More Radical Forms of WN: Neo-Nazi Satanism

by Ryu

As a matter of practical experience, many WNs have found that WN only

moves in one direction – more extreme. Just as a miner seeks the pure

mineral, a white supremacist finds himself hunting the genuine article.

There is a very interesting “group” that one of our comrades introduced me

to: the Order of the Nine Angles. Here are some intruiging phrases:

“Individual growth through practical acts of risk, prowess and endurance.”

“Thus Satanism, the ONA assert, requires venturing into the realm of the

forbidden and illegal in order to shake the practitioner loose of cultural

and political conditioning.”

“The ONA does not initiate members into the group itself, but rather

expects an individual to initiate themselves.”

“members adopt “insight roles” within are anarchism, Neo-Nazism, and

Islamism, stating that aside from the personal benefits of such an

involvement, membership of these groups has the benefit of undermining the

Magian-Nazarene socio-political system of the West and thus helping to

bring about the instability from which a new order, the Imperium, can


“…no ONA nexion cells publicly admitted to carrying out a sacrifice in a

ritual manner, but that members had joined the police and military groups

in order to engage in legal violence and killing.”

4 Comments to “More Radical Forms of WN: Neo-Nazi Satanism”

  1. Glad to see you posting. Hope 2020 is bringing you health, wealth, and happiness.

    • You too…but I’m not posting, strictly speaking. The new stuff is just old articles in the queue. I think that may be why we are still up, and almost everyone else was shoahed.

  2. Revolutions are fought by many separate and sometimes frightening groups.

  3. “… but that members had joined the police and military groups
    in order to engage in legal violence and killing.”

    I met some Criminal Justice majors like that back in community college. They had the typical physionomy of what you would expect a shit head cop fuck to look like. Upon further investigation, they had other family members and friends currently on the force or retired. So no suprise there.

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