THE BEST OF THE BEST: Men Who Have Actually GAWIed Forever!

by Ryu

They exist. They are merely hard to find, in all senses of the word.

I know this site seems cryptic and secretive. That is because all of its authors
are criminals, who exist within the police state the former USA has become. The con code is a way of life, and we live it. And in the criminal world, you never say more than necessary or ask questions.

Nonetheless, we offer here a list of KNOWN men and women who have GAWIed to this very day, and who have committed crimes against the state. There are also unknowns.

Disappeared – as in NEVER CAUGHT. They escaped The System. The “long arm of the law” didn’t touch them.

By studying their example, one might learn useful information. WNs as a whole seem to be captive to “wishful thinking”, rather than believing in work and study.

You will not advance in your WN unless you train. That is up to you. YOU determine your power level.

5 Comments to “THE BEST OF THE BEST: Men Who Have Actually GAWIed Forever!”

  1. I think “we” need to assume that a lot of those not caught aren’t being sought. The cyst-STEM is “radical autonomy” and “self-annihilation.” Those who aren’t caught and seemingly disappear are “radical autonomy” and “self-annihilation.” There is some kind of symbiotic aggression.

    The real “criminals” of our time are the “white supremacists.” And until this latest hour, almost all were “caught” and captured within the prison cyst-STEM. Now, any Tom, Dick or Sherry can be a “white supremacist” just fixing to be “caught,” captured and publicly crucified.

    The real challenge is getting away with white Supremacy after NECESSARILY being “caught” by the cyst-STEM only to evade being “captured” by its dominating protocol.

  2. Vi devas lerni la Esperanta lingvon.

    • Ah, no we don’t.

      Ryu why do you think Whitey Bulgar finally got caught?

      • It is very hard to be on the run, in enemy territory, with no support. You might compare it to being an American soldier who escapes prison and has to live in that country still.

        He got comfortable. Human beings have limits. You can only stay on red alert vigilant for so long. Note well – cops and soldiers couldn’t do any better.

      • Will email you soon.

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