for the county, but a waiter.  He is and has always been nicknamed Crud and he’s quite sensitive about it.  I can’t stand anymore of his bullshit lies and hypocracy cause he says one thing then does the other.  Like when he gets mad at people he wont do it to their face, but will do stuff like wipe his dick on your fajitas.  He expects big tips from white people, but not from blacks because he is part black so thats why he walks on eggshells about it.  He always wanted to be a ‘big reporter’ and ‘tell the people’ but thats just cause he was something of a tattletale as a kid.  He’s got many habits of a girl.  But then again, he’s pasty and can barely grow a whispy beard and delicate, fruity moustache attempts.  A dad of a ‘good friend’ of Crud’s says “that boy is even too stupid for a girl!” and a family member says he is ‘dumber than a vacant field’.

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