Censorship Processes

by Firepower

hmmm…Firepower’s Books Mysteriously Iz ALL Burnt!

We see it and know it is there – but how does it begin?

There is no better case than a current one to illustrate the totality of The Modern Police State control of media and public opinion.  It is important, for in Murka, opinion is all we have anymore. Revolution is obsolete when tweeeeeetz carry the day.

If Murkans are so lazy they can’t wait to cook even pre-fab soup on a stove because they prefer to microwave it, toughing it out at Valley Forge is as alien a concept as a Millennial who cuts his parents’ single mom’s lawn.

Although most won’t admit it for fear of the PC Police, they suspect all media is …….……controlled by jews because even mentioning it is taboo. Too illustrate the paranoid silliness of it all, even calling a jew a “jew” is seen as racist by the Pavlovian PC. The word itself is a slur.

Jews control media because it is the cheapest method to control millions.

Jews control the PC Media so they control all censorship. When they detect even a scintilla of kinda/maybe potential of “anti-semitism” they attack, then communicate within their network, to BAN the new potential threat and stamp it out. Nip it in the bud.

For example, twitter’s jew lawyers are contacted by another jew clan with a complaint, then the party that offended whatever jew is swiftly suppressed, censored and demonized. You’ve seen it thousands of times: An offended jew has The Power to eradicate Free Speech in stages; this is a victory for them.

Once this is secured, the jew leadership falange of the FFOL alerts all other subordinate falanges to unite and prepare similar campaigns against the new threat. Simple criticism of jew media quickly becomes Black Lives Matter and cause to amnesty the next Million Migger March over the border. Faggots march against the Confederate Flag.

Afterward, the jew owners and jew lawyers get together and celebrate with a lavish dinner in a five-star Manhattan restaurant then depart for desert with $5,000 a night Shiksa co-ed callgirls.

Then, they seek their next target.

26 Comments to “Censorship Processes”

  1. Rooshi published a letter that he says came from an elite, FP.

    All of those social media places are now enacting the same policies: censor non-LN ideas. And at the same time. What a magical coincidence. No matter. We can just change our language and words. It might even radicalize WNs into truly seeing that they live in a police state.

    Keep backing up this site on a regular basis, FP. It wouldn’t take much for the USG to lock WNs out of the internet, at least for a day or two.

    • Looks like US mil wants to completely integrate da wominz and men. Good stuff. I hope they keep it coming.

    • The censorship process of ‘social media’ is different than the process of the category of Propaganda Media and in that, NEWSProp is different from MOVIEProp. These are my terms, btw.

      SocialPROP begins its censorship process by demanding personal info like tx# and/or physical addy to “help secure your account” LMAO. The jewLN know this is enough to repel conservatypes – and higher radicals like us. DISQUS does it. Saw an article lately where most NewsPROPapers now don’t even ‘permit’ comments.

      This is bc all comments reflect the readers’ complete hatred…
      for NewsPROP…

      What’s left is only LNs – the way it was in the Good OLD Days of PRE-FOX TV Nooz w/ those Brokaw/Jennings cocksuckers.

    • Perhaps make a mirror site somewhere or something. Keep it private and unveil it if this one gets shut down.

  2. Comments sections. The Brit papers are really funny here. I’m not talking quality leftie, shit here, like the Guardian, where they have “humans” scanning for posts that are off message.
    I’m talking about a less firm stool, such as the Independent, that can only afford bots and pakis. When they publish an article, that could stir the wrath of even the dimmest white. They don’t allow a comments section.

    • All Anglophone nations have high income inequality, and a large contingent of poor coloreds, who will eagerly work for their wealthy elite masters, much more than the native proletariate, in their perpetual drunken stupor.

      Anglo-Capitalism doesn’t care about your race, feelings or identity, only exploiting you for your money. Deustchlanden and the Eiffel Tower of Babel follow the same corporate protocol….

      • Wots wiv this “eagerly work” shit?

      • In FishnChipastan, plenty of black mamas are coming from Jamaica to babysit the Prince Harry types. That’s a great example!

        Cabbies = pakistani, doctors = dots, factory workers = muzzies

        then you have the lazy parastic jew, like that of Murka. He reads the word of god at your expense, produces a dozen kids with your money in the name of yahweewee!

        blacks = no need for rubbish talk.

      • JS, what does Spain think of its neighbors Portugal and then France?

      • LOL I didn’t know that about Prince Harry. What a comedy paradise the UK is, I’ll have to check out “Hello” magazine. You’ll probably find a West Indies nigger, is just about the only darkie they can trust nowadays.

    • I retaliate with my OWN censorship – total censorship.

      I’ve long used a program called LeechBLOCK: It blocks me from giving moneymaking webhits to all LN fascists I find worthy of MY censoring.

      iirc, your Independent was one of the first I blocked years ago. Such rags have nothing worthy of my time.

      • FP: Small minded Jews think money only on the provincial, with local coloreds and the “goyim”.

        Universal Globalists of varying identities, engage in worldwide deals and run their own profitable, demolition derby via war. Then they’ll import the migrant spoils into their lands and complete the cycle of profiteering.

        The micro and the macro working in sync!

      • The jew has long dreamt of world domination. Now, they’ve had it for decades.
        This mayhem you rail against is evidence I am correct.

      • I use the “Maxthon” browser with (free) “Ad block plus” – it pisses the Guardian off and they ask me to kindly consider subscribing or knock off my Ad Block.
        Maxthon is Chinky – And in truth, I don’t think the Chinese give a shit about me, and my browsing habits, Whereas the kidz @ Google would break their necks, to report my right wing terrorist exteeemizm, to the Feds and consequently to the Brits.

        [ed note: excellent apps are Ghostery and AdBlock Plus. still, the goal of the FFOL/MediaPROP is to shoo you away, thus silencing you]

  3. I have been criticized in the past for talking about Jews because suposedly it makes one look nutty. Of course it does. Our masters have used their media to condition our people to think that way.

    Has anyone read 1984? The Jew wants us to stop saying Kike, Nigger. Spic etc. because those words signify the concept that race exists. They believe if they can make these words go away, when we don’t even have words to describe such racial concepts, we wont even THINK such thought anymore. Race wont exist and these Jews can enslave us without a fight.

    • I have been criticized in the past for talking about Jews because suposedly it makes one look nutty. Of course it does.

      Our masters have used their media to condition our people to think that way

      Wishing it does not make you look nutty is just as bad as plowing ahead anyway, using the epithets and still further wishing they’d work. Wishing does not work. For anything. Ever.

      By your very own words, the media have conditioned The Peeple. That means they have accomplished a goal and it is now a policy that is in place – and rigorously enforced. The penalty for Niggerspickiking exists. It is real.

      The key observation you must internalize is the jew, the LN and the MMM won. It is their world. To the victor go the spoils.

      You do not have to submit to this, however. You can fight, but you must be as Sun-Tzu and know your terrain.

    • I have read 1984 many times. That’s where the US is today: a racist 1984.

      It is well to note, that in 1984 the middle class worked for the ruling class to enact all those police state records. In one part, this dude is bragging about eliminating words.

  4. The media in FULL jewPROP Mode is exemplified by Bloomberg.

    They screech about Iran capturing 10 sailor-dipshits, beating the Drum of War – all the while banning all comments – as their jewKIDZ stay as FAR AWAY FROM the cannonfodder military as possible.

    Go Ivy!

  5. Damn negro. FP is that you? I don’t remember leaving this article in the queue.

  6. Nice to see another article up, even if it is a blast from the past.

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