Eric Rudolph Shares Our Views on Cops and Soldiers

by Ryu

White cops and soldiers are suckers and marks. They are ZOG’s slave or zombie

Eric has said that he doesn’t understand why they serve The Beast. We do – most of the
white race, and white manhood is DEAD. Servants serve and “freedumb” is gone.

From “Lines of Drift”:

“I will never understand men like Gritz, why they serve a government that spits on them. Serving
three tours of duty in Vietnam, Bo poured his life into the jungles of Southeast Asia. He watched several
of his buddies die fighting in a war they were never allowed to win. And for what? So a bunch of Harvard
dilettantes in Washington could play geopolitical chess with their counterparts in Moscow? And when
veterans like Gritz returned home there were no brass bands, no “Welcome Home” parades.

Instead, a grateful nation sent a bunch of hippie punks to the airport to spit on them. Rather than being rewarded
with positions of honor, Vietnam veterans were shunted aside as just another victim class. Meanwhile,
those hippie punks who spat on them – who carried around Mao’s Little Red Book, who joined the
Students for a Democratic Society, who did everything they could to see that men like Gritz came home
in metal coffins – got the honor and positions of power. Bill Clinton cut his political teeth organizing antiwar
demonstrations in the 1960s. Such was the case with Clinton’s entire administration. While Gritz was
dodging Vietcong bullets, these hippie punks were waving a Vietcong flag at the Democratic National
Convention in Chicago in 1968.

But the government called Colonel Gritz to Andrews in the summer of 1998, and he came running
like a good little soldier. And I could say the same for the agents of the task force. Many were veterans.
Like Gritz, some had served in Vietnam. And I guess that most had a conservative worldview. Yet, here
they were serving as guard dogs for commie pimps like Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, people who deep
down would like nothing better than to spit on them. I will never understand that.”

Never lie to yourself.

Murkan cops and soldiers will NEVER wake up, unless the checks stop clearing. They’d
do anything for their ZOGbucks.

The biggest and most well-funded terror groups are in Manhattan and
Washington DC. Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh are the only two Murkan soldiers who have actually fought terror. The
rest are just mercenaries.

Give the Americans their due – which is nothing.

The only soldiers and cops who deserve respect are Tim McVeigh, Eric, Eugene de Koch, Barend Strydom,
and those others known to us.

22 Comments to “Eric Rudolph Shares Our Views on Cops and Soldiers”

  1. What are your thoughts on Brenton Tarrant’s direct action?

  2. Eric Rudolph has his head in the right place, but forgets that his head is above the large mass of whites who “serve.” At the same time, many “whites” who “serve” are literal mercenaries and Rudolph’s mindfulness is absolutely irrelevant. The slave class can, in the aggregate, be milked just enough to keep Jewsuit soldiers fed, clothed and roofed. When one fashions both sides, “default” is a winner, too.

    Every white boy has to make a choice.

  3. Always remember the heroes.

  4. Have you studied Bonnie and Clyde much?

    • Why? They robbed banks back when money actually used to be in them, then they got shot. What else is there to know about them?

    • Actually, there is a modern bank robber who was quite successful. He studied it, much like bob Matthews did. But the new guy turned himself in. He got spooked and lost his nerve.

      I am glad you’re still around, Erinica

  5. “Murkan cops and soldiers will NEVER wake up, unless the checks stop clearing. They’d
    do anything for their ZOGbucks. ”

    Because they know there is nothing else for them out there, other than competing for shitty retail and food service work. That’s why. The trades only hire family and friends and friends of friends. There is no apprenticeship programs where the average joe can just go there and sign up. Commercial driving trucks is the only one I know of that does.

    • Relampago furioso drives truck, bro. Says it’s a sweatshop on wheels.

      • He is probably right, but since there is a major shortage of licensed experienced drivers, he has some leverage others who are just starting don’t. Plus, he is still doing it to have is six month annual vacations in Mexico or where ever he goes. I would be doing the same were I not obligationally tied to where I’m at right now.

      • Colby, where does everyone go now, that roosh is gone and roissy banned? The red pill community must be in shambles.

  6. People still post at Rollo’s blog, though the demographic there is mostly all Older Married Guys. People still post at RVF, but the demographic is the same. If you’re talking about PUA, it went back to obscure blogs few people ever frequent. As far as Roissy’s real talk, he is still on Gab and there is some regulars over at PA’s blog. But for the most part, the alt-right has been effectively decimated.

    • decimated outside of 8 chan anyways.

      • And now the cucks are no doubt talking about shutting down 8chan. Time to take hate mainstream out in the open where it belongs. Wonder how long it will take to cleanse a Walmart.

    • Well, maybe its better that way. We get stronger in the shadows anyways. I think PUA and WN were getting to “mainstream” anyway, diluting our message and ‘purity.’ Maybe something new can take its place.

  7. somewhat related to topic;

  8. How are you still here? I’ve been shoah’d by WordPress, need to get my blog back up elsewhere.

    • LOL thrashy I saw that. Right after your article on how you weren’t scared anymore.

      You attract a bad element. Maybe you’re a racist!

      I am sorry about it. I know all about that danger. Email me – you got my email somewhere, right? Maybe I’ll hit you up in the next few days, if I have time. I’m somewhat inactive now, but can make time for you.

  9. Looks like Mindweapons in Ragnarok and Aryanskynet have also both been deplatformed..

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