Ever Heard of “Raceplay”?

by Ryu

I just heard about this. The end of civilizations sesms to bring about all manner of perversion.

Raceplay is when minos get calls spics, niggers, kike and it turns them on. Black women want to be sold at the plantation to da white massa.

Controversial letter goes viral as readers discuss 'race play,' a sexual fetish involving racial slurs


[TALK LIKE SEX]Race Play Ain’t for Everyone

Can Race Play Really Be Classified as a Kink?


This is the blog of a negress who likes white men.

Plantation Retreats are vacas for niggers who wants to pick da cotton.

I own negroid slaves.

Not everyone is a fan…

11 Responses to “Ever Heard of “Raceplay”?”

  1. Many are sheep.
    They need the lash.
    Nay..they crave it.

  2. People seem to need some kind of structure so they know their place in things. Since the West has lost any kind of structure (almost anything goes) you get this kinda stuff. This is the primary reason when Democracies ( or any kind of liberal government) start to get wishy-washy and collapse, they’re always followed by some kind of strong man who imposes order. People may not always like the new order, but they know how to deal with a structured society. It’s this soft squishy kind of social order that drives people nuts.

    • “Since the West has lost any kind of structure (almost anything goes) you get this kinda stuff.”

      It was always this way. Read up on the history of Miscegenation in the early American colonies, before the revolution up to the antebellum period and shortly after. Theres always been lots of race mixing going on at comparabale levels that we see today. (http://www.inquiriesjournal.com/articles/1674/sexual-relations-between-elite-white-women-and-enslaved-men-in-the-antebellum-south-a-socio-historical-analysis#header3page1)

      The only difference is today social environments are more integrated and almost all punitive measures have been abolished to stop miscegenation. So whereas in the past the unholy unions usually ended in forced coupling, dissimulation, and pariah status (mixed racial peoples and those with an affinity for miscegenation flock together) or didnt even form, today theres a new phenomenon. Youll see a whites with token black guys in their social groups with white women, yet they repeat the hidden narrative of anti-miscegenation, lest they be labeled a racist.

      In almost all cases the nigger is essentially a pet to the white women. Whereas in the case of a White Male dating another race the female serves the function of slave. This is the dating market (Serial Monogomy, ONS, Tyrsts, and Back room blow jobs). All the scientific studies focus on LTR (BF-GF) and Marriage behaviour. Nobody has done a study on how much Mixed Raced Sexual Contact is going on. I suspect its a lot higher than anyone is willing to admit.

  3. Black, brown, and yellow bitches be lusting after their snow kings.

  4. I notice that most of the people who dislike raceplay 1) know little about it and 2) have neo-segregationist agendas. But thank goodness we have PC meddlers to tell us how to conduct our sex lives.

  5. Most shameless race mixing takes place in and around military bases as that is what they’re all about.


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