Staying in Shape as You Grow Older

by Ryu

Arnold was about 45 when this scene was filmed.

Arnold has noted what many have learned, that one needs less weight as one gets more experience.

7 Comments to “Staying in Shape as You Grow Older”

  1. Less weight but greater frequency.
    Work out daily.
    Adjust your weight/intensity up or down till you can do it every day.

    • Yo wattup Marlon? Haven’t seen you for a long time! Were do you go, now that most of the alt right got censored? I’m mostly retired, these are all old articles that have been in the queue.

  2. I visited Kurt Saxon in a nursing home today
    Definitely stay fit and don’t end up like him

    • How does Kurtis look and how old is he? As good as Mike Brown? He looks good for his age, and is a personal trainer.

      • He’s in terrible shape
        An invalid from strokes
        A lifelong alcoholic
        Requested whiskey and weed
        So we’ll see

      • Ugh. But I understand it. The red pill is tough and man is a social animal.

        A mission would help him a lot more than booze or weed. One last mission. But only a CO can give it, a true peer.

        You know, as a man gets old in ZOG, we tend to forget that our enemies are human too. They can die too. It’s nice to see and feel that fact, once in a while.

  3. There’s nowhere to go; Anglin does daily News & Jews.
    Chechar is high on his own supply…man what to tell you.
    Was listening to some Owen Benjamin;
    No I am not into flat earth but he is in the countryside making babies and being Amish is working for him.

    I see my father breaking down, and man it is scary…aging.
    But all I can see is that you can’t “retire” mentally or physically.
    You have to keep pushing.

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