Understanding White Pacifism

by Firepower

Victims of Polarbearing are actual, true victims – not Fake Victims like coloreds who feel oppressed because of “societal pressure” when not applauded for their 9th Welfare Baby.  Or GENBrandonJustins™  with Carpal Tunnel from 135 weekly hours on PlayStation.

In Obamonkey* Murka, real victims are swept under the rug. Polarbearing is Groundhog Day for Nooz: You only hear it for 4 minutes, then it disappears. Why, even in Bill-0-Blabberland!

Pay Attention:

If your neighbor has a sign on his lawn announcing: FREE Stuff – FREE TVs Food Pussy & XBox!  Come ON IN!  NO police!”

…and a mob of coloreds and border jumpers accept the invitation and loot the place bare…

…whose fault is it that Good Neighbor Witey got fucked?

Can you….…. really blame MINOs for snapping up all the free goodies Wite Hillary and Paul Ryan spread out for them?

created by the Great FP!And should¹ you “feel sorry for” the burgled moron?

There is no victim. The fool deserved what he got. Now YOU do not deserve it, but you are along for the cruise and that was immaterial to the passengers on the Titanic.

Adults – wise adults – excise the immaterial to focus on the true issue.


  • *see GLOSSARY of Firepowerisms
    ¹MRAs – note proper usage of word “should”

80 Comments to “Understanding White Pacifism”

  1. There were no armed guards on the Titanic forcing you to bend over tho…

    While the USG is pushing integration with FORCE
    it’s as voluntary as the crying for Kim Jong-il was.

    If the gov stepped out of it, people would part like the Red Sea before Moses!

    Speaking of lawns…

    It’s now to the point that banks make more money renting to minorities
    I know a guy who is the last Whitey and actual home owner on his street
    after 2008 most Whites moved out, and in came the unemployed dindus.

    The funny part is how their subsidized rent checks are double of what his monthly payment is!
    Of course now he can’t sell, they trashed the whole hood’ and property prices plummeted.

    Another circle jerk between the usual parties, like planet parenthood, sold as compassion.

    • There were no armed guards on the Titanic forcing you to bend over

      Redcoats were armed with both hi-tech weapons and State Authority as are today’s jackbooted government fascists. There is only one way to deal with tyranny, and 2016’s election ain’t it.

      SO76ers won their Liberty because they earned it. Reconquering Murka and reverting it back to America will be grim business. Today’s Murkans are not up to it.

      …it’s now to the point that banks make more money renting to minorities

      The jew has trained itself to prosper from misery. Especially the miseries it causes. It grew wealthier from shorting dying stocks post 9/11. It flourished packaging junk mortgages…to coloreds…into 2008’s Mortgage Crisis then zoomed to the pinnacle manipulating markets during The Great Recession.

      • White LEOs are the barrier from Murka to America. The smelly toxic cesspool placed by your local LN in your neighborhood is heavily guarded, and any cleanup efforts are stopped.

        [ed note: SWATZIS are ONLY effective against smaller, weaker opponents, Ryu will be cheered to know]

      • Yeah, but we’re all smaller and weaker than them FP. Only the cartels are equal or bigger.

      • Yeah, but we’re all smaller and weaker than them FP.

        Then wites truly lost the war. They must abandon futile talk of VRW/NSK triumph. They must prepare for The Enslavement by their new MINO Masters.

        To the victor go the spoils.
        Victors, write history.

      • One must face reality. There is no WN group that can match the police. They’ve got more money and more guns. Our last real chance was back in the early 80s. I’ve looked and studied hard.

        I believe all of this happened before, FP. 30K years ago in Europe and about 10K years ago. They didnt win by fighting. They had to flee. Once to Scandinavia and once to North America. We’ve never had the numbers to fight it out.

        [ed note: the “flee theory” is interesting, but remember, it likely was blacks that fled africa then evolved into whites after arriving]

      • No, no. American geneticists and archeologists are affected by the regime as much as psych and sociology are. Soviet scientists also had to produce results in line with their gov.

        Neanderthals were the original “Native Europeans”. They lived in northern Europe during the Ice Age. This harsh environment selected for caution, xenophobia, and long term planning, among other things.

        Then Homo Sapian came along. There was no peaceful coexistance. They vastly outnumberd the Thals, who had to control their population closely. Homo killed the thal men, took the thal women as camp whores, and used the hybrid children as shock troops/janissaries against the other thal tribes.

        Does this sound familiar yet?

        Modern whites owe the white part of them to the Thals. You must read Tex Arcane, FP. He has many missing pieces of the puzzle. It explains many things, from why survivalism is all white, to why our civilivations only last 200 years.


      • I’m still learning the theory, FP. It’s like Manson or Thordaddy. Some things take a long time to understand.

      • A lot of the amateur Neaderthal/Aryan jazz is tinfoilhatt stuff. A cousin to PeterPanzering VRW

        Neanderthals are extinct. They were eradicated by likely white Sapiens, maybe blax.
        There are no tal genes in modern sapiens; if you can even find a few individuals that merely look like them you’ve likely found mutants – or a 0000000.1% genetic link.


        Beware tarnishing your reputation with crackpot theories.

      • To most Americans, WN is tinfoil hat stuff. It was to me for a very long time.

        And here we are today, FP….most WNs are conservatives to us. The only interesting people are the crazy ones. You already know what happens to the normal ones.

        Gotta lose the fear, FP. Gamble a little.

        [ed note: educated minds do not have the luxury of promoting crackpot theory. they must promote truth]

      • JS, is there something in the culture of Phillipines and Columbia that values whiteness?

        I saw that Miss Uni thing. Virtually everyone in that contest was white or white-ish.

      • For the Philippines, I guess it’s self hatred.

        A few Latin American countries were smart enough to maintain blanqueamiento (which asserts a White majority and non-Whites assimilating into the White culture, and perhaps racial mixing to become more White. We and the rest of the Anglo outposts are doing the opposite, we neither integrate coloreds nor assert Whiteness. In fact, we are giving everything away to MINOs for free. Furthermore, Murka is strictly capitalistic: elites only care about earning a buck, and that includes throwing their own people under the bus, if necessary.

        Being on this site for quite sometime, and returning to NYC for the holidays temporarily, I’m able to fully convince myself that I will need to leave this nation indefinitely after seeing a complete MINOing of this country. It looks worse than a Brazil!

      • I hear Paraguay and Uruguay are nice, JS. Still have a white culture, and no one knows its there.

      • Yes, it’s a secret. Montreal is not that bad, comparing to anything downstate.

        Murka is a great country, if you ONLY want to make a lot of $$$$ and want to buy tons of junk with it. There is so much garbage up for grabs now. You just need a deep pockets.

        If you can get a fed job with Uncle Beast, you’re set until the LN MINO machine runs out of grease.

      • I have some Manhattan questions, JS.

        How do they get rid of their trash? They still have alleys with trash cans or dumpsters in them? Do they put cameras in the alleys also?

        What about cabs. Are they anonymous, or does one have to give a name and ID for them now?

      • Unlike Shieetcaago, NYC lack alleys where they throw and store their trash in them. They throw them on the sidewalks. Manhattan looks like an overpriced garbage dump.

        If you can take a bite out of the Big Apple, then you’re gold. The place has cameras everywhere and countless number of cops guarding tourist places like Times Sq. Manhattan is a mini police state. Elites in the enchanted isle need 24/7 overprotection.

        Guess who took out Manhattan a few years ago? Mother Nature knocked out the electrical grids on a cold rainy night leading to a complete blackout of Manhattan for several days. Elite pigs could not eat and shop in most places, because there was no electricity. There was no traffic lights and the place was full chaos until they fixed the grids.

      • 2Ryu:

        Due to js’ propensity in straying from topics…I will tell you what nyc does with its massive trash mountains.

        Gee~Whizz and go figure: NYC has a special dispensation; an indulgence and free pass to dump its trash into the sea off the East Coast. So much for PC~NYC “environmentalism.”

        Whatever toxic trash is too much and might get the attention of That Relentless Bloodhound Manhattan Press! gets shipped to NJ landfills. The mafia meadows.

      • Ryu asked me if there are alleyways for trash in NYC. He also asked me about the security measures. The Big Apple is an overpoliced-polis. Cameras are everywhere and cops are in large numbers, guarding key areas 24/7, including that power plant that was blown out by Hurricane Sandy a few years ago, which interestingly is in proximity to a ghetto. No wheatie liberal wants a power plant near them.

      • Awesome vid, JS. Very pretty. It was a transformer fire.

      • Notice the building lights were out after the second explosion. NYC has old infrastructure. I was hearing the news one time that a disruption of electrical power in NYC is a death sentence, which disrupts food supply. A lot of elitey pigs in Manhattan can’t cook or even fucking “boil water”. They rely on eateries and servants to feed them.

        [being SO rich you can eat out all the time – plus have servants – is THE hallmark of true wealth and absolute power]

      • JS, where are NYC’s homeless? I know it has them. There are a few places I know about. Obviously, they stay away from Manhattan.

      • They are plenty of homeless camping out on the streets now, because we have a LN mayor and perhaps his incompetent MINO staff, who allow all the vagrants to remain on the streets.

      • Wow. I’m surprised by that, FP. There was something I wanted to ask you.

        Why were the mental institutions in the US closed in the 80s and 70s- Money? It seems as if they just dumped them out on the streets.

      • FP Why were the mental institutions in the US closed in the 80s and 70s

        Money was a minor, secondary reason; SJW was #1.
        Liberalism grew in the era of:

        u mean, we-won
        world war 2?

        Movies were the main communication tool – the Internet of the past. The hollywood jew capitalized on this propaganda link.
        Weepy PC crap like Captain Carey, M.D. and especially The Snake Pit LIUFY
        More like them started a social riot – like the Prohibition foolishness.

        SJW commies try this uniquely Murkan Weeekness today through Black Lives Don’t Matter.

        Letting nuts out started in the same era of Civil Rights. All of this secular conscience was borne out of misplaced guilt for killing so many Krauts and Nips and destroying their buildings.

      • Riding a yellow cab in NYC is an anonymous affair. No driver asks for your id. Just don’t ride on Uber or a limo service!

      • The US was integrated by force. Remember the schools in the South had to be patrolled by national guardsmen with bayonets. They resisted hard, and lost.

        [ed note: this was done by HEROEisenhower!, who saw every challenge as a D-Day Nazi Killin’ exercise. as I state, it was Whites who destroyed America. Ike never lived near dirty, low-down coloreds]

      • Where Tex Arcane gets things really right as it relates to confronting the zeitgeist is just the very straightforward observation that “yes,” one can accurately judge most books by their covers. That ultimately, “pure thals” can just plain see other “pure thals” and the various melonhead/thal combos… In the same vain, the white Supremacist can just see his enemy when he sees his face. He will know by the cover on that book whether it need read or burnt.

      • The wn problem is not whether wn has enough intellectuals writing voluminous tomes about “Stygian Intelegentsia Interlopers Manipulating the Zeitgeist-Schmeitgeist“…

        BUT rather, being devoid of even the tiniest group that actually burns those books you speak of…

  2. Who funded SO76 FP? Or were they self-funded?

    [ed note: majority self-funded, with aid coming later from the French]

  3. The real issue is should we feel pity for whites anymore?
    [ed note: i do not categorize myself with wites killed donating Habitat Fo Humanity, or dying in Parisian Metal Clubz]

    Nope. But self pity isn’t a good thing. Probably minos and whites are equally responsible. This is why both a large number of whites and minos must be eliminated.

    • Nah… The real issue is whether there is such a thing as a diasporic “white” European nationalism where a collective mutual love exists???

      It does not… So “white” national socialism is a farce… “wn” is a farce… The dominant theme is STILL self-annihilation amongst “white” Europeans.

  4. I’m thinking, subconsciously Wheatie LEOs must think nigs are subhuman trash and deserve eradication:


    Another accidental shooting in the Windy Michigan mile. Too early to say LNs need to destroy their encroaching pets, because wheatie prole have been price out from Cheegytown.

    • This will surely further feed your NYCHate:

      We’re all sure Gordon Gekko, Berni Madoff~Munny and Kendall Jenner live small, like this.

      It’s glam; Mad Men ad men have convinced your fellow Manhattan Yuppies to downsize further.

      It’s “Derelicte” MUGATU style, in Zoolander.

      • FP: Ha! Closet homes were already in place when the Jewberg was mayor.

        [ed note: but not in mass-adverts intended for national distribution]

      • Even those “micro-homes” are overpriced. If only the price was micro also.

      • The true purpose of The Natural Man is to kill the enemy tribe and acquire the most loot.
        In that, the jew is the Perfect Human – according to td.

      • Some go for 3K a month. Only chumps would rent a box for that amount of money, including those who want to become the next Madoff, BankBernankie, fiat money junkie.

        Many Coloredz in NYC get to live in a $1500sq ft apt for nickels and dimes.

      • That’s 36K a year, JS. It’s insane. I can easily see how most have 2-3 jobs in NYC.

        What are the most common jobs for a fresh NYer, JS. Right off the bus?

        I’d bet restaurant, janitor, cabbie, something of that sort.

      • Many young GenBrandons live on their parents’ dime in NYC, while “looking” for work.

      • The 2 main residential demographics in Manhattan (and I say Manhattan, because it’s the enchanted isle) are wheatie liberals with money or a high paying job, and the rest are the colored minions who fetch and foot their stuff, either living in public housing or some other sec 8 arrangement.

        [ed note: we know this. we also know why it is done – then why even that is done: why do you think it is done?]

      • JS, where does NYC get its electrical power from, which power plants? Do they have above ground power poles or are they all underground now?

        There is a “metric” I use. If I go to work, how many cop cars do I pass on the way? Usually it is 2-6. How many did you see on your way to work?

      • Yes, power plants, one of them was knocked out during a Hurricane, and the reason for it, Murka is full of rotting crap that needs to be replaced.

        NYC – is home to wealthy LNs with their ageing infrastructure. But most people are oblivious to the problem. Everyone in the city is so concerned with money and the fun that comes with it.

      • I wish you could see NYC as I do, JS. There are many hidden places in that city.

      • NYC is GenBrandon in the Wonderland. It’s main power source is just located off a colored ghetto. Coloredz are just too dumb to do anything with it. They only commit petty crimes like stealing and raping.

      • What about trains, JS? Not communter trains. Rail lines that carry wheat, coal, things of that sort. Are there rails in or around NYC? Where’s the main railyard?

      • Commuter train stations are at various points in Manhattan, but rails that carry goods, are in upstate, not in the city. We have trucks for those.

      • Does FP like my comments on Lion, about JoOOS?

        Sheldon Silver, perhaps the most powerful Jew politician has a son-in-law who just got caught with his pants down with his penis dripping with urine from drinking & feasting from stolen money:


        In NYC, it’s wheatie chumps like that GenBrandon renting a microapt who provides a good life to these voracious royal parasites!!!!

      • using the word jew – even when speaking about an actual jew – is considered raaaaycis by sjws.

        $3 MILLION for 2 years in Camp Cupcake FedPen is something even Ryu’d do.
        Think of all the WNs he’d foster with a
        Captive audience

      • I don’t think FP reads Lion, JS. Neither do I. My “WN time” is maxed out. I can’t afford the time to visit anymore sites. I allocate about a hour each day to it, and don’t go over. It used to consume me.

      • Coloreds foot and fetch items for LNs, while wheatie chumps provide royal food and comfort to them, and Jews are overrepresented as glutton pigs with such royal treatment.

      • Ryu: We also have this merriment wonder. A great ride to survey the NYC skyline. It beats the subway or bus in terms of observation.

        Sadly, the cable cars that link to this remote destination known as Roosevelt Island, is infested with coloreds who live a subsidized life with their wealthy liberal masters. The rich live in nice apartments and the niggas live in their projects. A mini-Manhattan within Manhattan.

      • Thanks! I watched the whole thing. Many of the buildings in some sections are quite old. I didn’t see any cameras, but expected to see many.

        Where does NYC get its FRESHwater from? I imagine they must steal it from Lake Erie or Champlain.

        [ed note: There is a single pipeline/aqueduct from an upstate lake; might be champlain]

      • They get it from upstate which flows downstate to NYC. One important thing, upstate NY is not the same as NYC. Not many Jews live in upstate NY in large numbers, except the very religious one who are living on the gov’t dole (Jews are parasites nevertheless). Many working class wheaties call this region home working in farms and factories. The region consists of small towns and rural areas. One Murka strips of its working class wheaties, it will just die off, completely.

      • Believe me, there are cameras installed somewhere we can’t see, and those old buildings are where the elites live. It’s an elite neighborhood, despite its crummy appearance.

      • Ryu: This site tells you the wealthy LN neighborhoods and their poor MINO counterparts. Search for Manhattan. It still has a few MINO sections.


        The dark blue/turquoise areas are the money is. Upper Manhattan is MINO and parts of lower Manhattan is MINO. Anything in between is LN territory.

        Upper Manhattan has 2 beautiful landmarks, BOTH LOCATED in MINO sections, which is a pity!!!

        1) This Hispanic Society – Hispanic as in Spain, not SPIC. A museum and cultural center dedicated to everything Spain. Now located in a SPIC neighborhood. It was built long time ago, when the area was all White.


        2) Then we have the Cloisters, a Medieval landmark, which gives you a sense of the Middle Ages, when you walk into it. It’s in a park which is very nice, but once you leave it, it becomes a colored jungle.


        Again, the neighborhood was a White neighborhood, before LNs decided to install coloreds into it.

      • Search for Manhattan. It still has a few MINO sections.

        why does manhattan’s 000.4% MINO population concern you so?

      • Because I hate them, and I see them everyday when I’m in Manhattan. Their numbers are more than microscopic. A few wheatie tourists have been attacked in the past by visiting those landmarks, because they are in MINO shitholes. Is that relevant in the grander scheme of things?

        [nah. wites who won’t fight MINOs over mere landmarks they lived near deserve death for pretending they can tour them later]

        [ed note: many Whites – and even wites – hate MINOs. hatred is not enough]

      • This Manhattan neighborhood used to be all White. Now look at the current residents.

        These animals or schizo-savages will tell you that their home country is more important than Manhatty. Then why do they continue to reside in the enchanted isle? The same reason why LNs like Mayor bill dumbio hates his own people, yet continues to live in an all white section of town.

        [ed note: you see only 1990 manhattan. Spike Lee’s manhattan. you never realize it was full of the whop, PR, harlemite and irish criminal class 1890-1965]

      • Good finds. Thanks!

      • Ryu: Over the past week, we had a NBA niggaballer assaulted in a strip club located in a working class wheatie neighborhood, outside of Manhattan. They shot him, stole his money and ripped his gold teeth (lol). The perpetrators cannot be identified. Sources said they wore skiing masks. Working class wheatie sections in NYC are never policed like the eliteyhoods in Manhattan and have fewer cameras, because LNs don’t give a rat’s ass about them. It appears that this niggadumb was dining with his woman at a LN restaurant in Manhattan and then took an Uber cab to a prole neighborhood in the outskirts, to see topless wheatie sluts wrap their legs around a pole. Shieeet!


      • Good find, JS. Must have been a black assailant. Only they would know to look for gold teeth.

      • Ryu: A great example of what niggas do best. Hedonistic savages, with very little to show forth as upstanding humans. They fuck themselves and others over, because they are inherently morally inferior. Chicago LNs are now eradicating their ghetto pets, because they have gone out of control.

        [ed note: Mongols and those that occupied Rome after its fall were the same. These types represent certain futures of certain “present” periods in time. Primitive Russian peasants & Bronx whops defeated Germans, despite their engineering, architecture and philosophy.]

      • Nope. Chicago PD can’t do that. In fact, they are trying to change the rules of engagement and the image of the PD. They want to placate the minos. It’s a top-down change. Of course, pigs on the ground don’t like it, but they’ll take orders.

        JS, I have a question about Central and South America. Are their ruling classes all white Hispanic or jewish?

      • Mostly White Hispanic, but I met a few “White” Hispanics who turned out to be Jews. But you can be content, to know that Latin American Kikes aren’t nearly as powerful as the Shysterbergs of NYC and Hollywood. And Jews are parasites that latch on mostly to White majorities like Argentina and Chile, not a Central American slaughterfest that reminds you of a Compton Beanerland.

      • The ghetto savages are marching down Michigan Mile demanding RamJew to step down as mayor. He has a history of petting them like animals. I think Shitcago will be shitting on this problem for awhile, and LNs might retreat to the outskirts like that of nearby Motortroit City, when they can no longer control their wild animals who run amok around town.

      • More NYC news: A bunch of SPICs impersonating undercover LEOs and rob a van. Some of them look like me (White SPICs).


        Since we live in a highly feared police state, criminals pose as the Beast, to meet their objectives, easily and effectively.

      • This is a sign of America’s third world status. Often happens in the 3rd world that criminals impersonate pigs. Banditos. Soon, there is no difference between the two.

      • Good article, FP. What the white race was, is no more. WE are all that is left of that. The others look white, but don’t have the right minds.

        Only the most paranoid and independent become WNs. We reject the program that ensnares such a large part of the population. This is why forming groups is difficult. If WNs believed in groups, they would not have have become WNs. One has to be highly individualistic to do it.

        I think it is likely over in the US, unless a “collapse” happens. And it won’t happen on its own, the USG exerts too much control for that.

        [ed note: despite your view on wn groups, it is because the MMM/LN destroyed Rightist groups that make it impossible to form them, not any sense of White mountain Man individuality]

      • Ryu, I just posted on Lion:

        Remember the movie Toy Soldiers, where a Colombian terrorist wants the release of his father from the Murkan gov’t. He takes hostage of a school full of effetes and slowly kills many of them.

        Andrew Divoff was great in the role. He looked like a Ricky Martin on steroids.

      • I see at least one police car when I walked out in the morning, everyday. The main power plant in NYC is the one where its transformers were blown up during the night of the hurricane.

      • Also, FP, what’s also laughable is that these grandstanding wheatie liberals in Manhattan, who are showing their true colors, when they see coloreds live in their 1500 sq ft apts for free vs their overpriced micro-shitholes . They really want all the colored housing in the enchanted isle torn down so they can relocate the savages to the South Bronx. Their motto is: If you can’t afford to live in Manhattan, then move. The same 3Fers who elect DeBlasio to give lumprenprole Tyrones of the world free housing. And he’s planning to build more of them in Manhatty….


        I just love your enchanted insane asylum!

        [micro-shitholes ~ LOL]

      • If you will, as this thread becomes another Manhattan issue:

        A great example of your Jew thesis of real estate in NYC – Jew developers have taken over a public housing complex trashed by Tyrone. Once the nig/SPIC demolition crew starts to rot to the core, the Jew removes him and brings in the renovation crew in order to generate profits from incoming wheatie 3Fers. It seems to be the case, that is, if GenBrandon and Justine are around in apocalyptic 2050.


        Jewlords don’t care for beauty and class, just money. They recently demolished this beautiful structure in order to erect an ugly glass tower for 3Fer tenants and make $$$$$$$$$$.


        [ed note: a shame, for indeed, the only concern of the jew is gold; once completely understood, you can predict their next move]

      • It’s all a Manhattan issue, JS. That’s where our masters live. As relevant as studying Rome during the Roman empire.

        The better I understand Manhattan, the better I understand what’s happening in LA, SF, or Aspen. It is like investigating a criminal whose MO doesn’t change.

      • There are Jews who complain about their lack of influence in Murka. Can you believe this? Jews control NYC, Chicago and LA with their industries. This alone constitutes a power grab in epic proportions and importance, surpassing everything else you can think of, by combining all the other states/cities.

        [ed note: ignore all jew statements. classify them as espionage tactics in a trial – or war. you should* know that]

      • Security Lapse Funn Time for you:

      • Good one. Many of the small airports have this vunerability. I doubt they’ll catch the perp. Looks like a gangster, maybe spic. Its a property crime, so it won’t get the attention needed to catch them.

        There’s alot of evidence left. Tool marks, the paint, fibers, shoe prints, probably some fingerprints on the plane body. Another few attacks and they’ll make a task force for it.

      • FP: If you know something about the history of New York City (and Murka in general) in the shitty eras of the 70s and 80s; liberals decided to install coloreds in housing complexes replacing the wheatie middle class void, fleeing for the suburban environs (also because liberals forced coloreds upon them as neighbors). The Murkan dream back then was all about a shitty house in an oasis of no man’s land in burbia (free of coloreds). which….brings us to the point of today, with holdover coloreds in service to their wealthy gentrifying invaders in Manhattan.

        It’s the fault of the prole class, who allow all this to happen. Had coloreds been eliminated and pushed into the far corners peons ago, Murkan cities would have been cheaper, saner, safer……the proletariate is to be blame for all of this.

  5. For FP: Manhattan News – GenBritney gets her face slashed by a nigga in a tony neighborhood, a place where it is least expected.


    Manhatty and NYC still has a colored problem as I prove my point. It turns that this naive girl lives in a dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn, but she was attacked in a wealthy section in Manhattan by a feral primitive who lives in the Bronx and plays in Manhattan (which the media refuses to acknowledge his race, when describing the perpetrator, unlike SPICs).

    • Mista Bazzazaemore has 32 arrests dating back to 1997, the New York City Police Department said. On Dec. 30, he was arrested for randomly punching a 32-year-old woman in the face at Sixth Avenue and West 12th Street

      Fuck nooyawkaz. Obama-voting, hillary fellating LN swine.
      I hope they die.

      • I for one believe Murka has descent into a shittyland, that makes swarms of young wite peeple wanting to move into the enchanted isle, where there’s high taxes, angry coloreds lurking at the backdrop, high rents and an inflated value for a cupcake. This of course is no concern to Brandon and Britney, when poppa pays your living co$$$ts so you can feast & fuck high on the hog.

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