White Operational Delusion

by Firepower

FIREPOWER’S Wish? Ann-Marget in Lederhosen!

I hope you peeple get this stuff; O I wish-n-wish-n-wish! AND hopey wishy-poo! But, I think not. My responsibility ends after presenting NEW concepts no one has ever thought of in White History. If you want to sit and praise or criticize my concepts while coloreds move in next door, why you just go ahead sugarbooger.

Jebbush (aka PantLoad³) expected a Coronation and was also expected by GOPEstab to be Coronated. Now, we can all identify with Hope and non-defeatism and Positive Thinkin’ and Thinkin’ Happy-Positive Thoughts! ❤ But, if you think about it – rilly rilly think about it – such pretend fantasies are just as ridiculous when a white conservative (or wn) does it as when a hippy PC OWSer does it. Got it? It’s just as stupid – as applied to both side – when it plain doesn’t work.

To see delusion in operation just watch Jebbush wallow in his Positive Thinking…along with….….. his 2.4% poll numbers.

Do “positive happy thinky-thoughts” help? You’d better evaluate under which conditions they do and when they do not – or else you’re all fucked. Whites have a double-edged sword within them both helping and hurting. Just because you were a Gooode Person and Think Happy Thoughts does not mean Jeebus is gonna sweep you off the Titanic.

I’m almost decided on a formula when my lifespan and finances meet up and cash out together.


30 Comments to “White Operational Delusion”

  1. I have decided that reality is largely inside the human mind, FP.

    As a philosopher and an engineer, I can sometimes act as if there is a real, objective world out there. But very few people live in it. Man is not ruled by logic and reason. Living in the US today, being logical is a recipe for unhappiness.

    The only thing a man can truly control is his own mind.

    Science teaches “facts” become “facts” when many scientists observe them. A fact is not a fact if only one man sees it. The nature of reality is collective.

    If – the Americans think they are free, the books say it, and the TV says it, then that is as good as the genuine article.

    The holocaust didn’t wipe out the jews. The white settlers didn’t wipe out the injuns. The white race will survive this current calamity.

    You already know how to control your own reality, FP. Everyone does. I spend most of my time in the years 1977-83. IT was the last truly revolutionary era in the US, and I profit from visiting it.

    I like Ann Margaret too. Today, she is an old woman. Can I see and “feel” how she was once? Sure.

    [ah, she WAS truly a smokin hot-sexxy beast]

    • “I have decided that reality is largely inside the human mind, FP.”

      This is because you are totally fucking high, safe, in no physical danger, and have time to mentally masturbate.

      This is where I -do- respect muzz for the most part. It is absurdly simple even as an equation if you are like yourself the self-proclaimed engineering type.

      When you may be arbitrarily shelled over night into literal physical pieces you will just be meat when you wake up. This is in engineering terms known as the ‘baseline’. This is why -true- Muzz do well in western society. You are only as good and as strong as your baseline. For them, that is death or imprisonment moment to moment. What are -YOU- white boy, willing to lose or risk? If they can escape to Europa or the States, they are basically in no physical danger of death on any given day. They can probably talk themselves into welfare by some bleeding heart liberal European white girl who has never been on the business end of a muslim cock intent on rape of infidels or the business end of a Kalashnikov rifle with the same intent. It may or may not “cum” at the end and fire the 7.62 round through her pussy into her abdomen.

      If you are an Alexy Linder Stormfrontin’ Trumpinator, N O T H I N G. Fuck your training, blah blah bunch of bullshit Ryu. You always putt from the green. Reality is putting from the ROUGH. There is no perfect world, no perfect situation, crime, or justice.

      Take any planning and training you’ve ever done and assume about 25% of it will be viable. Now, come up with your NEW plan. Got one? Can you think on your feet?

      Tomorrow, you walk into 7-11 because you want a Frappucino. 4 armed men approach you with automatic weapons and tell you GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND NOW! Got a plan, Mr. Planner? Gonna shoot back when they have the drop on you and the draw? Gonna talk your way out of it? How? On what grounds? Or is your ass going to the Federal Pen for 3 years because you are a known agitator on a highly radical alt-right website with ties to domestic terrorism, militia movements, white nationalism, and (this is real by the way as I found out) ‘felony terroristic threats over a media or telecommunication device’. Got a plan nigga? That is what I thought…

      Shiny Badges of State Funded Immortal Terrorism(tm) are hanging around their neck. Which means you better have a DAMN good story.

      • You are wrong, AP. I was just thinking about you the other day…and here you are. There are forces at work that go beyond the common perception.

        You are younger than I; I appreciate your passion and conviction. Stick around awhile. We shall have some interesting things to show our readers.

      • What are you supposed to do?

  2. I think I know what you need, FP: chaos and disorder. Manson is the perfect teacher for you.

    There are TWO aspects to the universe. Not just “good” and “order.” And whose good? Whose order?

    Why is America’s morality superior to Iraqi morality? Or Afghani morality?

    I can now view the world as the Americans do. Even as their police do. They cannot view the world from a WN POV. Or a Muzz turrist POV. Their diversity is limited. That shall be their downfall.

    Man is something between god and animal. One NEEDS both aspects. The white race forgot that. Our site is a reminder to them. Hitler and Stalin were moderates. They didn’t kill enough. Standing outside of it all.

    The virtue of vice, the rightness of wrong. Not even the strongest LN is as free as we can be.

    [upon learning the real reason behind Chaz-Man igniting Healter Skelter, if he kept pestering me with his bullshit and kooky hairdos, i’d push an icepick thru his eye socket. no shit]

    • Manson is the perfect teacher for you.

      Respectfully, I no longer need teachers. I still accept knowledge from the rare brain smarter than mine.
      I got to where I am w/out one bit from charli. Besides, he’s insane; delusions of grandeur.

      His Big Play was butchering Sharon Tate. I care as much about her as she’d care about me. Problem is, charli sent his disciples to Terry Melcher’s house to kill him in revenge for spurning his record demo, but he’d moved. These are simply facts Logic demands addressed.

      Tate et al were there by accident. Killing over a frustrated music stardom dreams is not a noble or valid inspiration to me.

      btw, whats w/ the swasty…i can’t see a big image

      • “Respectfully, I no longer need teachers. I still accept knowledge from the rare brain smarter than mine”

        EXACTLY— You have an 1000 percent open field of play. Yet what?

        I am an active reactionary in a place that requires ultimate compliance. And even -I- got pinched and not for my true deeds, for my arbitrary one off musing thoughtcrime. It is the way of things. Out in corn country? You are simply alone with your thoughts and inaction.

        It takes ONE man to start a revolution. But none, nada, zero, zip, are up to the task.

      • It takes ONE man to start a revolution. But none are up to the task

        Revolution only begins after adherents tire of grecycled pap from the likes of rooishy n’ roisshy.
        Yet, despite your infamous rep on both, you’ve neither helped or converted anybody to graduate from baby steps there, to ManPants, here.
        Firepower says:

        You’ll never live to see Revolution while Sleeeple read just George Will…

      • That’s part of why I like Manson.

        The other is his imprisonment. He has survived the SHU for years. His insanity is a coping mechanism for those conditions. I see the same manner of derangement in many Americans. I think he must be one of the longest-serving prisoners in the USA; quite a feat.

    • Ryu…

      At this stage of the “game,” the default assumption is Manson as false flag… Just another example of lesser liberal attempting to squash “greater” liberal and NECESSITATING that all the sadistic debauchery be laid at the feet of “white supremacy” as the end-of-the-day justification.

      The true lesson of Manson is that some “whites” will sell their soul to UncleBeast to gain access to a perverted path to worldly “supremacy” EVEN IF it means total physical confinement.

    • I think I know what you need, FP

      perhaps, but I know what you need: research russian anarchists & nihilists. see Proudhon and Bakunin.
      Skip C-Man.

  3. FP, it’s called a dirndl!

    Get one for your GF in the nearest Oktoberfest shop…

    [ed note: none fit her, she’s thirteen]

  4. REALITY v 2.0–> pay attention.

    So this should have been posted under this thread:


    Why? Because it explains much, but the comments grew long from Armchair Generals and Monday Morning Quarterbacks, and I have neither the time nor the inclination for either. I’m in the fight of my life.

    Here is how it works now. Like ‘rooshi’ and ‘roissy’ I am also in District One (DC) for your pleasure. Curiously, and as observed there, even Iranian Roosh now realizes that the death of the west is good for -no one-, read it again, no one. Not even sand niggers like him and he damn well knows it. This is why if you have been around like some have you see he have 100% softened his position about on RoK from his own website a few years ago.

    This is the hard as fuck ungranulated non-PC truth that faggot ass SJWs, pussies, and general n’er do wells never wish to speak but know in their heart of hearts. WHITE MALES—> Europeans, created the reality we exist in. Period. *drops the mic*

    If it could have been created or existed prior to our dominance in would have. It did not, it could not. Yet, the JEW has grown very bold these days with the 100 year plan now finally coming forward. You want to shit on Roissy some more? Go look at that niggas website. He is so radical now it makes me laugh. He has now ‘stormfront’ style, named the jew. Yeah… not kidding. I use to dog the living fuck out of Alex Linder et. al. because it seemed so trailer park and sad, until I really dived into it. Now? Eyes wide open. It is not a grand conspiracy though, it is simple genetics and this is very important. 3000+ years of being the ‘genetic victim’ changes a bloodline forever. This is what you must know.

    Women of *any* origin would only figure this out a decade or three later. It is the nature of the beast for about 3000 years, give or take.

    Give you women agency, and your civilization will die. There is historical precedent for this back before Baby Jesus was even a concept.

    Lastly, for myself— I like this place, I like CH, etc. but like I’ve said in the past, I’m 100% different. Roosh is mainly PUA, Roissy/CH has become -very- WN recently shocking even myself. Better late than never, innit? Me? I’m almost unique it seems. I am ACTION first, bullshit later and you can be destroyed for this. I almost was, and I still can be.

    I respect FP and Ryu but let’s keep it real, right? Ya’ll niggas are FAR AWAY from this. These other two guys with the ‘big hit’ websites are not, but they are soft as hell in the ways that matter. I’m not and if you are a white male that has a massive cost I did not understand. 10 fucking years… that was on my head. For *nothing*, literally, nothing. I cannot and will not go into more detail in a public forum. I’m in several federal databases. I’m cloaked behind two VPNs, and aliases, and they can still kick my door in AGAIN at any time for any reason, threaten to kill me, and handcuff my family. But now one year out? I’m better with it then I was then, but a single text message got a SWAT team deployed on me. Never forget that. One white guy with a strong opinion, one brown guy with a bone to pick and a call to 911.

    THAT is reality…

    [ed note: it is far easier for a crewman on the Titanic to sail it into an iceberg than it is for a distraught steerage passenger. “inside jobs” are a mother]

    • I respect FP and Ryu but

      Ryu does not know where I live, nor do you.

      WNs – and lil‘ wns – are apparently either Top Tier Impotent Poseurs like roisshi or Real WN: Isolated, solitary loners with tenuous connection to basic society.

      It explains UncleBEAST’s tolerance.

    • I do not like WNs to live in District 1, AP. It’s dangerous. Maybe visit it briefly, just to see.

      I’ve read that even the US Special Forces, when they are pursued as common criminals are, the best they can do is about 5 days. After that, the mental attention and panic burns them up. So I’m not shocked that prison-escapees don’t get out in the long term. It’s a difficult skill.

      District 1 is NOT how the rest of the US is. Those are distorted environments. It messes people up. I can tell almost instantly if someone from D1 comes to my area. They are almost like foreigners.

      Even a soldier in Afghanistan is only actually shooting maybe 0.1% of his total time there. The rest is other activities. You’re too close and involved right now.

      There is hope for you. I know how the witness protection program works. You are a perfect candidate. It does mean obeying a certain set of rules very closely.

  5. “I’ve read that even the US Special Forces, when they are pursued as common criminals are, the best they can do is about 5 days. After that, the mental attention and panic burns them up.”

    One of, not the only, but certainly one of the big reasons I’m not in the fucking pen right now is I worked for these cocksuckers for almost 10 years in an LE capacity. So ‘your record comes into play here Mr. Apex Predator in the eyes of this judiciary’.

    I know how all this BS works, I know how to move around here. That being said, I’m opting out. I’ve seen some shit that would make your head spin. I sent a text to a co-worker as a joke, a DIFFERENT guy who had been pissing me off, remember what I am saying here, this is important. TOTALLY fucking different guy, looked at it, called the cops and here is the awesome part.

    It worked!! That is reality do not forget it, because this is a true story. Like UPS says “What can Brown Do for You?” Everything— destroyed life in an instant. If I wasn’t the main character in this dark comedy I would find it absurdly comical, but it happened, it is real, and I’m living it. Now? De-fanged de-clawed sabre-toothed tiger. Yessum Massah! Yesssssir Massah Brownie! Fucking unbelievable reality I am living, truly…

    Real WN: Isolated, solitary loners with tenuous connection to basic society.

    I’m none of that. I’m more Patrick Bateman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Bateman

    But this assures you that you cannot account for all situations and scenarios. Like ole PB I am a baller in my field, fuck hot women on the regular, etc. but managed to keep that ‘other’ persona quite in check. But a single fuck up in this upside down world we live in will destroy you, even if it is a 2nd hand fuck up like mine. You must -ALWAYS- chant the party line 24x7x365 if you want to exist in this place.

    • And the real lesson?

      Don’t join UncleBeast and expect to get out unscathed. Radical autonomy is the name of “game” and any “intermission” is a temporally manufactured delusion.

      • “And the real lesson?
        Don’t join UncleBeast and expect to get out unscathed. Radical autonomy is the name of “game” and any “intermission” is a temporally manufactured delusion.”

        Yes! You got it buddy. Now a question… for all the shit you talk here, ever even ONCE been on the business end of a firearm, even a .22 pistol much less an assault rifle, etc.? Ever had a badge behind that barrel? I already know the answer by the way.

        Would you be shitting down your leg if / when it happens? Here is a simple idea for you. The Baddest Motherfuckers(tm) from Flyover Country / The Pacific NW Redoubt decided to take up residence in Oregon recently for a big ‘standoff’ that had fuckall to do with freedom of any sort. The FBI/Swazi/Fedcops let them play soldier for a month, then they just got tired and did what they do best. Executed the leader who ‘drew’ a weapon which was not him really drawing a weapon by the way, he was doing the ‘bullet boogie’ having been hit already by several rounds. Then a SUPATRUPA from about 10 meters executed his ass with a PB shot to the upper face / temple.

        Do you know how many of dem badazz MILITIA MA’FUCKAS started a revolution upon hearing this point blank execution of their #1 and spokesman? N O N E. Z E R O. N A D A. Z I P.

        Why? Most men do not want to die. Even self-proclaimed ‘patriots’ whatever… the simply do not. Muzz? They are the best at what they do because they DO want to die, and will, and are great at it. We must only thank God or Allah (PBUH) that they are 1 level down the evolutionary ladder from us because if they were white men? They would rule this planet.

        Ever been in a fight white boy? Ever had a gun pointed at you? Ever been shot at? Ever been in fear for your life? Ever been on the run with no certainty about when it would end? I know the all these answers already, so until any of that changes here is my advice—> F U C K O F F. You know nothing.

      • Have I ever been in a fight? Lol… Had a gun pulled on me? Mobbed by niggers? Been accoated by pigs? Been tased? Went toe to toe with some jordi? Stepped face to face with some HAs? Yes and yes and yes and yes and yes… Have I ever feared for my life? Absolutely.

        But I REALLY desire to fly free!!!

        You desire to be “apex predator” and seem to be here whining about the consequences? Which is clearly your lack of freedom, no?


        Do not join UncleBeast if you desire your freedom…

        Are you advising otherwise?

      • But honestly, I fear the “apex predator” as he relates to the naivety of my children and the understanding that they will be HIS first point of attack. Also psychologically, one understands the definition of “apex predator” in this regard is, in its essence, to attack the white man’s children first. So when you praise the Muzz, you are praising an “apex predator” that attacks the strong by attacking his lifeblood, his progeny, his legacy, his children. From the white Supremacist perspective, that makes “apex predator” diabolical human scum NECESSITATING a total annihilation. You understand this. It’s why you are childless. It’s a fear and mandate you cannot conceive of maintaining. As a real white father, one is compelled to annihilate “apex predators” before they savagely violate one’s children as a matter of “instinct.”

      • The default assumption in the Oregon standoff is false flag. Another instance of UncleBeast squashing “white supremacy” in a manufactured show of force that then “triggers” and paralyzes all the pre-selected individuals and collectives.

      • Ergo… The smartest white boys are neither “triggered” nor paralyzed by the actions in Oregon… Or San Bernardino… Or South Carolina… Or anywhere. The nature of UncleBeast must leave the smartest white boys stone faced in regard to the specter of deciphering reality from manufactured reality and whether there is, considering the totality of the Liberated paradigm, even that fine line to write of in the first place?

        Even your writing, “Apex Predator,” reveals and unreal-ness to the “facts” of your reality. As such, a question of how you even managed to get exactly where you are? Can you account for all your steps?

      • Even here, as “apex predator,” it is assumed that you are poking and prodding. But the trigger phrase “white supremacy,” used for my entire lifetime to provoke the mad mob of liberationists to an expediently gathered collective, is now relentlessly rejected by “our” side for this very well-known, but unspoken, reality. So here I come along to fashion a line of writing synonymous with “white supremacy” for the very purpose of provoking the mad mob of liberationists (virtual mind control) and they will not bite. There is no real blowback in the virtual realm or IRL for pushing genuine white Supremacy.

        But there is blowback in “Apex Predator’s” life AND YET he does not propagate genuine white Supremacy either IRL or the virtual world (as far as I know). So what exactly is the nature of your tenuously held freedom? The metric by which my freedom is measured is the degree to which I can memetically propagate genuine white Supremacy without resistance. I have for many years been entirely unburdened. Many should take heart and have hope.

      • thordaddy said—

        “Even your writing, “Apex Predator,” reveals and unreal-ness to the “facts” of your reality. As such, a question of how you even managed to get exactly where you are? Can you account for all your steps?”

        Listen up faggot… I have neither the time or ‘inclination’ to provide for my fucking steps. I worked for ‘them’ when I was young and realized what a shit show it was and got the fuck out with my mental health somewhat intact. Years later, in the civvy world some brownie decided to get scurred because I say scary shit sometimes still, it almost cost me my life.

        I could give you my badge # (then) and my fucking prisoner/probation ID(now). WHY WOULD I? And why would I come to some random website and proclaim I had either? This ain’t CNN nigga, I vent here because for now I can somewhat free of being picked up (I hope) again, that is all.

        And by the way, since we are all up in each other’s grill, I -highly highly- doubt you’ve been surrounded by a pack of truly feral niggers, EVER, it is a rare occurrence for human beings with intact testes. Once five negros from Topeka rolled up on your pick-up truck, right? SURROUNDED BY A PACK OF NIGGERS YOU WERE!!!

        Did I mention f u c k o f f, I was dealing with dozens of ferals every single goddamn day until I could not anymore and had to get out or go insane. Da’fuck do you know?

        “Also psychologically, one understands the definition of “apex predator” in this regard is, in its essence, to attack the white man’s children first. So when you praise the Muzz, you are praising an “apex predator” that attacks the strong by attacking his lifeblood, his progeny, his legacy, his children.”

        You are fucking high, what ‘white man’ do you know in 2016 excepting perhaps some disillusioned Jordie who would die for anything or his kids? Know many? I do not… muzz die all day every day and love it. Until you understand this dichotomy you are lost.

      • AP…

        You aren’t making much sense…

        What CAN MOTIVATE YOU to kill (not die, clown)?

        I have four children to motivate me, you childless faggot…

        Who apparently bangs a lot of chicks with your 100% mortality rate…

        You get that? These bad bitches EXTERMINATE your flesh and blood! And you don’t do shit about.

        Instead, you brag about some sexually degenerate sand nigger willing to die to get his rocks off for the rest of “eternity.”

        A willingness to die IS ALL WE GOT RIGHT NOW… It’s called mass “white” self-annihilation. And you’re aiming to be another statistic.

      • Look what you do here “apex predator?”

        Trigger and paralyze white boys…

        Trigger some white boys into the belly of the UncleBeast to be forever tainted and degraded and absolutely suspicious…

        Paralyze some other white boys who resist that belly of the UncleBeast as lackeys and weaklings and whatnot.

        But the true metric is the freedom of the white man himself…

        YOU HAVE LITTLE TO OFFER in this regard…

        You are LIMITED as “apex predator.”

        As a father… What limitations do I have as compared to an “apex predator?”


    • .Dude, you were a typical dick head LEO who thought he was above the law. You know what they say about throwing rocks when you live in a glass house. You played yourself, homie.

  6. One more thing, AP. Judging by the large text walls of bullshit, you are the fucking king of blow hards. Blow on, motherfucker!

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