Mass Rape: The Only Real Solution to Feminism

by Ryu

There is nothing new about multiculturalism, feminism, homosexual activism, mass immigration, or any of the other problems we face today.

They are all very ancient. America is playing out a story which was occured many, many times. The story was old when it happens in Athens:

“A nation and a people start out poor and oppressed. They rise up and become rich through masculine values. They initiate novelties like granting women voting rights. Men become women and woman becomes man. The nation declines and is invaded by foreigners. The foreigners rape the women, who then turn back to their men…”

The only thing that drives women back into the arms of their men, as this point in an empire, is rape. Logic and reason are now impotent.

Problems create their own solutions, which create new problems….

The beginnings of this are now occuring in Europe. Rape

epidemics in Sweden and Germany lead to nationalist

victories. The more rapes, the faster the change.

7 Comments to “Mass Rape: The Only Real Solution to Feminism”

  1. It’s gonna take a lot of rape.

  2. Yet “feminism” is dyke nature.

    And dyke nature is real “Butchie.”

    So the only “rapes” that are publicly condemned are those “rapes” that can lead to white babies.

    All other rapes simply r/evolutionary mootations.

  3. Whorefinder was definitely ahead of his time. God bless where ever he is.

  4. Was there a lot of raping during the revolutionary war in Murka?

  5. Prob not. The participants were all white. Gang rape is a black thing, for the most part.

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