University of Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you heartiste irl?

hell no

Are you really gbmf?

HELL no lozzzzl – but I KNOW who is…


good genes, reinforced by harsh upbringing.

Your [sic] not married, have you ever been?

send me you measurements

who the hell is ed note?

*ugh* it’s editor terminology for “editor’s note”

What does CRUDD mean?

A hopelessly stupid individual fixated on Author Fame.  Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.
C = Chuk, RUDD = rudd.  Just think “CRAPP” and you’ll be O-K.

What’s the deal with Jen – are you fucking her?

Jayzuzz, whatta Creep

Why the hell do you spell AMERICA with small letters – are you stupid??

Any smartie can tell by my writing how massive my IQ is.  Small “a” has meaning and an implication – look at the glossary.  Get your own link, ya rude lazyass.

Firepower you fucking SHITE why do you “ednote” on other PEOPLES posts???

To keep my post count down and not skew the results.  Besides, anybody who is the #1 commenter on their own blog is a faggot.

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