Honesty Truly Is, the Best Policy ♥

I detest plagiarists.  Bloggers steal dozens of ideas a year from me; preventing continued theft could very well be the reason I started this time-consuming endeavor.  Ann Coulter owes me a back rub. Everyone with a brain has Rational Self-Interest.

The internet has become a Free Garden of Eden of Ideas and snakes are getting paid to eat free apples.  Big Time Bloggers steal from the small fish.  heartiste on many occasions bemoans bigshot screenwriters in turn, stealing from him. Online quasi-magazine organizations, in turn, steal from the Big Time Bloggers. Printed media steals from online magazines. And, everybody but everybody seemingly gets pilfered by the Big Authors with current NYT Best Sellers who are the only ones getting paid. I did mention, Ann Coulter owes me a back rub.

A Fond Remembrance to Stephen Ambrose…

We all are doing free work for the wealthy, lately.  So, if you want to use my ideas – be smart and cite the source like a virtuous person.   If not, and you make money – you’ll be interested in meeting a jaded greedy bastard copyright attorney and beloved family member. If there’s money involved, hell – there’s money involved.

You are warned.

6 Comments to “Warning:”

  1. Anne “the man” Coultier is freaking hott….

    looks like a tranny who got a botched sex change just like Amanda Marcotte….

    ooh, I wish she’d ride my bunghole with her huuuuge strap-on dildo……..

    [ed note: TWO points:
    1. If you lust anally, there’s thousands of Murkan sex sites that will hook you up with a reamer.
    2. Your comments are the type I DO censor]

  2. Mr. Firepower, BFF 4ever….

    look, Mr. Captain Capitolism is also Jewish like me….

    [ed note: I don’t spend 9 minutes reading him over 90 months, why the fuk would I watch. Another “Google Book Lord” who’ll be THE NEXT BIG MURKAN AUTHOR? wtf has roeshi started 😥 ………]

    Please don’t tell Mr. angry RYU, he will kick us outta the manosphere…

  3. For some strange reason I decided to watch this video.
    My rebuttal. For your information Jew dude, there ARE reasonable reasons Jews are hated (google it). And Blacks etc.
    If White people had countries of their own we wouldn’t have these (White Supremacist) problems. Nature endowed all of us with racial awareness and a distrust of strangers.

    Jews came into our countries and told us race doesn’t matter but it does! Jews claim to be related to each other. DNA tests have ensued. http://www.cohen-levi.org/jewish_genes_and_genealogy/the_dna_chain_of_tradition.htm Jews taught us nepotism is bad while practicing it themselves. Very clever of you but it’s going to bite you in the ass. Jews started the NAACP to destroy Whites. I could go on and on but it’s all recorded in great detail on the internet.

    Sorry you are Jewish. You should escape to Israel.

  4. Not sure what to think of this stuff. I’m well armed, well trained and willing. I agree somewhat with statements made here, but this seems a bit over the top at times. We need to do a 1 on 1.

    • the old saying goes, if you want the same results, keep repeating what you did in the past.

      If you like McRomney and Jebbush – or vanishing Congressional “hearings” for Lois Lerner’s persecution of the TParty – stay the course.

    • Are you a 1% SPer? Survivalist/patriot? I recognize those greek letter things.

      Are you proud to be ex-SF? You know you supported the regime by pulling triggers for them, right?

      It’s a different thing to hold a gun for yourself, soldier. Killing without permission is a different game.

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