by Firepower

Daisy Mae Tastes A-OK

Because nothing they’ve “done” is successful, WNs are waiting for this country to fall into further chaos to achieve their ultimate victory: Bad idea…

My Percentage Law infers the probability of  “our” victory, but it is a double-edged sword cutting both ways: It also applies to LN victory over declining white Murka.

wns need to flex their own variant of MGTOW where they predict “the fall” of Murka and they suddenly swoop in and defeat the then 65% Majority MINO Murka.

Not happening.
If whites won’t resist now as the 75% majority, it is nonsense for one to predict them suddenly awakening when they’re whittled down to 45%.

PLUS, that won’t happen for years. By the time it does, all …..….current “awakening rahowa” fanz predicting a New EnWhitenment will be 124 years old; not good for anything except shitting themselves.

By the time that future battle happens, it will be dependent on these future whites being smarter, more aware and more aggressive than today’s Professional Twitter Audiences. Do millennials inspire such fearsome potential and respect from their displayed behavior?

If whites wait to reclaim America until the are outnumbered and painted into a corner, they’ll be just another tolerated curiosity like today’s “Apaches” who merely imagine they won the Reservation Wars. The Welsh are the only remnant of Britons left; to fabricate being pushed into the Island’s bunghole by the conquering Angles and Saxons then labeling it “a triumph” is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – perfect for today’s infantilized millennial fantasists weaned on dreams. It’s more likely FutureGENs will be even more stupid and childish and thus, ripe for such puerile gamer logic.

By then, most “thinking” candidates for genius leadership will have been bred down to a 95 IQ and an even unremarkable (by today’s standard) display of intelligence will have long been subject to ridicule, leaving only destroyers – Vandals and Morlocks. To the blind, the one-eyed is king.

With coloreds, you don’t get Rome or Paris – you get Somalia and Detroit.  Miggers birth Mehicco.

Same with future GENDrooler…


Firepower’s Percentage Law http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4Co
Why White Nationalism Will Fail 2: Mythology Mistakes http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2Zi
Armed White Rural Posses http://wp.me/p2kmGE-OM

36 Comments to “FutureGEN”

  1. I’m going to have to disagree a bit FP. The internet, and its “chatter” has been a boon for the race that invented it.

    The left, has found itself in the ascendancy, And just like any dominant “culture” they have tried to silence debate. To even suggest, on main stream media, that blacks kill more whites, than the other way round, would have you labeled as a knuckle dragging bigot. They have used Political Correctness as an Orwellian Tool to try and silence debate. And it almost worked.

    People weren’t expecting debate to be censored in the style of “New Big Brother”, they were caught out, by these bastards,

    They haven’t silenced us on the net though. We have re-grouped, Re-assessed our philosophies and tactics all thanks to the internet.

    Talk is good, we shall surely defeat an enemy that is so pathetic, it considers its feelings more important, than the very logic and scientific method that created western culture.

    I suppose I’m saying you lack patience, Then again you could argue that you saw this lot coming down the road, way before a lot of people, myself included.

    • I agree with this article. One has to think about what “whites” means though.

      Most whites today are not with us. So America is not really 50% white. It’s much smaller. I picture the number of whites falling, but more coming into our camps.

      The white race today is degraded. But the liberals and minos are too being degraded. Who will fall the fastest?

      • “Who will fall the fastest?” – Interesting question. I considered answering “Those with the most degenerate minds”. However if you look at spectacular falls from grace in the past, Economics is often an issue.
        Only the velocity of failure seems to be influenced by stupidity.

        [ed note: speaking 100% truth about Economics – and Rome – will get you mocked and likely killed in both nigger ghettos and white trailerpark nazi Caravan lots]

      • Whites are everybody on the spectrum from Jon Stewart – to you.

        Whose camp holds the most power? LNs that speak lies or those of us that speak Truth?

      • Whites, because of lower birthrates. I see plenty of Migga Jrs. running around the playgrounds in NYC. They outnumber the witey kids by 10:1.

      • Thanks for pulling me up there ED – You make another interesting point – with you casual reference to trailerpark nazi’s.
        Lets see, I can’t think of another degenerate republic, that prints money, can you?

      • I’m able to access info on the browsing activity of White male college students of a certain school, and it’s quite fascinating and depressing at the same time, to see much of the browsing history are porno, manosphere, Misogynist Dan Bilzerian, and the usual social media sites. Not many sites related to school work.

      • Schoolwork isn’t important, JS. Not today, and not to white men.

        The important things in life are not taught in American schools. When I gradutated high school, on a scale from -10 to +10, I was a -9. If I had never stepped foot into a school, I would have been smarter and better off.

        Tell us more about this.

      • Ryu…

        So absolutely true… But you are the exception and not the fool. Should “we” break down the system until all the crazies run free? Without any understood immunity known in advance?

    • Perhaps, but as I’ve noted in the past: When two cultures meet, the superior culture always wins. It destroys the lesser.

      Now may be the time for animal action – not polite intellectual talk.

      Think of Rome and all its wonders falling to people without even an alphabet.
      At one time, brains and intellect conquer.
      At another – brawn and barbarism.

      The entire Western World appears to have fallen from its zenith since…1964.

      • Both Whitey and Miggas are both intellectually handicapped in Murka. There is no brainpower conquering the physical power. The only difference, witey mommy n daddy has more savings for their precious brandon/britney, while Tyrone works in some menial job living as a hood rat. Both are pleasure induced and stupid.

        A scenario comes down to this: The final tidbit of a bread shared between brandon and the colored scum. You know who takes the last bite!

      • Then frankly we win on both counts.
        Their Niggers are sub-human retards, and not German barbarians
        Their SJW’s, the largest part of their whitey facilitation machine,are philosophically inferior. Intellectual weaklings and middle class morons.
        The only ace they have up their sleeve is their kike intellectuals.

      • when Murka finally falls
        because its ppl grow up into the multi-culti-Keeds you saw in my recent post
        WILL ireland save the world?
        will ireland feed the pewr?
        will the irish navy keep the Chicoms at bay?

      • I see your point. I once believed it, yet I keep seeing evidence the LN New World Order will succeed now.

        They’re not stupid, despite the Niggerspickikers vent-foaming about them on Twitta.
        They have planned well, over decades, to ensure the Colored MINOMob can be controlled with the 30%+ taxes extracted from the Elite.

      • The LNs are in charge right now. Nothing is in their way and it is their game to lose.

        THERE IS alot of discontent to be sure. But to act in the face of the police state is a rare gift. Truly one in a million.

        There is virtually no one to stop the LN NWO. They just have to avoid moving to fast, being too greedy, and avoiding natural disaster.

      • And yet, the “system” MUST maintain coherency which IT will when at the point of radical autonomy the next radical step is… Anti-radical autonomy… White Supremacy…

        Radical autonomy–> anti-radical autonomy = white Supremacy…

        If the “system” veers from this coherent path then it will spin into a state of incoherency… It will STOP at “radical autonomy” and concede the inability to take the next radical step. “It” cannot do this… “It” does not do this… “It” has never stopped taking the next radical step.

  2. I can’t find MGTOW in the glossary.

    Dude who IS Jon Stewart? He’s nobody. You watch too much television. Get off your couch, There’s a whole world out here buddy.

    Met a guy today who designed and built his own camper that he’s towing behind his truck. They sell new for around 12 grand and he built his own for around 3k. He just did it for kicks.

    If you really can’t leave your couch though FP, the internet is chock full of evidence of innovation by WHITE MEN, not talking head Jews like your pal Jon Jon.

    Get a clue.

    • Men Going Their OWN Way

      its not an eradican term. its obscure to me – always has been. it means guys who deliberately avoid women.

      btw, where the fuck do you extrapolate i watch the daily show? are you hormonal rubes SO fucked up you now hate people because they’re informed?

      THAT must make YOU queen of the trailerpark lol

      ur like a bunch of 1534 witch hunters who burn somebody at the stake because they tell you to take your head out of the shit and put alcohol on your sores.

      then, when you get healed, you think it’s a “gol-durn spell!” and you attack them.
      No wonder niggers forced you to move to BFE

      • Inforrmed, ie. brainwashed.

        You watch too much television. I know you don’t like me but I tell you the truth. Turn off the set dude. YOU are the one who is burning the witch-me.

      • u gotta be pretty nuts to see the stuff I write as brainwashed to the establishment.

        you are incomprehensible.
        it appears you want us all to live in a Katzynski Shack and read the Bibble By Candlelight

  3. The only enemies are white liberals. There are no greater villains.

  4. MGTOW-thanks for letting me know. I probably should have googled it, sorry.

    Men going their own way…do they still watch television and movies. Do they still read the “new”spapers? If so, they are going SOMEONE’S way, but it isn’t THEIR WAY. What say you on this subject Thordaddy?

    • De facto homo… Males going their own way is DESIRE for wife-less, child-less, pleasure-filled lifestyle all dressed up in faggot histrionics and pseudo-intellectual drag by “dudes” never really in the trenches. Go your own way… DO NOT tell the world about… DO NOT tell the world why you desire de facto homo lifestyle… AND ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PUBLICLY whine for others to follow your little smoked trail!

      [ed note: must be no room in your pholosphy that ballbusters like Ms. Erin are WHY men go their own way – or on some other guy’s cock’s way]

      • I studied the men’s movement when you were still watching Bill Oh Really FP. I know why “men” go their own way.

        [so why the fuck did you ASK ME what mgtow was…]

      • Nah… Men who go their own way… Go solo, no homo and do not do the public promo.

      • “[so why the fuck did you ASK ME what mgtow was…]” I believe that term came along later after I had moved on. Anywho, fwiw I have been liking your articles a little better lately, even if they are depressing.

      • @erin

        have been liking your articles a little better lately, even if they are depressing

        I am the alarm.
        I waken people from fantastic slumbers to face the dawn of reality.

        If they still choose to sleep, while their house burns around them, then so be it.

  5. Ryu: I get to see the browsing history of the computer stations at a school’s library, and I often encounter sites that are “manosphere” and porn related, that are usually left by a White Male College student. I go into the history and time of the browser setting, after when the guy leaves, and I get to see the type of sites he browses. They don’t even delete their browsing history. Just amazing!

    • Interesting. What kind of women do they lust after? White girls or minos?

      It’s normal for healthy white men to be interested in sex and women. At a young age, it’s the most interesting thing. I’d be worried if it weren’t so.

      Problem is, porn is too easy and the modern sexual marketplace is too hard. There’s no middle ground. In the US, you’re either a killer or lunch.

      Do you think an MRA can be taught WN?

      I’ve tried it. It’s a hard row to hoe. They’ve got alot of rabbit in them. WN frightens them and they run off into the grass.

      • White girls, of course. There are so many unattractive, overweight, mino women, at our schools, that white women are almost, an unattainable prize, which wasn’t the case, 15 years ago. It’s going to get worse, for many of these boys, when they graduate. And take look at black men, they also want to compete with witey for the same piece of the action. TD is right to call the nigel, a confused self annihilator, who hates whites, but then wants to be part of their world.

        Those young white men will probably get themselves into the WN world, when they get a little older, and become more cynical. At the moment, these guys are just trying to smile and be happy.

  6. That’s funny. White nationalists are degenerate huh? What strange alternate universe are you from? There is no White trash. They are simply imitating this depraved jew subhuman kitchefest. There doesn’t need to be a majority for Whites to win. This is going to be a war not an election! One Million Whites will be enough to cleanse the World of the enemy as long as other Whites stand aside. I doubt there are many Whites who will fight for this Anti-White system, and those that would are fat homosexual retards that will cry about it instead of fight.
    The time has come. Which way White man. The Men of the West must destroy the Orc Army. Join the Mobile Infantry. Get citizenship. The New Order will prevail or the Entire World Will Burn!

    • I admire your spirit, Josh. But I do not think there are a million of those type of whites alive today.

      It takes a tremendous gift to stand and act alone. It’s one in a million.

  7. We are trying to fight SATAN with words as if there could ever be a peaceful solution.

    • j.fedor:

      We are trying to fight SATAN with words as if there could ever be a peaceful solution.

      Talking has passed.
      Firepower’s Percentage Law http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4Co

      Liberal nazis must be eradicated, or the nation continues falling.

      • The case for armed revolution has been the cure for the last 20 years.

        Problem is, there’s no one able to do it right. The Murkan police state is strong. The survivalists underestimated the USG’s depth of control. There will be no collapse if it is at all possible to “outsource” or transfer the pain elsewhere.

        The most depressing fact is how many citizens, even WNs, still give the system their support.

        I never tire of pointing out that all groups, even 2 or 3, are cracked today. One can only do it alone. This vastly limits effectiveness.

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