New Word of the Day! “Transfer Case with Remains.”

by Ryu

That is the new Murka-speak for casket.

American cops and soldiers never die. They are impossible to shoot and take no casualties. When we fight a war, ONLY the enemy dies.

These are lies, but the Americans need to be lied to now. Anyone who think Americans value “truth”, or thinks that truth produces any effect, will be sorely disappointed.

Port Mortuary. Ramp Ceremony. Dignified Transfer.

When some rook-soldier scraps together the spaghetti and meatballs that are left after the Muzz smokes a Murkan, those are the new words used. Then it is thrown into the dirt for the maggots and flies to feast upon.

The hallmark of a dying country is this constant need and acceptance of lies.

One has to learn ALL ASPECTS of reality, not just the pretty and beautiful ones. Here is a video a dead pig decomposing. This is in both my and your future. Pigs because they are quite similar to humans.

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