Scary Arson Sabotage

by Firepower

now vat do ve do?!?

It appears the CurrentGEN of disarmed Socialist Krauts actually can & do project ScaryPower – without even… a M-m-mountain of Guns! Still, Murkans are far more scarier; they’ve had safes full of AR-15s & Remington 700s with expensive scopes and lasers – for years.

Despite surveillance by millionz of CCTV Ünkel Merkel stasi-cams, brash neonaz* actually gave further instructions on making firebombs and using explosives. I can’t determine how a €1 skimask defeats such Hi-Tech. Good thing Killary and her LN Ascendant have spycams and Spynets* of BIGov informers to completely neutralize SO76’s MOG or I couldn’t enjoy Antman and a brew.

Imagine if when coloreds of The BLM do this.  Good thing wites were neutralized long ago or HEROFireMEN!™ would get too much overtime.

*see glossary of Firepowerisms



26 Comments to “Scary Arson Sabotage”

  1. >now vat do ve do?!?
    Import another million, what else!

    Cameras covering public areas really aren’t that common in Germany, at least compared to Londonistan or NYC, and even if you capture something, it’s a coin toss if it will be allowed as evidence, it’s very hard to actually use home footage in a court of law, and if you want to install a security camera on your house, you have to put up a very visible sign, audio isn’t allowed at all, and it can’t be aimed directly at your neighbors or cover a public area.

    [ed note: yet, despite that freedom surpassing Murka, germany remains as docile in the face of Miggerizin’ Merkel as a kitten]

    • Ed is right – The Germans seem to becoming the Swedish of Europe. As for importing another million (as guest suggests) my guess is that Merkel would be game for it.

      There’s a problem however, even in the multiculti paradise that is at the heart of the new European Reich, there are problems.
      The Oirish give the figure of caring for an “asylum seeker” as €32K per annum, A figure which near enough matches that given by Her Majesty’s Exchequer of £STG 26K per mud hutter.

      So if we take the German 2015 camel jockey import figure as 1M – to make the sums easy, (though conservative estimates say its 1.1M) then to those of us who recall learning our logarithms, the exponential arithmetic is easy.
      The 2015 cost of Merkel’s compassion €32 B

      A sum rather larger than the €0.5 B that the Germans tell us they worried about going over in their budget. In a recent article in about German finances I read.
      So maybe they’re taking the Fat Frau at her word when she says she’ll be able to spread the cultural enrichers over the continent – who knows.

      Elsewhere I read that the EU Commission, a body of liberal nazis, which acts as Merkel’s rubber stamp, is offering €2K per mud hutter, to any nation wishing to help out. So far there haven’t been many takers.

      Maybe the fun’s just beginning.

      • As I recall they started off saying sand niggers would pay for the retirement of Germans.( sound familiar anyone?) or do the jobs Germans won’t do (even though they have high unemployment.) There is no way they can hide the fact that this is costing them incredible sums and it is making matters financially worse not better. They keep trying to raise the incredibly high taxes even more, but are being met with stiff resistance on that front. It’s not revolution in the streets, but baby steps. That’s about all we can expect for the moment.

    • Guest are those American laws? No audio? I think we are learning that cameras are pretty easy to fool. Just a hood over ones head should be enough. I’d prob add a scarf too if it were winter. Be creative and stylish!

  2. BLM doesn’t have the same motivation. They want to live off the white man’s system, while gaining more rights and protection within it. Hence, killing off white people and destroying infrastructure doesn’t help. And as “guest” notes, our security is probably better here in the States.

    The Germans are trying to prevent hordes of migrants from settling among them. It’s not really a war on migrants, but a war on migrant housing — the tool the currently hostile German central government is using to infect neighborhoods. If there’s nowhere to put them nearby, they’ll go somewhere else. Hence empty rooms, especially empty rooms that have been allocated to migrants, need to be made unavailable to them.

    • BLM is oblivious that destroying infrastructure does not help. BLM are not geniuses. Rats don’t care if Mankind goes extinct and all that groovy-grain is forever un-planted.

      Perhaps only 25% of Germans actively “try” preventing MiggerMuzz. The rest DGAF or actively support the Migger. If “trys” were jobs, every nigger would have a paycheck.

      If Germany discovered it more effective – and less risky – to attack buildings instead of Miggers, germans are adapting. This is Pure Strategy: Ten dead Miggers are easily replaced; Merkel just pulls eleven more out of her snatch – but buildings are expensive. Miggers, cheap. Buildings take time to replace, while Miggers are cheap.

      Imagine if 1957 Alabama’s Billy Goe-Ron-Jo-Donny discovered greater effectiveness not getting “Bad Press” shootin’ niggra schoolgirls but instead, burned down the Pioneer Negro Homes newly infecting a White Street of many generations.

      • Pretty much – Infrastructural damage is easy, and carries a medium jail term, if you get caught. Murder on the other hand gets you life. And the liberal press can make a really big deal about it.
        Though bizarrely a building has value and is thus an asset. Whereas a Nigger (since the abolition of slavery) has no value, and due to social welfare legislation is a liability.

      • carries a medium jail term, if you get caught.

        That’s sort of a peevishly craven way of looking at it.
        Structures are impossible to defend. Ask Mr. Maginot Line.
        Even a superDuperRyuCAM 2000!™ does little against a determined operator with a hoodie n’ IRA friendly skimask. Even the SuperWhipped Paranoids of Murkan “Activism” can figure out footprints are not fingerprints, nor do conflagrations efficiently preserve DNA.

      • There is one strategy I heard of that was amazing.

        The author suggested to pour gasoline and oil into sewer drains. Many gallons. Then ignite it. This renders them useless. It is terrifically expensive to fix.

        Also low risk. One just has to watch how he buys the stuff. If a case is big enough, investigators will watch many hours of CCTV and question everyone, the needle in haystack approach.

        [ed note: thats too much to ask from a people too scared to tell their neighbors to keep their dog quiet at 3am.]

      • It might be peevishly craven but its also a fact. (And I was expecting the observation from you). The Zippo can be more powerful than the AK.

        If we look at the way professionals wage war. Murican army for instance, they go for the infrastructure, any wogs are just a bonus. All major military campaigns go for the big money targets.
        Putin fucked over ISIS and the filthy Turk by bombing oil trucks. The wogs that got cooked in the cabs were just road kill.
        A terrorised sand nigger is a threat. A sand nigger with nowhere to sleep is one who wants to go back to his mud hut or sand wig wam.
        The people who import sand niggers are into money. If you were to kill thousands of sandniggers, there’s plenty more to replace them. If you start costing the people who import these cunts money, then they may get the message. A burnt hostel costs so much more than any number of dead sand niggers.
        Besides its high time some one thought of a good use for accountancy.

      • It might be peevishly craven but

        Wise revolutionaries SunTzu big Empire Enemies. 1776 did so, but LBJ’s bloodsucking vampire Pentagon “forgot” it in Nam; they had trainloads o’treasure and mountains of meat. Livin’ was easy. For Tricky Dick, too.
        But…Uncle Ho sure remembered. Nobody read the books I listed stuffed with his gook wisdom. He remembered it so well, he shoved a fish hook up the collective Murkan asshole.

        Wiserev demands when combating a larger, more powerful enemy, you do not attack that enemy. You become a Russian Cossack. You attack the goodies – the woundeds!

        Uncle Ho rarely faced-off against BigARMY. All those Murkan M48 Patton tanks wandering around trails. Lookin fer Charlie.
        While Charlie was torturing schoolteachers and village elders to extract info. Eradicating villages friendly to Uncle Sam to serve as a real warning.

        You do not attack the entire 1st HEROMarine Division. You attack on its isolated squad level. You attack its rest areas. You attack its safe families. Commies eradicated all stranded South Vietnam Government personnel and their families if they weren’t the lucky-suck-up ones shitting themselves shoving copters off carrier decks in ’75.

      • Didn’t the IRA finally get a ‘settlement’ when they switched from bombing the poor plods and instead switched to bombing costly real-estate like financial centers, etc. when they were closed (thus low/no casualties.) They were no more weeping mothers/kids to show on TV, just weeping billionaires as they examined their wallets.

        [ed note: ask Colin, our resident Expert O’Irish]

      • Drones make it pretty easy and cheap to deliver a small payload to the top of a structure, and the drone is reusable.

        It’s a shame to have to destroy perfectly good buildings. Under nicer conditions, it’s good to have some buildings available, some extra space to use as needed, etc. But even in good times you have to watch that to ensure it doesn’t attract the wrong sort of people, and in Germany’s current situation, all Merkel’s options (buildings that could house miggers) need to be eliminated.

        Sometimes, unbelievably, the miggers themselves burn down these buildings. They’ve said they want nicer digs. Of course what they need is a hole about 10 feet deep — that sort of dig.

      • I’ve got a drone, Arty.

        Those dudes are not that easy to drive. They are noisey and touchy. The smallest weight throws off the balance.

        Probably WNs will have to either specialize in drones, and drive one everyday, or just ignore them. It takes a skill.

      • I think you underestimate BLM in a way. For one thing, since they’re fomented and supported by white leftists, there will be some intelligence to their predations. For another, black people do just fine at small matters of self interest. The time it’s most important to count your change is when the cashier is black. They are very conscious and protective of their “civil rights” privileges. They are fine at communication skills and many have had good careers as entertainers. Think of the black “minstrel shows” — it must take a certain talent to do this. What they hardly ever have is abstract thinking ability, mathematics, engineering, etc. The skills needed to improve society rather than just milk it. So they’re expert milkers.

        Their pushing of the “white privilege” narrative acts as a distraction and deterrent to those seeking to cut down black privileges. They want the system in place, and I can’t say I’ve seen many examples of them acting contrary to that, even in moments of supposed loss of control. It’s all about the Benjamins to them. Notice how the mayor of Flint Michigan doesn’t want the pipes fixed, she wants money. The Governor offered to drink water from those pipes for a month. Nope not interested, she doesn’t care, she wants money.

      • footprints are not fingerprints

        But the shoes cash at goodwill. Get one size too big. Dispose of when mission complete.

        [ed note: i was being ironic; i KNEW you were bright enuff 2getit]

  3. “but buildings are expensive. Miggers, cheap. Buildings take time to replace, while Miggers are cheap.”

    For years some have been saying that we don’t really need to win a revolution militarily. Simply make it so expensive that the accountants call a halt to it. Most countries have so much unguarded infrastructure (public/private) that it would be the easiest approach to get things started. The elites would start to notice when they can only afford 5 harem girls instead of the usual dozen because they now have to employ half the population to keep the other half from burning everything down. It is also a good training ground. People start off with a little malicious mischief and graduate to higher things. Even genBrandon can still figure out how to ‘flick a Bic.’

    • we don’t really need to win a revolution militarily. Simply make it so expensive that the accountants call a halt

      A War of Attrition to the modern LN Ruling Class does not concern casualties n’ death…for they give not one shit about Ded Jordi. No. They care for money – gold for themselves and that hushpuppy money pile needed to fund welfare sops keeping coloreds at bay.

      Some smart LN bureaucrat has long ago told Obongo, Killery (and Our Future Historic President Chelsea) that the million$ required for securing each building are economically unfeasible against four bucks worth of gasoline.

      The MMM fears this, greatly.

      • I have 2nd thought about the MMM fearing its civilizians. Bread and circuses have kept wite in a lull for a long time, as with coloreds and miggas, and the effect will remain in effect for another decade or so. That time, Murkan elites could have abandoned ship, and left the country to its own devices between the lesser races and the proletariate. Many French Millionaires/Billionaires have already left Gaulia, as Eiffel Paris becomes the next towel of Babel. It’s only the poor, stupid and dumber, who are stationary.

        [ed note: MMM fear of citizens is like all liberal fear: irrational & emotional. they have little to fear from NRA wites slobbering over their dusty gunsafes. the MMM fears coloreds BLMs, Migger La Razas and IslaMuzz.]

  4. And what you guys think about this:

    Is Trump a LN, or all elites treated the same, with protection?

  5. “Infrastructural damage is easy, and carries a medium jail term, if you get caught.”

    Except penalties can always change. Just tack on racial motivation. And terrorism. And…

    • What we find is that when a crime is hard to solve, usually task forces or BigFed agencies.

      The ATF gets involved in arson investigations, when it starts to scare those with power.

  6. “The Zippo can be more powerful than the AK.”

    Indeed sir,I have said this many times and most especially since the SupaTac! Operator SWAT boys arrived to rip my house apart, terrorize, and defang me. They are basically attack dogs that walk on 2 legs re: intelligence level. Like FP said, guns guns OMG gunnnnssss!! So they came for my fancy toys and took them. Disarmed then, right? Not quite…

    This is because they are use to dealing with the lowest common denominator in which a firearm is the only thing they can imagine. There is one weapon that has been getting it done since man first decided to crush man’s head in with a rock or bone. It will -never- go out of style, ever. Just because the Geneva Convention frowns on incendiary weapons / devices that matters not to anyone else.

    Fire gets it done. Always has, always will. Flamethrowers, molotovs, firebombs, etc. are quite effective. Nogs can barely make lunch so expecting them to craft anything like this is absurd. White men? Different issue entirely.

    And all that Tacti-Cool gear you are wearing to stop kinetic energy weapons? Gonna be a BITCH to get out of it quickly when it is melting into your flesh. But, I perhaps say too much in a public forum…

    • Yeah funny, you bring up the bombing of Canary Wharf, with a bomb made essentially from a Ford Transit filled with agricultural fertilizer, moistened with diesel, and detonated by a flashlight with a broken bulb. But that was the one. Come to think of it.
      I remember all the press had to whine about was some unfortunate Paki who got moused in his newspaper kiosk. A hero who always turned up to his humble business early. (Like al Paki’s eh)

  7. Oh on an entirely separate note. (You really need a humour section FP). Colin’s Nigger Watch presents.- Niggers stealing water in London

  8. Was this from a couple of months ago? Can we get a link? You could put a space in it or something so the Jew website doesn’t get any link juice from your site.

    [ed note; LINK INSERTED]

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