Dealing With Flaky Girls

by Firepower

Dealing with flakes is a lose-lose proposition – especially for the new pua. Flakes simply just aren’t worth the games.

I’m Only Here
For The Attention

Would she flake on Brad Pitt – not for all the diamonds in the world.

And therein lies the problem: Different degrees of respect:

  • If she snaps to attention based purely on social status – lose.
  • If she doesn’t crave you enough to care about your opinion – lose.
  • Wanting you around just to play games with: Double lose.

Does anybody think Pitt “won” The Game by “winning” Angelina Jolie? Really? I’m biased because I truly don’t find her attractive, but, he still looks pussy whipped – and even plastic surgery can’t hide that. What it takes to p-whip that guy – with all his opportunities – is painful to imagine.

If she’s a flake, and more significantly, a pain in the ass: Dump the bitch and get another. Wasting the efforts, blood and treasure of True Game on some flighty skank with a 56 IQ just because she has great tits is one of the stupidest things a real Man can do.  It takes time, reading, study and practice to become proficient at Game.  You learn it to get women – not just one.

Certainly not to waste your time and game on a flake – who disrespects you.

It is a diminishing pool of Good Ones out there, so spend your time on them – not a bitch.


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17 Comments to “Dealing With Flaky Girls”

  1. I thought is was just me that found Angelina a bit errrm ugly.
    Maybe you are right about Pitt – I thought his apparent stupidity (in that department) was something to do with being American and grossly rich. ie Concepts – to alien for me to conceive.

    ed note: I only found Jolie attractive in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She was either trying to convey (to the paying audience) more vain sexuality than Pitt – or, he had her ovulating in overdrive. Or, likely – both.

  2. I don’t like AJ. There’s her constant activism and bringing home strays from Africa. I do not understand what AJ has over Brad Pitt. I don’t know how he can sleep with such a woman. There was this huge push a few years ago to make AJ seem “glamorous.” Now he’s being cuckolded by a bunch of negroids.

  3. Hook me up with that illustration. You, Jane. Me, banana.

    ed note: ha – this was submitted by an adoring female fan claiming it’s her actual recent image. We’ll see.

  4. Fanning the flames, or flaming the fans? 🙂

    ed note: is that your REAL pic, be honest. twelve male readers want to meat you

  5. My gravatar? Of course! But I’m on mancation, so it looks like you’ve got Twelve Angry Men 🙂

    ed note: erm…so YOU WERE the one who sent the pic of NannerGirl
    nice abbies

    • No, I did not send the pic of NannerGirl (lol) nor am I in any way acquainted with said girl. Sorry to disappoint 😦

      [it’d better be you. ten guys offer their hand. Beta, but sweeet.]

      • My, they’re just dropping like flies! If I told you how I actually eat a banana, I bet we could really narrow the field. (Freud himself would shudder :))

        [do tell, missy. i will play matchmaker; it’s what i do. for a few bucks, i’ll send names, stats, measurments]

      • Well, first I peel the banana half-way down. Then, I break off the top part and eat that before proceeding to the second half. Its the only way for a modest girl to consume such a fruit 🙂

  6. Billy Bob Thornton once said it didn’t matter how beautifull a woman was if all she did was lie there, he said you might as well fuck a sofa. I always wondered if he meant AJ. It was said after they split up.

    ed note: i say he meant her. she strikes me as a bitch who demands service

  7. Not sure if you have moderation. My first comment disappearedo. So if this is a repeat I don’t apologize-moderation sucks.

    Billy Bob Thornton once said that it didn’t matter how beautiful a woman was if all she did was lie there. He said you might as well fuck a sofa. I always wondered if he meant AJ because it was said after their split.

    ed note: hey theres a LOT to be said for fuckin’ a sofa: no clap, no huge alimony, no preggers and all you get is crumb burn

  8. I’ve come to the reality that flakes are unavoidable.And that’s a fact.As much as I’d come across community guys’ articles saying about flake-proof shit:I don’t buy it.

    More so,girls flake due to nervouseness and anxiety than anything else.I guess that’s where good comfort-building skills come in.

    Through my sarging,I also notice that when the guy has too much social value,a girl will lesser social value and status will flake.That’s where calibration comes in.

    As far as Brad Pitt:I’m not even gonna go there lol.

    [ed note: i agree: comfort building skills are totally forgotten in today’s Kingdom of Alpha-NegLand. they’re not even mentioned. both they and calibration take brains and much of pua is only about dick]

    • Lol good point.

      BTW,about time your ass subscribed to my blog.I thought my Roissy bashing had you holding animosity.

      [he’s a big boy; he can take care of himself]

  9. I personally question exactly why you called this
    specific blog, “Dealing With Flaky Girls | Eradica”.
    Anyway I adored the blog!Thank you,Elijah

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