WCAM: All Murkans Just One Tweet Away From the Gutter

by Ryu

Ah, so much safety and security. Thank you, Murkan cops and soldiers, for your service!

One wrong word and it is all over for you.

WCAM notes the advent of Feudal Murka.

California is third world, Soylent future today. The rest of the US will follow shortly:

38 Comments to “WCAM: All Murkans Just One Tweet Away From the Gutter”

  1. Self employment helps!

  2. Youtube already took the videos down with their typical boilerplate Orwellian censorship text:

    If the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in.”

  3. California was 3rd world back in the 1990’s. It just took two decades for the stench to reach through the internet.

  4. *three, three decades. Cofee just hit me.

    • THis site is mostly dead, but I’m not! This is just old posts that were in the queue being posted on auto pilot. I haven’t written anything myself in a couple years. Probably why this site is still up, Colb.

  5. Oh I know. 100% ghost whisper these days around these parts. It actually takes some legwork now to access this place in terms of how obscure it has become in search pages. Place looks more underground railroad everyday. I figure as long as people still show up here to shoot the shit, it still serves a viable purpose.

  6. Not sure how long jewtube allows a video to stay up before pulling it down. But so far, it works for now.

  7. Halsey is a typical hoaxoco$t pushing jew, but he is in the most current alt-right circles so some of his content and guests are interesting. Brian Hendrix channel Kek Kitchen generally has some real talk in it too. If the dialogue is too slow, 2x speed is the way to go and for this episode, all the good shit is in the first hour. The rest is all bullshit not worth listenin to.

  8. Slow news cycle today as all of Ameriwakanda mourns for fucking Kobe Bryant. Jesus fucking christ, man. That nigger is so worthless to me, I haven’t seen any of his games, and not even on TV.

  9. Stopped paying attention to NBA back when Larry Bird retired. It pretty much became a no white man allowed sport by then.

  10. So Roosh conveniently found God when Yes Means Yes laws of 2016 and #metoo feminist campaigne of 2017 to present killed his PUA business prospects.

    Seems genuine enough, but keep in mind this is the same joker who brought us Neo-Masculinity back when rifts in the manosphere started drifting further apart..

    • Funny you mention that Colb. I am reading his newest article. Kind of shocks me – he sounds like Thordaddy!

      I barely know the nigger. I just remember he raped some white girl in colorado many years ago.

      Do you know what’s up with RSD? I look and they are promoting some cat named “Derek Moneyberg” – which sounds like something a WN would do. The dude looks like a retard, to be frank. Trolling? Almost sounds like Tyler is woke but covering up for some reason.

      Yeah bro. Too many WNs have forgotten Pizzagate and the satanic elite. Tex used to mention this alot. Nothing new about child sacrifice and jewish blood letting.

      • RSD faded away into obscurity back when video footage of one of the main RSD player/practioners abusing Japanese girls or he was bragging about it. Think that was 2017 or 2016.
        Interestingly enough, Krauser hasn’t been doing any PUA for the past year or so, and is more or less going down a similar path as Roosh, yet he is still doing pretty well sales wise with his Day Game Nitro series.

      • *RSD Julien; it was him and I think Tyler cut him loose after that incident to save face and keep RSD from going under. Both Krauser and RSD’s main audience is Europe as USA, Canada, UK, NZ, and Straya are no longer fertile grounds for pick up for obvious reasons. I know this from talking to people on MGTOW/reddit.

  11. I wonder if the Kobe Bryant death is part of the hollywood elites satanist blood in blood out ritual. Remember the media went this level of bat shit insane when Aliyaa’s private jet crashed off the runway.

  12. “– he sounds like Thordaddy!” the aspie Jesus kick, definitely. Just need to throw in some weird poetry with some HuWhite Supremacy versus white supremacy, and it’s like holy shit dude, it’s him! O_o

  13. Turns out the hunch was right, the Grammy Awards always happens the same day of said person gettin greased like clockwork;


  14. And Dalrock quits, but Rollo remains;


    Rollo’s Year One material is pretty much the only thing of value over there which he translated into the first book. Everything else after that is basically a major disappointment.

    • I know the name Dalrock but I only rarely read him. Ha – FP used to call him Dalcock.

      How are you doing otherwise, Colb? Making progress, getting what you want?

      • I get by well enough for now. I’m inbetween jobs in this gig economy where everything is part time and high turnover. Wouldn’t say I’m making progress or getting what I want, rather just learning to be content with where I’m at.

        FP called him Dalcock because the man was the usual blowhard tradcuck demanding men man up and marry those post wall/post cock carousel hags. FeministHater was the best poster over there, everyone else were basically tradcuck NPC’s.

      • >FP called him Dalcock because the man was the usual blowhard tradcuck demanding men man up and marry those post wall/post cock carousel hags.
        Shit. Sounds like Vox Day.

        I wonder if Vox Day is the same guy, between the “man up and marry dem sluts, you incels” and the obsession with niggerball. “Drink from this here poisoned well, and put yourself at 75% risk of getting divorce-raped and forced to pay child support for the next eighteen years, or else you’re a coward!” lolnope

  15. RSD Tyler’s latest look with that beard and sunglasses, I think he is trying to come off as some sort of Connor McGregor look alike. Prolly talk like him too, cuz he loves him some Irish bitches doncha know!

    • RSD closed up shop and deleted all their content and typing in their website leads to domain for sale. Not sure when that happened though I bet it was fairly recent.

  16. Vigilant Citizen is pretty good at documenting occult gangsta shit, but dude is just hardcore feminist cuck. I remember he said some stupid shit about feminism having good intentions with the first wave, so I replied in comment section, “nah man, it was always bad, this is how they really are in red tooth and claw.” and every sad sack of shit cuck and feminist sandbagged me with downvotes. Had to laugh cuz I know I’m on target when I get lots of flak.

  17. Nice to see someone is talking about the Mexican Beer Virus;
    FYI, Corona uses formaldehyde as hops in their beer as does Dosequis and Tecates. That’s why I personally boycott Mexican beer.

    • Ya know how I know the mexican beer virus is fake? Yahoo’s front page has a tab dedicated to coronavirus updates. 10 times out of 10, both MSN and Yahoo are “official narrative” outlets. Yahoo at least still has a comment section.

      • Plus, another big indicator of the mexican beer virus being fake is all the hollywood cooperation. Fucking Kylie Jenner telling everyone to take this shit seriously as there were many tourists at Myrtle Beach, Daytona, Destin, and Savannah for spring break this week. And all these hollywood and sports stars saying they’re infected, but showing no signs of illness. This is the mother of all false flags, bigger than 9/11/2001.

  18. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. Drooling mongoloid comfort whores trapped in the controllers cage will cry out peace and safety as the machine gun fire erupts.
    They’ll take the vaccine with the chip and enjoy rationing because we’re all comrades now, we’re in this together.
    Fuck that commie fairytale crap. The Law of the Jungle is the oldest law and it is not negotiable.
    Trash talking gibsmedat vibrant enrichers and foreigners (replacements) know what a steaming pile this we’re in it together agitprop is.

  19. Only because we are forced to be in this together. The longer this quarantine lasts, the more I expect the facade of civic manners to drop much sooner than later.

  20. Tweets are for queefy birdbrain mongoloid shit stain cunts.

  21. *nevermind, you were addressing OP.

  22. @No Thanks;
    Nah man, they ain’t the same guy. But the typecast of the cuck are legion

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