The World’s Deadliest Martial Art

by Ryu


It’s not Krav Maga, Karate, MMA, Muay Thai or any of that. It is homicide, plain and simple.

Our DAAs are superior to any martial artist on the planet. All “fighting” is play, because it leaves the other man alive. If he is a man at all, he will take, and take, revenge.


No military or police force in the whole world fights fair. You already know this. “Backup” is the police calling for more bodies. “Support/Reinforcements” is the military asking for more bodies. Not one of them wants to fight on equal ground.

The great danger of MMA worship is that WNs should believe that is the way to do things – fighting in the octagon, with a referee, and having the ability to tap out at any period.

WN is about survival. Not “honor”, “duty” or “good and evil.” Whoever survives the future, wins. The skills WNs need to learn cannot be taught by any cop, soldier, or martial artist. Only terrorists and criminals can lead the way.

2 Comments to “The World’s Deadliest Martial Art”

  1. Yup. And no more announcing what you’re going to do ahead of time on the internet! Doh!

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