WNs Want a Dictator, Not a President

by Ryu

No one believes in freedom anymore.

Not the common man, nor the survivalists/patriots, nor WNs themselves.

But the difference is, we know it.

The magnitude of changes that nationalists demand cannot be met by any

democratic leader. The demographic struggle clearly demonstrates that

small measures will not curb the 70 million new minos who enter this world

each year.

However, life under a WN dictator will be freer than under the American

“democracy” – freer for the white man.

WN has always been about power. In truth, there is very little difference

between a system elite and a revolutionary leader; they are two sides of

the same coin. The same ambition is present in both.

System leaders currently are playing it like our revolutionary leaders

would in their place. They have made it so that one cannot win without

risking all. Voting, protests, are all half-measures. The only way to

truly “drain the swamp” is to kill the alligators.

Only those who can call the US a police state here and now understand what

freedom is. That number is very small.

One Comment to “WNs Want a Dictator, Not a President”

  1. To be elected, a dictator would have to have the style of a sensitive new age man, but speak the words of a radical realist.

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