The Evils of Goodness and Obedience

by Ryu

We are seeing this thoroughly now.

In the former USA, there are many “good people”, “Christians” and so many soldiers/cops defending our liberties/freedoms. As of yet, none of these groups have done anything to arrest the development of the global police state, stop ZOG or even slow down the MSM. As I write this, I think of a “very good Christian” WN who as we speak, writes long posts on poetry, music and film while the world around him rots.

“Good” in the current struggle means pro-status quo, pro-System. “Evil” means forces which are aiming to destroy and subvert the current order, like BLM, Russia, China, IRAN, criminals and ISIS. The vast majority of forces and people today are for law and order, even when the laws do not work in their favor, even when the existing “order” is actively destroying their livelihood.

The purpose of this site is not to save the masses, or to save the white race. We are working only to save individuals. It was obvious even years ago, that many people want to die. Many WNs are actually in the entertainment business, not serious in their aims at all.

We maintain that few will become “evil” enough to do any damage to the System. We have tried to teach The Willing about the criminal world, about legal and illegal crime, about how cops and cons do exactly the same motions for different bosses, and about how to OPERATE and PROFIT inside of a full police 1984-style police surveillance state, which the USA now is.


Bob Matthews … probably the best leader of men WN ever had.

He had a problem. He wanted to fund and grow a movement; that costs money. With money, you can either earn it, counterfeit it, or steal it. Earning it takes too long. Counterfeiting is only legal for the Federal Reserve, but Bob tried that later, after moving to stealing it, the fastest way to obtain money in this world. Bob did not have the connections to “legally” steal money, as the biggest criminals in the world can do.

Bob had this terrific problem of not having a teacher. He had to learn how to rob banks by whatever method he could come up with.

He saw … that he had to turn to the criminal world. For a time, Bob did very well. He led a very successful group of bank robbers. Eventually, he broke the rules of the criminal world, trusted people he should not have, and it burned him. Literally, unfortunately.

IF you are a WN who wants to live on this Earth, you will have to learn how to do evil, from criminals. The more hated your teachers are by “The System”, the more effective their teaching.

Our eternal warning: you can build on greed and selfishness. Beware good people with their noble and pure intentions. Criminals and terrorists are more trustworthy than most normies.

5 Comments to “The Evils of Goodness and Obedience”

  1. How are you, dõomie? Still raising duck? That was a far seeing venture, survivalist should be praised. You must be thriving by now.

  2. Things are going well. I think the greatest part of living a simple, hard life, is that you do not become too attached to modern weaknesses.

    I hope things are well for you brother.

  3. Goodness and obedience should not be conflated.

    If true “goodness” can be evil then “radical autonomy” reigns supreme.

    Yet, one is acknowledging a “supremacy.”

    As such, evil is “supremacy.”

    Thus, “radical autonomy” (Good) opposes Supremacy (Evil).

    This then helps clarify one’s take on “white supremacy” (white evil).

  4. Roosh and pa continue to say Christians must obey their earthly masters, and their laws. This is very odd to me.

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