Action – Should Be – Easy

by Ryu

There are no bonus points for hard missions.

WNs who chase difficulty get caught easily. One might call this “over-leveraging”
or being “underfunded.”

The only way to make missions easy is to either improve your own skill level
or choose easier ops. There “should be” no shame in doing easy work. You build
experience and comfort in such a manner.

Curious WNs should examine the relationship between “climbing the ladder”, going for broke, and career length.

Eric Rudolph performed many missions. His career was long. He was indeed caught
after many years, when he was full of experience. He has also left his memoirs in a
book called “Lines of Drift.”

Anders performed only 2 missions and his action career was quite short; a day.
We salute his courage in doing the right thing, while noting he’d be able to do
more while free.

A slick WN DAA never pushes too hard or too far.

Always leave something in reserve. The key to GAWI is excess capacity. Leave a nice margin for error.

2 Comments to “Action – Should Be – Easy”

  1. His prison sentence is a walk in the park though.

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