Quarterback’s Hot Wife Body Language Game (PHOTOS)

by Firepower

Hey Groovy Swingin’ Guys!

Me like dork – he get my face like, in books n’ stuff

If you look like you belong in a wifebeater on the ass end of a garbage truck, you can still snag primo ass – if you have what society tells you to have, no matter how trivial.  If society valued competitive turd-eating and you’re good enough to be famous for it, you’ll have pussy equal to this. Married to it, too.

Ryan Tannehill’s wife was the hit of Thursday’s NFL draft (PHOTOS) | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo! Sports.

Here’s the important stuff:

1. Not all journalists are beta. They are beaten down because they see jocks get all the pussy, but smartass writers are alpha because they’re smarter than everybody else and say so, very eloquently. The story here is not Tannehill, but what “a hit” the media made of his hot wife at the auction.

2. Note she is the one leaning in – notably with her most prized possession, her face. Noticeably so. In the link pics, she has skinny legs and big gunboats. (hey I’m an ass man, myself.)

He is also leaning in with his body. It’s sort of an actual real-live non-internet relationship because each has what the other wants. Each has value and he is fully aware of her attractiveness. She knows he is higher status and is damn glad to be there. We’ll call it “mutual” – a damn good win-win for a guy with a female of this quality.

That ring – yep, it’s a cockblock

Imagine how she’s been spoiled since she was seven. Imagine how much kissing was planted on her firm, tanned, bubble-ass. In most pictures of them together, he barely leans in, thus displaying a replicable propensity for not acting beta.  The fact is, to get ass of this caliber to move toward you even a tiny increment in a staged picture is the quantifiable game winner you can bank. Each millimeter closer is logarithmic or algorithmic, but I forget which, because I’m not a weaselly math beta.

When you get a girl that corrupted to cock her head – you bring something to the table. Even if you look like The Original Baby Mongoloid Baldwin kept in the house cellar to spare the Family Name and not offend public decency. It’s likely she hit on him – gamed him. Guys with his future don’t need game. Don’t use it. They get gamed. That’s why they get fucked in divorce settlements.

Now, if she gets famous too, pulls “The Neill Strauss” and starts “a relationship” with a guy who can advance her personal fame…

Prediction: Divorce in 8.4 HB9 Years when she discovers he’s a 3rd stringer not pulling his Fame Weight®.  If The New Joe Montana, that nasty Hulk Hogan Effect kicks in and lingers until fame, itself, becomes a laughingstock.

21 Responses to “Quarterback’s Hot Wife Body Language Game (PHOTOS)”

  1. Oh shit. I don’t look too unlike this chap (though I’ve more hair, and my chest and shoulders are broader). And my current GF doesn’t look too unlike her. WTF?! I’ve no idea who these people are. WTF do you follow professional sports?!

    Journalists, “alpha”? Nah. They merely write about it. Alphas live it.

    Journalists are the betas and gammas who sweep up the used condoms from the parking lot.

    [not only are you gracious and wealthy, but honest too. Why follow sports?.. Why follow Liberals. besides, I like jenn sterger’s tits]

  2. I saw her while I was channel surfing and stumbled cross some odd yank concept called a ‘draft’ on ESPN. Why the fuck do the draftees hug the commisioner/ceo guy when they are drafted? Bit fucking gay for me. Fair enough you’re an instant multi-millionaire but a handshake should suffice.

    [the ‘brohug’ and ‘hugging it out’ is a branch of black behavior like the ‘high five’ and ‘gimme five’ I bet THAT’S even gotten down unda]

  3. mines still waiting for me he he he

  4. She’s not that hot – And definitely not worth the money. She looks like she could get a part in the less than amusing “Orange County Housewives”. TV show.
    Muricans – Ha.

    [google some of her pics. I was not, but became, a believer…]

  5. OT, read your head to head with GL Piggy at Roissy’s FP….
    Anyway, I urge you to comment at Chuck Rudds.

    [ed note: comment moved to own article based on merit. See: http://wp.me/p2kmGE-9P%5D

  6. Should also add, as further evidence for my argument, that Piggy’s, OneSTDV’s, HS et al’s pinup boy, the one and only STEeeeeeVE SAILER!, Come On Doowwwwn!!!, self-identifies as a Jew.

    One can see, knowing this, why he came up with his idiotic citizenism.

    Btw, Sailer’s reasons for identifying as a Jew are pretty facile. Essentially, though there is more, it comes down to Steve identifying himself as super-duper-califrageous-uber-rooper intelligent. He’s also got curly hair. People around him were dumb and had straight hair by comparison. Watching TV one day he suddenly realised that there were these people called Jews who many had curly hair, and they were all intelligent and, most importantly, expressed feelings of isolation in a strange land. The geniuses amongst the ignorami. Just like Steve.

    And low and behold, all of a sudden, and in a flash, poof! purple haze! Steve was suddenly turned into a Jew and started to work on his ideas of HBDism and citizenism, where all the super smart people like him got to rule the world, get regular gigantic dog biscuits, and people came to worship them. All people, regardless of race.

    Well, only the High IQ people, who obviously then had the ken to see brilliance amongst the turds. That’s why all the MSM read Steve Sailer, and steal his ideas without ever attributing them to him. Nasty hobbitses that they are.

  7. “The geniuses amongst the ignorami”

    Make that:

    “The genii amongst the ignorami.”

    Has a much better ring to it.

  8. Linder not Lindner. My footy team had a player called Bob Lindner in the 80s. Hence my constant misspelling of Alex Lindner.


    I don’t recall footy cards including the players mrs. But, there ya go. Full circle and back on topic.

    • Ha! Even the footy card spelled his name wrong.


      Discussion on the fact that Bob Lindner’s footy card includes a photo of his mrs: http://forums.rleague.com/posts/showthread.php?44751-1988-Parramatta-Eels

      If Ryan Tannehill gets a footy card dedicated to him I hope he includes his mrs, preferably with gunboats blazing.

      [Aussie Rules Football is so much better than that faggy Brit soccer. ARF is even better than plain old rugby. ESPN runs it here – whenever they need to adjust the black level down on their station from fawning all over NBA thugs]

      • ARF is even better than plain old rugby. Steady on there, mate.

        There are two rugby codes: 1) Union, 2) League. Union is referred to as “rugby” and league as “League”. But they are Rugby Union, and Rugby League.

        Bob Lindner there is a leaguey. Great game, far and away better than Ozzie Rules (ARF). Union can be excellent, but inconsistent and or pernickety refereeing quite often mars the game.

        Ozzie Rules, I tried to get into, Lord how I tried, but it just doesn’t grab me.

        Btw, since Ozzie Rules is only played in Oz, to get an international type gig going they formed an annual comp with the Irish Gaelic Football code. Called the “hybrid game”, 3 game series between Oz and Ireland.

        Variations are, it’s played on a rectangular field, with a round ball. I think also with Gaelic goal posts and keeper. 6 points below, one above the cross bar. Not too sure but that’s close.

        Still, I much prefer League or Union to AFL. Bit like being raised a Catholic, it’s just what you know though.

        I love gridiron, that is when they actually play the game, rather than everyone sitting on the sideline every 2 minutes in a group huddle wank off session before the next play.

      • I never knew that. All we get here is ozzie rules.

        English Rugby is often good and I’m developing increased fondness for Rugby Sevens – it’s fast paced.

        I always liked the above, but run to it faster with the ever-increasing garbage of colored athletes contaminating every sport they enter. UFC started out as a welcome change, but now it’s like Baseball.

      • Yes, Rugby Seven is quite good. Super 15 is a good comp too, if you can find it on Fox or the like.

        AFL, or generically Ozzie Rules, is traditionally played by Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia. League and Union traditionally are NSW and QLD.

        With AFL expansion they now have a team in every state, but league is still far and away the most popular sport in NSW and QLD. Every year we have a 3 match series called “State of Origin”. It’s coming up again next month. QLD vs NSW, players playing for their state of birth. It’s the preeminent game in Oz. They even played a game in the series once in L.A. to try to increase its popularity in the USA.

        Russell Crowe owns one of the teams, the South Sydney Rabbitohs (aka The Bunnies). Red and green jumper. Crowe is a tool though, and the Bunnies are perennial coulda beens, just like Rusty.

  9. From memory Firepower you don’t mind ice hockey. If that’s the case I’d recommend Rugby League, the Australian competition is called the NRL. It’s a continuous, reasonably fast paced and violent game. Rugby Union is, usually, a rather dull affair due to the ridiculous arcane rules that nobody understands and having 15 players (per side) on the field as opposed to Leagues 13.

    It’s also interesting to note that the games are somewhat split along class lines. League traditionally being the working mans game and Union belonging to the white collar professionals. Even today League is played in State schools and Union in private colleges. I went to a private school and thoroughly enjoyed playing Union but the longer I’ve been away from school the less the game interests me. Like Pat I prefer watching League purely for entertainment purposes. Rubbing shoulders with a bunch of old school tie solicitor wankers doesn’t interest me.

    Hannagan: ”Crowe is a tool though, and the Bunnies are perennial coulda beens, just like Rusty.”. Come on, at least Rusty had Gladiator and Master and Commander. The Rabbits haven’t won anything for 40 years.

  10. Hilarious post.Enjoying it so far.

    Just wished you weren’t a regular commentor @ the cheating blogger Roissy’s blog.

    Roissy needs to be recalled for his cheating and manipulative blogging ways.

    • Thanks for the compliment. As far as cheating, heartiste’s not married. You’ll have to fill me in on what you mean by his “manipulative blogging ways.”

      • My hunch tells me that Chateau Heartiste has been rigging his blog’s commentary to make it appear as if his blog is most active.

        I believe he’s literally writing 90% of the comments on his blog.Whether he has a team of guys doing it-maybe.But I can guarantee he’s cheating.

        And dudes are scared to call him out on his BS.I don’t know why.

  11. so, do you thik she’d be moving in close on him in the pic if they were still single, or is it just cause they’re married. You make a lot of sense.

    [ed note: she’d still be close, but now he’s hit the bigtime as an nfl qb…so, she gets clooooser]

  12. It sure seems like she LIKEs him a lot lmao muxt be the money fame etc – shes problly been fucking quarterbacks since she was 15 and knows HOW TO DO IT. Practice practice.

  13. Women do go for money and fame. I knew someone who dated a quarterback ‘[cause she really was the hottest] and all she did was brag about who he was. NOT that he bought her stuff ’cause he was totally cheap – like the cheapest guy she EVER went out with! But it was MORE like “oh when were out everbody like knows who he is and its so cool blablaablah” so your right a lot of it is all about the famegame fp. So are YOU a baller lol


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