StrongWatch: “Freedom on the Move”

by Ryu

Ahhhh can you feel all the freedom and liberty yet? ZOG certainly has a sense of humor when they name their police state technologies.

StrongWatch is a new police super-surveilleance cameras that sit on top of a crane about 30 feet high. It can see up to 5 miles away.

Let me correct some errors in the article. The police are legally allowed to lie to the public.

IT IS an investigative tool.

IT HAS audio capabilities.

IT HAS Facial recognition.

23 Comments to “StrongWatch: “Freedom on the Move””

  1. Thought the feds got you

  2. How about those anti cam aps

    • Nope, Jaeger. Just keeping my head down and doing other things. The only reason I’m alive and free is because I live a mostly pre 1990 existence, like Ted.

      The white race isn’t ready now. Like your story of the 2 generations in the wilderness.

      I’m not “back”, I just don’t have net access most of the time, guys. But…I’ll always be watching.

  3. Freedom for them and not for you.
    Good to see you back

  4. Look out, law enforcers! StrongWatch is here!

  5. Daily Outrage

  6. Been feeling depressed a long time … a type of existential anomie, a hopeless despair of the anticipation of decline.

    But I’m feeling a bit better this morning.

  7. Yo Ryu,

    Long time no see bro. Get on best gore and watch that nz shooting. No better example of deep state crisis actor chicanery. Guy shoots 3 ar15s total probably at least 5 thirty round clips in each into 40 people and NO blood splattered or any gore whatsoever.

    The Baron

    • I’m still alive, and free (for now.) Just resting, and away from da net most of the time.

      • It would be crazy for white (S)upremacy to forfeit the “virtual reality” to suboptimality.

        Even when you tap a single key on a lifeless computer, you move matter universally.

      • Good to hear. Screw the internet for the most part too much negativity and bs.

        Your friend,
        The Baron

  8. I don’t think the shooting is fake. Not sure what real motives are yet.

    A lot of people comment on the gore… I can tell you, there is nothing strange going on as far as that’s concerned.

    • How so doom? I got friends who work as er nurses in coon town, and one that works as a paramedic in the same area. They alll say u can bleed profusely from even a small caliber pistol round, let alone .223 or 5.56 from a high powered rifle. I’ll rewatch the video. But it’s strange the first wog he shoots in mosque doorway is extremely yet you see no blood. Also when he’s firing into piles of bodies there is no blood or visible exit wounds. Also while walking on the city sidewalk towards the mosque, multiple cars pass with an unobstructed view and do not speed up. He passes an elderly man in a white short dress shirt who can obviously he’s carrying a rifle decked out in full camp tactical gear? The man just walks by nonchalantly like it’s any other day.

  9. You do see blood in the video. When he walks back into the mosque to shoot the people huddled in the corners on the left and right. When he comes back into the entrance you see the first people shot with pools of blood around them.

    People are expecting all kinds of sights, but they don’t always happen… It’s all situational.

    I will give you a very extreme example. One time I shot a raccoon with a Mosin Nagant, which is chambered in 7.62×54. I didn’t see much blood but I knew I hit it… Instead I saw a small pile of steaming corn. I had shot it in the stomach. The coon climbed down from a tree, growling and crawled away from me, but its intestines fell out and got tangled in some weeds. The coon stopped, pulled its intestines towards it with front paws, and placed them in its mouth so it could continue crawling away from me.

    There was hardly any blood (or at least I don’t remember much) and yet this was all very graphic. Other times I shot coons with the same round it was just a huge mess.

    Now look again at the part where the shooter hits the lady and she falls near his car. Look at what happens when he shoots her twice. This is very realistic to me. Remember, people said the same thing about when that cop was shot in France during that Hebdo shooting. They all thought it was fake because no blood was spotted instantaneously. You won’t always see it right away!

  10. I’m not saying people should trust everything the government says, I’m just looking at this from a blood/gore perspective. Things don’t always go the way you expect. Look at the video of those two Brazilian kids who shot up their school. To me, the blood pooling is consistent with what you see in Christchurch and things I’ve seen in real life.

    • It doesn’t matter whether it was real or “fake.” What matters is whether it is an act of “white supremacy?” And both “sides” are somesuch liars with their answers..

      • Was it? How are both sides liars? Who are the sides? I’ve never got you Thor, not trying to be insulting, just curious.

      • BJE

        The {{{enemy’s}}} articulation of “white (s)upremacy” is, first and foremost, ENTIRELY SELF-SERVING. Ideologically, “white (s)upremacy” is a perverted degeneracy. The radical’s inversion of reality being:

        supremacy = degeneracy.

        Ergo, the “white (s)upremacist” is a white degenerate.

        This is the {{{enemy’s}}} frame.


        White (S)upremacy IS REAL and DEFINED UNASSAILABLY (read: cannot be deconstructed NOR incorrigibly coexist with jew-nigger).

        White men who believe in and therefore strive towards objective (S)upremacy as white men ARE white (S)upremacists. PERIOD.

        Now with an “event” like this, one can easily recognize THAT ALL SIDES only acknowledge “white (s)upremacy” (read: white degeneracy) whether it be by extrapolating “white supremacy” to every other happening (the radical “left”) or subconsciously denying “it” absolutely in knee-jerk fashion (the cucked “right”).

        Of course, in the proper order of things, wherever there are instances of “(s)upremacy” there is an instance of (S)upremacy.

        Implicit to a desire for objective (S)upremacy is separation from the dull mass. Separation is the “bridge” between (S)upremacy and (s)upremacy which then “bridges” to anti-”white (s)upremacy.”

        The black pill is that the alt-rite is the MOST RADICAL of the radicals being JUST ONE STEP from genuine white (S)upremacy AND YET ULTIMATELY functioning as the STRONGEST mechanism for disenfranchised white boys to stay LOCKED INTO the “make tricks.”

        There is “white supremacy,” an enemy’s articulation, forever entangling white man with the para-sights.

        And there is white (S)upremacy…

        A hundred million white men’s vision of regenerative separation from the global horde.

      • So the manifesto gave us the answer. This individual was not seeking separation in the name of “white (s)upremacy,” but rather, “eco-fascism.”

        But it is neither here nor there at this point, because the radical “left” reflexively double-down on “white (s)upremacy” and the cucked “right” rejoice with, “See, it was really eco-fascism.”

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