Logically Sound

I despise injustice and political correctness on (what I’m sure is) a genetic level. I’ve grown intolerant of whining and whiners:  Whiners who never accomplish anything even after wise, repeated chastisement.  You can lead a horse to water, but…

I’ll not endure more of The Daily Outrage!™  – filling blogs as spew-content drivel, but is really just helpless, pointless venting.  And even worse – unmanly simpering.

To attract readers, WordPress recommends creating daily content; that, is too much like work I don’t get paid for. Sorry.

Better to write at least one good article a week as the format – like that thing once called “Time Magazine” used to do.   Plus, I’d rather have deep discussions on one subject, leading to even the remotest of productive conclusion, than see every day filled with The Latest Outrage!® that I mock so.  If I write more – lucky you!

But never expect The Blog Generation to have attention spans outlasting The Next Big Post!™.. on what was posted about a month ago…

For My Muse (The Lovely Mrs. Patricia Hanagan) I offer a quote of mine she missed, whilst staring at her tits:

This is what the Eradica concept stands for: These concepts that lay clearly right before our eyes and obviate extensive essay polemics to (likewise) clearly explain them. Simpler is better. Think Occam. We use our abilities to create needlessly complex concepts to display our writing prowess.

MOST use that skill to ‘grecycle their Online Careers by using another version of a Thesaurus to simply re-write and repeat the same idea to extend “the message” of their service life. Scheherazade Online…

The best of us will use that surplus brain power to focus on the How & Why after clearly explaining the What. Instead of creating a better, more verbose way to say “this certain issue sucks” we must devote the gray matter to planning a successful resistance once we’ve already described The Enemy.

Sad thing is:  Most readers know not who Scheherazade is, or the symbolism of the passage.  The Stupid won’t even click on the link.  You don’t even know wtf Time Magazine was…so, you are doomed to a life of enslavement.

Not me – I’ll be long gone before you’ve guzzled your 4th gallon of Chinese Jizz.

11 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi there, delighted to see this, and I completely approve of your ideas on blog format. Look forward to reading. This has made my weekend. 🙂

    Thanks too for the link.


    [ednote: poor sibby: she knew not what Free Speech was, nor the Experience therein…au revoir, mon cherie]

  2. Firepower, YOU are the baddest mutherfucker in THE valley. You kicked mucho ass at Roissy’s/Heartiste and are missed dude…..bring back the haiku.

    [ed note: Thank you very much. I am unsure if posting there is worth my time]

  3. Luff it, Darlin’. Please sign me yup? Could use a dose of True Manliness in this godsforsaken murkin wilderness. How are you with a chainsaw? xoxo

    [ednote: no body has ever complained
    about my chainsaw skillz

  4. Wow…:) I totally agree with you. Thank you for the feature on your blog…much respect. Keep writing!

  5. I don’t know where you got that picture, but it’s excellent.

    • I was compelled to create this “About” page before I opened the doors to Eradica.

      The picture sums up my anger in Our Obama Age at eternal ‘grecycling TDO
      at the expense of action, solutions.

  6. Is this blog run by multiple people?

  7. Funny, there is an aged whore named Scherazad who brags about the majority of her clientele being young men on youtube.

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