From Sniper to Beer Truck Driver

by Ryu
1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm

1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Firepower and Dr Doom have made some good comments on how The Beast disposes of its Jordies after their “service” term is us. I found a very nice story on that today:








So this guy shoots Bin Laden. Then he drops out of the military before his pension goodies would have kicked in. Command told him to pound sand on health insurance. They said they could set him up driving a beer truck.






LOL. I have known a few guys who drive beer trucks. Not bad work! Get paid about $20 an hour. You’ve got maybe 10 stops in a day. Pickup the truck, drive to each store, stock it, next. There’s nothing to trouble one’s sleep, just put in your 40 and go home.






It must be hard to go from GI Joe – Real American Hero! to just another dude. I think we could get these guys on our side somehow. A stumbling block for me is my unending disgust with Murka, but a plus is that most white men who’ve pulled triggers leave racially aware. Any suggestions?












19 Comments to “From Sniper to Beer Truck Driver”

  1. “Any suggestions?”….Nah. Just let the fempire continue to create it’s own terrorists in multitudes of ways. From the jezebels who give birth to them to culture that brainwashes them to the government that destroys their souls in continuous wars for demoncrapy/sodomy, AKA democracy. They are training up our extremist, fanatic warriors.

  2. Fempire – classic. After enough time has passed, WNs will be able to talk in public and no one else will know what we are saying.

  3. lmfao – I was going to recommend this to you like I did the SF site yesterday.

    Amazing how some 20-ish HeroGRUNT is already out of the service.
    Note also, the bumper crop of young male former officers/troops on talking head news shows as “consultants.” If it was so good, Jordy, how come you retired?

    Nothing so telling as a 45-year-old guy credited on FOXNews as a “Ex-Ranger Major (RET)” – wtf did he do, not salute his CO, the Halfrican-Lesbian 2-Star General?

    Sad to say, the reason they’re idiots who’ve retired, is they were even bigger idiots for enlisting to fight for Bush’s Kinly right to exaggerate on “weps o’ mass ssstruxion!” and Obama’s Kingly right to leave the older scraps to decorate embassy rooftops.

  4. Jordies get aggressive when you criticize their rationale the same as do “MRA’s” and regrettably, wns.

    If I find one in a bar, I just start asking questions, like “what did feel you accomplished?” A recent study of Brandons-in-the-workplace shows they differ from previous generations bc they were coddled – my 46th T-Ball Trophy winners with Helicopter Parents.

    The jordie always is frustrated after I open their eyes. The “you died for Hilary’s Benghazi” stings deeply.

    There’s new ammo everyday:
    Outgoing DOD boss Panetta extends some benefits to same-sex spouses, partners of gay troops

    Tell em: “You died for Gay Officers Benefits.”

    • Exactly. I see them all of the time. I “fluff” them some, then drop some rhetorical questions, may test their color boundary a bit. I see them back though, so it isn’t a typical “buy a beer for the hero” scenario. They’re pissed and quick to jump on the defensive. About 1/3 of them can be nudged, like an air hockey puck, into our corner. I have extra copies of a few “interesting” texts I may lend them, depending on their age – Vietnam age or older, their isn’t much point. Almost all that aren’t retarded know that the trajectory is down. They never return the books. Ha!

  5. It must be hard to go from GI Joe – Real American Hero! to just another dude. I think we could get these guys on our side somehow. A stumbling block for me is my unending disgust with Murka, but a plus is that most white men who’ve pulled triggers leave racially aware. Any suggestions?

    Lobby for veteran status to be removed from the federal employment point system. Once the Paycheck God fails, they’ll start looking for a new one.

    On a micro level, if you’ve actually been to one of those shitholes to fight for Tel Aviv, and you’re awake, you’re in a good position to start asking the proper questions. Why did we go there? Why are we still there? Who were the people who really, really wanted the Iraq war? It’s a shortcut to the JQ, and, as you mention, most military guys tend to be race realists on some level already. I’d sure be mad if I lost a limb or a friend just so the gay discos of Tel Aviv remain unmolested by Saddam.

  6. Awesome photo.

    Military personnel were lied to. The more extreme the experiences, the more extreme the convert. I would just focus on how they are treated like garbage. It is often hard to sympathize unless you experience a similar situation. I can’t claim to know exactly how they feel, but as a whistleblower left twisting in the wind, I like to think I have a decent idea.

    “Command told him to pound sand on health insurance.”

    But we’ll never have death panels…

  7. The article doesn’t elaborate on why he left prematurely. In any case him and others like him are spoiled. They got their pay, fat combat bonuses, cushy benefits, a chance to “prove” themselves, plus a decade of support the troops BS. Sorry little trooper but the lifestyle of an overpaid civilian bureaucrat is reserved for white females and ivy league grads

  8. Check out how they drive trucks, tractors and cars in Russia. They put out new videos every month!
    Seriously though, dash cams are probably a good idea for anyone driving in the USSA.

    • That’s too funny!

      I found this comment:
      “OK. Checklist. Too drunk to walk straight? Check. No idea how to drive? Check. I’m the most important person here? Check. Let’s GO!! Driving too fast for conditions? Check. No idea what the lines on the road mean? Check. Don’t give a stuff, they’ll move for me? Check. If all else fails, ram them, shoot them or just run them over? Check.

      Must be Russia then.”

  9. I have been exploring for a little for any high-quality articles or weblog posts on this eradica and, I so much no doubt ryu -the-nut will make certain to get killed in the first hour of *Rahowa*.

  10. You first break down the soldier convert into one of two categories…. knowledgeable mercenary or naive fool. From there, psychology, is about the loss and gaining of manhood, respectively. In the first instance, the nuance is trickier because the loss of manhood really originates with a loss of humanity. Paid killers, by definition, execute without conviction. The Chris Kyles and so forth are real radical autonomists of deadly caliber. Of course, there are 1000 fold more two or three levels below in actual capability that nonetheless still embrace the mercenary mentally. These soldiers KNOW they kills for Masters. At the other end is sheer good white boy idealism played like a fiddle. These kids are true believers. They fight for Tomorrowland. They need to START THINKING about Tomorrowland as The Land of white Supremacy. The multi-cult has failed because some races desire to climb higher than others and some races even go to war on behalf of the “other.” Psychologically, these kids are ripe for that which they have never pondered… Soldiering for white Supremacy.

    • ^^^ From there, [psychologically],” [it] is about the [losing] and gaining of manhood…

    • I’m not hot on that one, TD. To make a good WN, takes 5 years. It has taken me 2 years beyond that to even understand you. Perhaps one in 100,000 white soldiers might make the journey.

      • But I’m talking virtual conversion over anecdotal encounters that “we” all have or will experience. Soldiers only come in two relevant flavors: mercernary and idealist. In “our,” it is simply idealist to mercenary aptly recruited from the same basic stock. The method of first approach must be different.

  11. He should have joined one of those private military contractors, they make higher salaries ($165,000 per year) than even sergeants in the US military ($63,340 a year), ooh-rah!

    I bet that’s truly causing all the PTSD, grunts knowing they soldiered for peanuts, i mean, it can’t be from shooting sand niggers in their backs out of armored vehicles?

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