Capture The Flag

by Firepower

The left (LNs) is furious over every recent incident featuring their side doing the mayhem: Ferguson, Baltimo’, Polarbearing, Bundy Ranch – Daron Dylon Wint.

So, the LN is starving for another White Tim McV to come along and use as a scapegoat/whipping boy…especially in an upcoming Presidential election cycle…

It appears this predictable Liberal Media backlash campaign will again force whimpy whities to bow down to the MMM. No, Firepower does not like it: It’s just the way it is.

The LN is literally playing “capture the flag” with the Confederate banner; it is purely a symbolic trophy but that still means a great deal to a Party obsessed with emotion.

As I’ve stated long ago: The LN/MMM will fight like demons to retain power. They will stop at nothing. They will not cower in fear even if 1 Million goosestepping TPNs march in DC; they will respond with every weapon UncleBEAST owns and controls in the MMM arsenal.

Thus whites will retreat and lick The Master’s Whip Hand. It’s what they did in the TParty vs. IRS War. If you “believe” the LN failed to learn a lesson from that they you are guilty of underestimating your enemy – TOTE.

Wal-Mart and most large retailers immediately stopped selling the flag. They follow the Indian (dot head) feminist Governor of South Carolina.  Answer for yourself if that more resembles RushWORLD… or HILLARYWorld. You tell me who’s winning as we approach “independance” day.

Whomever is supplicant is slave.

20 Comments to “Capture The Flag”

  1. The cunts, north of the border, in these rain swept Isles, just can’t have enough of fighting about “flegs”.
    Only they tend to hurl lumps of concrete at each other, which is arguably a lot less tiresome, than having scholars of the “social sciences” lecture you on the symbolism of a piece of cloth.
    Here its drama, for white trash. in America, its a matter of concern for your “finest minds”. Now that’s what I call true democracy.

    • “Mockracy”
      …was never – ever – meant for coloreds and MINOs.

      Lincoln is to blame. All subsequent Murkans are: Not the Founders.

      • Well quite. It is about all “men” have a right, to have an equal say in government, through the vote.
        Somehow this has been interpreted as all primates of the human species. Worked out so well in Rhodesia and South Effricar.

      • …interpreted as all primates of the human species. Worked out so well in Rhodesia

        As with Civil War US slavery, Rhodesia, S.Africa and pakis given Preferential Treatment in the UK – ALL these colored “movements” were given their triumph by LN whites.

        No colored has ever won their freedoms.

        NO LN white cares about the failure of Rhodesia or any of the others I mentioned: LNs ignore their failures ad do The Peeple.

        Symbols are only potent when…they are. Few think of them until they become apparent. The wise see them long before.

        The confedflag is not a powerful symbol anymore and hasn’t been for a long time; perhaps 1980.
        Persecuting the flag has now become the powerful symbol…just like the swastika example.

      • That which we repress, grows stronger.

        They are giving tremendous power to the swastika, and the rebel flag. Even to the WN movement itself. We are WORTHY of repression, in their eyes. It means there is something in it they fear.

        If they were more cunning, they might just ignore us. Even smarter, just throw us a small bone and it would content most WNs.

      • Colin…

        When contemplating the true believers, one has to take “equality” to its logical convulsion and then BE CERTTAIN that this is where the herd will go!!!

        The logical endpoint of “equality” is the realty of The Redundant Phenomenon… Infinite regress… General Entropy… A universe sans The Singularity and all subsequent singularities… “Life” is only the EXACT SAME fundamental phenomenon occuring over and over again. Something from nothing. Something from nothing. Something from nothing. The “metaphysics” of real magic-thinking.

  2. Side issue – Obongo to step in and expose the likes of you FP and Ryu. Quake in your boots m80’s

    • Obama is Victor.
      He is merely mopping up the stragglers for arrest and execution.
      Just like Cromwell in Ireland.
      Like the Allies roundin’up an’ killin’ natzis in post-ww2 europe.

      MINOs rule Murka and have for a long time despite blogs like mine.

      Tom Jefferson once spoke for all mankind, all White Men – at least all Americans.
      So now, he speaks for me personally

      “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

      MurkanGOV must be altered, abolished then eradicated. All MINOs must be abolished and a NewGOV based on our Founders’ principles must be instituted where MINOs are eradicated.

      Murka would then vanish to be restored with a renewed America. It wouldn’t even take 18 months. Then, the entire Anglosphere would also be restored. If it does not come to pass, then it all grows darker until one day it is BrazilAfrica.

      • FP: Manhattan is growing darker by the day. Certain areas used to be lumprenprole cucarachas, but now Hispanics are scurrying away to places like Latin Florida which is their home state. This void is gradually being filled up by niggas.

        Murka is gone. Just look at the chumps in NYC who watch nigga ball at the bars every weekend, after a full week of Wall St fiat money. Despite all the doom and gloom, let the good times roll baby. The rich aren’t immune, they’re just buying more time.

      • xtian Romans ignored the Goth threat outside the very city walls to continue Coliseum game entertainment.

        I can not believe Manhattan is some colored shithole as you describe. You may see coloreds there, but most do not live on The Emerald Isle.
        P-Diddy n’ JayZ don’t count ya know…

      • When there is disagreement betewen theory and reality, theory is wrong. JS is our correspondant on the ground.

        JS, are these cultured coloreds or niggers that you see? You know the diff.

      • Blacks are approx 17% of Manhattan – far less than all other urban cities. Compare to Detroit, LA, St. Lois, Atlanta and Chicago etc., that are majority colored. The next step in assessment is researching these manhattan blacks’ income; I posit most are super-wealthy financiers, lawyers, Hillary lobbyists and sports “stars”.

        wns may hate coloreds so much, that just one on their own street “colors” (pun intended) their judgement to see “cullurds evur-whare!” lol

        Sometimes field agents cannot see the forest for being among the trees.

        either way, it has nothing to do with the topic I wrote…

      • FP: 99.999…% of Manhattan’s menial servants are coloreds.

        There are still plenty of housing projects in several areas of Manhattan. Cucarachas are leaving them, niggas are replacing them. Some of them border luxury housing for SWPLs.

        I know of a luxury housing which has been inviting niggas into its playgrounds from the neighboring area. The SWPL tenants have been trying to get rid of them, but of no avail. They need to install gates, which I think it will happen in the near future.

        One may ask, so how did this MINO infestation in Manhattan become a reality? The same question as to why Murka has been hijacked by MINOs. No one really seem to know, but it’s a problem for those who care.

        FP: Manhattan is cognitive dissonance.

        Public schools which are located in the wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan are mostly filled with coloreds from poor neighborhoods. The wealthy White residents don’t send their children into their neighborhood public school so they can play with the darkies. Never did and never will.

        De Blasio must be celebratory. Obomba must be celebratory. I’m celebratory.

        The Emerald Isle no more!

      • Just look at these atrocious housing projects which is 100% lumprenprole colored. The tenants are SPICs, but again, cucarachas are leaving them in droves. So who are replacing them? You know who!

        These buildings for our beloved colored vermin are located in one of the wealthiest sections of Manhattan lined with exquisite restaurants and 500 dollar tickets for a Beethoven Concert.

        The Liberals really got what they wanted. It’s time for them to own their problem, or better yet, “I’m so happy, that Tyrone is now my neighborhood”.

      • One must understand that with a darkie prez, and LNs are in full force, colored miscreants have been emboldened, and that includes Manhattan with a self annihilating liberal mayor!

      • 17% blackie in Manhattan is a large number, for an island that boasts SWPLand. Now that we have a LN mayor, a disciple of the former nigga mayor dingaling, expect Manhattan to be a less desirable place. Because LNs whine about colored inequality and forced integration minute after minute, day after day!

        [ed note: brooklyn is about 85% colored – THAT is noteworthy. esp. compared to manhattan’s LOW number of them 1mile away]

      • Ryu: Cultured colored is an oxymoron. The median income levels for niggas in NYC is actually higher than that of colored friendly, Atlanta, Georgia, which brings to the point that nigs are the same everywhere.

        NYC is no different from Baltimore, when it comes to niggas. The only difference is the ones in NYC are slightly more behaved, because hefty tax dollars are used to quell their discontent. Baltimore can’t afford a few bags of lollipops per nigga household like NYC does. Also, most of these chocolate sewage towns aren’t like Manhattan, where there are gazillions of best buys, staples, and other mega corporate outlets that hire exclusively gazillions of lumprenprole coloreds, from the surrounding outskirts like the Bronx and the also holdover colored scum from Manhattan.

    • That’s exactly why we have no groups in “The Free USA.” They don’t work out today. I tell anyone who will listen NOT to join groups. If you need to act, do it alone and don’t tell anyone.

      They should be paying us. WN means job security for hordes of counterterrorist workers.

      • “We” must build the reality of legitimate eradication for future wS…

        The game of the RA is free will/parasite… Human/nonhuman… Agency/no agency….

        And the Benny Hill nature of the modern right is to show overly extravagant compassion when playing parasite and despaired acquiescing when human…

        For the white Supremacist, the “game” must be taken to another level… ACCEPT accountability for your acts of radical autonomy OR DEMAND eradication as insatiable parasite…


  3. Unlike the pathologically-deracinated ideo-religiosity of Islam, white Supremacy DOES NOT SEEK to capture and submit, convert or kill the anti-Supremacist UNLESS said anti-Supremacist SHOWS ITSELF to be of absolutely parasitic nature, ie., lacks human free will and is possessed by an insatiable appetite, AND THUS MANDATES eradication…

    So essentially, “they” want “liberation” without separation and “we” want separation without “liberation…”

    BUT THE LOGIC portends that “they” are ASKING… DEMANDING annihilation… And “we” must deliver them.

    Only the genuine white Supremacist can operate righteously in this scenario. All others simply engage in murderous self-annihilation.

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